100 thoughts on “Kiss – Rock & Roll All Nite (Official Music Video)”

  1. Even as a kid I always liked the makeup they had. Their costumes were cool too, like the Lady Gaga style before Lady Gaga.

  2. Vi essa música quando eu tinha 10 anos ,e minha paixão até hj tenho pelo kiss , obrigada Kiss obrigada ,amo eternamente vcs

  3. Dear kiss fans:
    I was wondering if any kiss songs make reference to the following (themes, repetition of related words, ect.):
    I only ask because the comments sections of some of their songs, specifically those containing those words/themes, will soon be flooded with bizzare and inexplicable comments, which will confuse you to no end. Thank you for your time.

  4. Songs that I like

    1: Detroit Rock City
    2: god of thunder
    3: I was made for loving you
    4: firehouse
    5: callin Dr love
    6: 2***0 man
    8: I just wanna
    9: domino
    10: lick it up




  5. I love you Gen Simmons and I love your long tongue and you are a awesome singer and I love all of your music and I love you kiss

  6. Look, I know Gene opens his damn mouth a few too many times and likes being caught on video. But the fact is KISS is still the best band to take metal and rock n' roll and make it explode!

    There are other bands, to be sure. Status Quo from England being the next best thing.

    I have a TON of favourite songs. But the KISS Alive! version of "Let Me Go Rock and Roll" remains my most beloved rock song of all time right up there with Zep's "Whole Lotta Love".

    Next to this masterpiece of 1970s/1980s partying.

    Rock on Gene, rock on Paul, rock on Ace and rock on Peter.

  7. "1080p" remaster 50 MB, a music video in 480p on DVD is about 250 MB, #whyevenbother #youtuberemasterepicfail #stilllookslikecrap

  8. and party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every dayand party every day

  9. Holy cow, one of the best songs ever! From when music was music not noise like most of today's shit music. Things were so much better in the 70s. We're doomed had all bad leaders in the world from 80s onwards and the music has been dead since then too. Rock is dead but I wish it would come back. KISS is one of the best rock bands ever.

  10. Eu sou Raíssa eu moro em Macapá você mas só de música eu gostava quando era pequena eu assistir scooby-doo eu gostei da não tá 10 para você gostei bom eu sou adolescente eu tenho 11 por isso que eu me chamo Raíssa eu tenho 11 anos nota 10 eu vou dar muito

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