100 thoughts on “John Travolta Takes Us to ‘Pulp Fiction’ Dance Class”

  1. LOL, you have got to be kidding. The woman that taught John how to dance for Saturday night fever, said he was the worst student she ever had.

  2. Moose there you are*. Been looking everywhere for you. Happy to see your looking better then ever*. 🙂 Have a great day. ☮. Peace and love from 🇨🇦 Kingston Ontario

  3. It’s so hard to watch this without his hair he could’ve got extensions or a hair transplant or something man but he’s still so talented

  4. John Travolta…a true legend in Hollywood. The looks, the wealth, the charisma, the wife and the airplane. What else could u ask for..

  5. ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ A Timeless series in the 70’s. John played Vinnie Babarino . He is in my top three actors in the world, with Robert de Nero and Sean Connery.☮️

  6. Used to like him, until a string of men came forward with claims he aggressively hit on them sexually. Has nothing to do with being gay. Has everything to do with being aggressive and possibly abusing the power of fame/money for sexual gain. Now, I think of him just like Harvey…

  7. I wonder why no one seems to make a big deal of travolta raping his massage guy?? Is it because it was a guy?? Is it that scientology protection?? Dude is f-ing weird and the dance only makes it weirder.
    When people talk about hollywood being selective in their contempt this is what they mesn. Yet Al Franken had to resign over a planned joke which the female participant chose to manipulate the narrative and then dissapeared again.
    Sad stuff…. Probably how cosby and weinstein kept getting away with this disgusting behaviour. Yeah but go cry James Corden cause bill maher empasized the health dangers of being overweight!

  8. I can't watch this without knowing John is high up in a cult …. that does ABHORRENT things to children. Great actor and seems nice, but…… meh.

  9. You gotta love Jonny T !!! Sometimes I imagine that I’m him when I’m getting a hand job from my masseuse on my private jet. 🤗

  10. That was amazing I met John back in 2006 in UK he was amazing and made my day my grandma is dying of cancer and she loves him she can’t watch he’s movies it makes us cry love from UK..

  11. John Travolta is a legend!! Face Off one of his best films! Also the look whos talking movies 😁 Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Swordfish….even Wild Hogs!!

  12. Wow I am absolutely shocked on how good is John Travolta looks. Freaking amazing he looks good with hair or without hair. This guy is definitely an icon and a legend at the same time.

  13. Haha this would be fun to be at a classy party with all four of them, then they all suddenly want to get up to dance. And John Travolta. Man did he just get a hundred times sexier when he decided to sport the bald look. Just goes to show you that if you’re a man and having anxiety about hair loss, take a look at Travolta. He’s now fuckable again. Look at the Rock as well. There are many others.

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