90 thoughts on “Karamo Brown’s Quickstep – Dancing with the Stars”

  1. Hectic, lacking body content, they broke hold during their dance too many times. Technically, the hold should never be broken in a Quickstep. Outrageous that they got 7's. The choreography was average, and broke too many rules. 5/10, Len gets booed a lot, but he's correct.

  2. I feel like I'm watching David and Goliath whenever I watch them. They did good though and looked like they had a lot of fun.

  3. Uk version is so much stricter with the purity of a recognisable dance and the scoring. No smoke and mirrors in the uk making it the origial and best in the world.Not before time that dwts got back to basics.

  4. Fuck Jenna! this suppose to be Karamo’s dance not the Jenna show. The dance choreography was cheesy and needs more complexity. I don’t think he will make it far because of Jenna.

  5. Wasn’t my favorite number but he definitely improved from last week and I think considering how Len was scoring others, this one was underscored.

  6. Jenna is kind of holding Karamo back …. and i'm sad to say it but Len is right …this Quickstep was all over the place ! but anyway i love karamo

  7. He's so likable. His popularity will hopefully sustain them for a while. He can't help who he is partnered with. Perhaps his future mother in law can step in a help as well.

  8. He's not bad. I've been watching on You tube and I am NOT impressed for this season. I'm also having to google almost all the "stars". Yawn.

  9. Again Jenna is holding him back, I hate to say it but she doesn’t know how to choreograph or teach non dancers. It was easy for her when she won her season because her partner has dance experience

  10. I am so confused by the music. Jenna got Prince & the rest of the contestants danced to seriously flat amateur singers. It is distracting from the dancers.

  11. I’m MAD. The things Linds and Shar could’ve given us by now. Idk, if Jenna realizes that Karamo saved her from being fired by requesting her. So she needs to put in the work.

  12. Sharna would have been a better partner for him. I think he choose her because she won it with the gay ice skiing dude. And that was his biggest mistake because he had dance experience and she didn't have to teach him much.

  13. Having danced the Quickstep, it is possibly the most ridiculously difficult dance to do. I didn't tackle it until I had years of experience, and even then it was very difficult. I am always astounded to see people throw down good quicksteps only a few weeks in to their ballroom experience. And this was a good quickstep. It wasn't great, because Karamo had a pretty weak frame and his shoulders were all over the place, but it was definitely, solidly, good. His footwork was there, and that is hard enough on its own in the Quickstep.

  14. Can't believe Len gave this the same score as Sean's….at least he performs and knows how to move! What he was saying wasn't wrong but it was awfully harsh+specific for the second performance especially given how lenient they were with some of the other competitors.

  15. I was excited to see Karamo on the show, the excitement was gone when I saw he got stuck with Jenna. I wish he would have got Sharna or anyone except Jenna!

  16. Wardrobe are killing it this week. His body posture was a little odd I couldn't decide whether he had an unusually plump derrière or he was leaning forward?! Felt like he was rushing through it towards the end but it was a fast paced routine with a lot of steps given it's only week two he did well.

  17. He would have been so much better with Sharna!!!! Sharna is an out of this world choreographer, Jenna is Mediocre at most and has no business as a professional on this show…she didn't win SYTYCD for a reason. She's holding him back with this sad choreography.

  18. Ugh. I’m with Len. Karamo hasn’t impressed me yet. I really like him and I expected a lot from him as a dancer but he has yet to deliver.

  19. if Prince was alive, they would have never been able to use this song, he wouldn't even let their band play it…hell, I wouldn't let their band play it-Lol

  20. Karamo is a great dancer but he should be with a different pro. I like Jenna but I feel like she focuses the choreography on herself and thinks making her look good will give them higher scored but she needs to focus on her partner!

  21. I am sick of the Jenna hate. Why does everyone have to criticize her and say someone else would be doing a better job than her? Imagine how this would make her feel if she read all of these comments. It’s just mean. I’ve never seen this amount of hate before for any other pro. Jenna is paired with Karamo. Just accept that and stop commenting the same thing over and over again every week!

  22. You seriously had a 102 degree fever doing this? because I honestly couldn't tell with your bubbly personality! Well done, Karamo! By the way, That Entrance Was Fierce AF Henny!!!!

  23. Len need to leave DWTS , how did this dance deserve a 5? Is this fashion police too? Why does Len give a damn about shoe choices… He’s always the one complaining about focusing on the dance & he’s complaining about shoe choices…🤬


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