I made my head and weird this could also be like in your album cover good shading give skills oh oh and a background yeah no we'll do that was coming and then that's the background it's Luke here for united by the pop today with Johnny Orlando how are you welcome to the UK but this London I lost my house even before this video I need to do a show in London so you smashed it with accent I was there very much enjoyed it do they feel good yeah yeah EP is out right now make sure you check out go get what maybe go get it go get two for me 3 3 if you watch just so we know obviously that you're an excellent singer performer we're gonna get to know you a little better and see what other skills you get out so mainly are you an artist as I can you draw alright so here a sketchpad okay and then a selection of them colours whole variety where everyone choose I've got some questions for you I'm nearly three minutes to do a self portrait so you've got a draw yourself while starts with questions then at the end you can win the portraits that I'm signing give it away what come are you gonna go 400 mile it Maps yeah yeah that's real pretty going for that three two one off you go so I see BGP is out right now Jonny could you choose a song on here and tell us all about it yeah yeah waste my time is one of my favorites on the EP is a song that I wrote with a bunch of actually yeah excellent very nice I want to London couple to sweet and sweet and sweet it's my words oh man I've laid myself around all you're looking for your yeah I draw here face is coming master Aries it's about you know person that you know probably isn't the best for you isn't isn't right for you haha they're on the case all right they're struck at EPFL called sleep which is one of my favorite hobbies I'm a big fan of it do you take naps in the day ever or sometimes sometimes but they can't sit with may actually asleep anyway that's a good skill it's like a super high you see anyone who hasn't seen a Johnny Orlando live show wat can I expect my lights I really like production some some actual live music we've got the band going we got everything come check me anymore oh yeah we got some some co2 blasters yeah maybe – too late though absolutely I'm all right I will a snowflake the thing about the UK so far do you like tea hi do like tea I do yes I could live here oh let's get down yeah your mouth I am yeah I I do like the UK I like everybody's pretty nice yeah that's it good to get some air glad you like it I'll write for question from X underscore Kavita from Instagram and she says what's the best advice you've ever received listen essentially basically what I see is a very detailed big fan of the oh man wait you've got about mid and a half so he's probably a little bit yeah next also is video for waste my time it's a great video as well well I shall favorite part from the video and I'm like having a stacking on the car I liked it when I had touched the skateboard oh yeah very concentrate very hard not to be here things a lot way to get off at school I was okay yeah when I try I would take like it's very detail-oriented when it comes to like my own stuff yeah making things so I would take really long okay okay I can tell you give them more time what would be your perfect day out if you had a day off from writing it for me what you'd like to do want to pop it out I just think that sure I like to meet with friends you know together a climbing like Europe I like to go look around see what everybody's everybody's doing but from my home he goes yeah go out for lunch that perhaps lovely who knows what can happen anything can happen hey how you doing brother go right now okay go ahead we're going yeah we go okay all right next one what was the song that did make it onto the EP could you tell us about song we haven't heard there's one that everybody likes that they want me to put a scope for in love it's basically about orange female then I really like and I speak it like a couple of languages in that so people I need to speak their language and they want me to put it out but I don't know if that's gonna happen all right that's the way you see for that one this one have another question from JK b-boy xpod Instagram what has been the weirdest almost embarrassing moment of this tool you just thought oh I keep falling off the stage for some reason I don't know I think so that's nice here people make try to think this guy's afraid yeah do you have a cure it's all those things like get excited about this reveal of the drawings come to get it we talk about waste my client already drawn Nelson's notice why is your favorite way to do that you watch memes on the Internet like literally I asked my sister Roseman 90% of my talent again memes this stuff it's bad thank God they fall asleep great yeah I also play those like stupid little idol you know those games that are like okay love it alright I'm gonna give you about 20 seconds to finish your company so it's gotta be super super quick finish doing the eyes very detailed I think I'm happy abysus it's a kid already I heard you look up to other minute artists wise not drawing tigers castles castle yeah how about singers wise I really like the weekend Kylie I always answer these questions and I don't realize it to live interviewers says so but I just really like Canadians yeah well that's some great names of yes sir such as dairy in Orlando Shawn Mendes beeps yeah drank a cool Drake of course the weekend Jesse Reyes all the beauties that come from land land of the free that's the every they come from the land of the maple Jimmy o'phelan sad go go go speed up here okay oh my god no knows but we're getting that this is now my neck thank you okay focus of the Dory I don't know Bobby as well okay I made my head weird okay this could also be like in their album cover all right you gotta do that to make it like you look like it's supposed to be there oh that's good shaded give skills oh the background yeah no one do not was company can ever find this background we've got a department mama join it so away we have no thank you another question that who would be your dream persons tall win on the next tour Johnny I think it'd be really cool to totally shaman is not be pretty cool I feel like I'll get out yeah I mean not quite as cool yeah this sure it is true Oh beautiful look at her mouth is the best there I'm smiling why Sevilla colossal piece whoever wins this of Chinese scripture play probably frame it where's the best place to put it in the house right oh I'm doing it from the airport on the front door or light as soon as you come in it just make me miss its there first thing like on the kitchen table yeah yeah alright about the fireplace get rid of the factory site ourselves on this day only oh man I see it yes that's good good-looking burger the teen about it is like humans which he kind enough to sign it for us and then we'll do a big reveal okay ah beautiful okay ready to the reveal get ready three what God look at that nice lovely stuff I've really enjoyed the heaviest very accurately the teeth have added a certain element of scariness also the black around it makes it look like I'm coming from like the ground yes but it's great loved it thank you so much all these figures get to know you get me check out the EP teenaged even if you have already yeah we'll see you very soon good one


  1. Love that video!!!! 🤩❤️ also if you want to gimme that beautiful Johnnys drawing it would be nice ❤️ thank youuuu 🖤 love you so much

  2. dear johnny , you are a great actor & singer , &you arre a great drawer as will to & hope to work with you someday in the futher. your friend Eric Flaherty

  3. He's such a cutie 😍 also the drawing is actually kinda good haha 🤣 x also thanks for reading my question!!x


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