John McEnroe on Serena Williams: A media meltdown | FACTUAL FEMINIST

John McEnroe on Serena Williams: A media meltdown | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The recent uproar over John McEnroe’s comments
about Serena Williams demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media can’t be trusted
about ANYTHING concerning gender, no matter how innocuous. That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. When John McEnroe pronounced Serena Williams
the “best female player ever—no question,” NPR reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro was dissatisfied. “Some wouldn’t qualify it,” she said. “Some would say she’s the best player in the
world.” McEnroe, caught off-guard, said, “Oh, Uh,
She’s not.” He explained that men’s and women’s tennis
are very different games, and that if Serena played men’s tennis, she’d probably be
ranked around 700th in the world. Serena Williams herself has made similar comments. In 2013, she told David Letterman: “If I
were to play Andy Murray, I would lose 6-0, 6-0 in five to six minutes, maybe 10 minutes. The men are a lot faster and they serve harder,
and they hit harder. It’s just a different game.” Billie Jean King, a pioneering champion of
women’s tennis, agrees, and in response to McEnroe’s comments, she said
Serena might end up doing a little better than 700th, but agreed that neither Serena—nor
any other woman—could really compete with the men: “We never said we’re better than
the guys in any way. . . We don’t have the androgen that guys have,
we don’t have testosterone, (men) have bigger hearts . . . Physically there’s no question.” Serena and Billy Jean are obviously right. What McEnroe said was one of the least controversial
things anyone can say about men and women. And yet, many in the media were apoplectic. The day after his NPR interview, McEnroe appeared on CBS. Charlie Rose spoke nervously of the “elephant
in the room,” and a purse-lipped Norah O’Donnell asked “Would you like to apologize”? CBS News tweeted the breaking story: “McEnroe
refuses to apologize.” Why should he apologize? He stated a simple, undisputed, empirical fact. Since nobody could point to a factual error
in McEnroe’s remarks, several indignant reporters came up with a new cause for shame –subjecting Serena Williams to an unflattering comparison! Maxwell Strachan, a Huffington Post senior
editor, asked why McEnroe “feels compelled to try and belittle Williams’ legacy by
comparing her to men’s tennis players?” Alex Abad-Santos at Vox faulted McEnroe for
deciding “to put his own strange stamp” on Serena’s legacy. “Williams’s litany of accomplishments,”
he writes, “doesn’t need wins over male tennis players to justify its greatness.” This is sheer grasping-for-anything spin. McEnroe didn’t come up with the idea of comparing
Serena to male tennis pros–the NPR reporter did that. He just answered a question that was posed
to him repeatedly. But that didn’t matter. The point was simply to hype a gender grievance
narrative. The problem here is bigger than just a fabricated
controversy during a slow media cycle. There is a real elephant in the room here:
the media’s inability to talk honestly about any topic related to sex or gender. If Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, Vox, and
NPR can’t handle a simple empirical fact about men and women’s tennis that is plainly
true, how reliable can they be on complex, substantive controversial issues such as the
wage gap, the prevalence of campus rape, or implicit bias? We are drowning in agenda-driven misinformation
on such topics. The McEnroe/Williams’ controversy tells
you why. Let me know in the comments section if you
agree or disagree. Please subscribe to the series and follow
me on Twitter. Thank you for watching The Factual Feminist.

100 thoughts on “John McEnroe on Serena Williams: A media meltdown | FACTUAL FEMINIST”

  1. They pick on JM because he's older..Go call out Nadal or Federer..but before you get that sound ass whipping..Go to top amateur men.. Feminism is a delusional fantasy..The movies aren't reality

  2. You are blatantly wrong and nasty. Men do not hit harder or faster when you view the argument through proportionality. Muscle length and density speed and effort are all the same but women are just toned down a bit. It is equally difficult for a woman to be dominant in a sport as a man. Any comparison a man makes about a woman to a man is pure denigration. It is a psychological warfare technique that must be addressed. A woman such as yourself defending this abhorrent behaviour by a man is ill informed and putrid. You should apologise for this video.

  3. Reporter: "Do you believe Serena Williams would be ranked number 1 in the world?"
    McEnroe: "Do you know who I am? I'm a blunt guy…can you handle the truth?"
    Reporter: "I want to know if you think Serena Williams can beat the top men in tennis."
    McEnroe: "If I give you my expert opinion, you're probably going to go off in a corner and cry."
    Reporter: "Oh, I'm tougher and smarter than I look."
    McEnroe: "You're smarter than you look?"
    Reporter: "Of course, everybody tells me that."
    McEnroe: "Then you definitely won't like my answer."
    Reporter: "What's your answer?"
    McEnroe: "Are you the kind of biased reporter that takes things out of context?"
    Reporter: "Always."
    McEnroe:"Well, in that case, my answer to your question is that she would rank 700th against men in tennis."
    Reporter: "Now I'm going to tell everybody that you are a racist and a bigot and a sexist."
    McEnroe:"Go for it. I eat people like you for lunch."
    Reporter: "Have a shitty day."
    McEnroe: "Okay smarty."

  4. Brilliant segment. It's clear how the Media is biased against men
    National 'Progressive ' Radio— formally known as NPR is A man bashing taxpayer funded organization that I have #walked away from.

  5. Can someone share this video to the two black transgendered girls-with-penises-and-testicles competing in the high school girls' sprint races that are denying the girls scholarships because those males always win every race?

  6. It is this aching, desperate grab for outrage that serves as the base/motivation behind this fake news phenomena. 1 part gender + 1 part race + 1 part sexual preference is the mirepoix of the outrage culture that drives neoliberal communities & leaders. GO CHOP WOOD!

  7. You do realize how ironic this is considering it was conservatives who invented mass hysteria for political gain. Remember Joe McCarthy's laundry list? Remember what conservatives did to Valerie Plame and the Dixie Chicks? The people who bomb abortion clinics, hide behind women and children, and take over federal property violently are outraged at everything but their own fake outrage.

  8. Down voted… watched… up voted. I think all for us are ready to end this discussion and just call a spade a spade. F the media

  9. Facts matter. Men are, both on average and in the extremes, physically superior to women. Their muscles are stronger. Their bones are harder and it has been shown that even the facial construction of men are stronger than women. This is why modern-time feminism is destructive. It is ideology over facts.

  10. Agree 100%. I respect McEnroe more since he said that because he was honest and forthright in his statements and then doubling-down on it on CBS earned him even more respect for sticking to his guns.

    The media continues to illustrate that journalism is truly dead and buried in America. The news is replaced with opinion-based editorials, all slanted toward ideals that will cripple this nation and ultimately destroying it. The sadder truth is that they constantly hide behind the 1st Amendment to allow them carte blanche in their actions. In fact, the 1st Amendment was not written for the media….it was written for the American citizens. We, as citizens, need to call them out like our President does when they continue to call editorials actual news stories AKA Fake News. There's a reason why CNN's, MSNBC's, and the MSM's ratings have all hit rock bottom. They still haven't learned what real journalism is…..non-biased, fact-checked, and triple-verified.

  11. Women keep using the word “misogynist” when talking about men. Problem is, that’s what women are making those same men.

  12. Yesterday I beat a wood tortoise across my drive way that makes me the fastest human ever. I'm jus saying……

  13. Why doesn't the media get on one when a female is caught out for lying about sexual crime?

    The media are full of shit, they wouldn't know real news, the truth if it danced in front of them.
    Little pricks

  14. Doesn’t matter how good men are at tennis they still cannot give birth, Wait , Wait, now neither do women, close to 60% of married women decided not to have kids, and probably another 20% having only one. Immigration here we come. One day soon we will be all living in a caliphate; thanks – women!

  15. But Serena and Venus are both males. Their dad adopted them and raised them with HRT to be girls in order to win tennis and become rich.
    The information is out there. Transgenderism has been in tennis for decades.

  16. in 2019 the tenth fastest female woman (the website description not mine) over 400 m runs around 50.78 seconds . The same year at least 5000 men run the 400 in under 50 second, all of them on register, the number under 50.78 sec could be over 10,000 and could basically include all men athletes at 400m. Almost any fit athletic type young man on the planet could train up and beat an average national women champion. My dad told me about facts of life over 50 years ago and statistics confirm his suspitions. However very few men have been able to have given birth to a baby.

  17. Thanks for this video…very insightful and coming from a sensible perspective in this me too/SJW idiocy.

    The men's and women's game is totally different. The media is out of control.

  18. I don't believe a darn thing those people say. I saw long ago they are disenterring and troublemakers and I hope they reap what they sow. I do not watch them, I do not listen to them, or their advertisers. And it, unfortunately, is slimming down to our local news also.

  19. Girl drives a beautiful fast porche 911 and has just won a bunch of races.
    Ex professional driver: she has the fastest porche!
    Reporter: why qualify it? Can you just say she has the fastest car ever?
    Ex driver: um… no. There are plenty of faster cars.
    Reporter: you're just a sexist misogynist bigot!
    Ex driver: uh…
    Reporter: will you apologize for not saying she has the fastest car in the universe?
    Ex driver: no.

  20. 15 years ago I would have thought this video was a spoof, a comedy sketch… wtf is wrong with these people? He says she's the best female tennis player in the world and has to apologise for it? Only in a world this fucked up are people expected to apologise for stating a fact.

  21. thank god – however that term is understood in terms of an untimate transcendant value – for this common sense. one seemingly cannot say anything without getting your head blow off by some stupid unthinking, climbing on the gender wars bus. thankyou. R


  23. The question I would like to know is why does she label herself a feminist instead of an egalitarian? She seems like one

  24. McEnroe’s comments were obviously true-almost tautological. Thank you for coming to his defense and being the adult in the room regarding this issue.

  25. Man tells truth.
    Media goes crazy.
    SJW's want him to apologise for his "sexist" comments
    What a crazy world we live in!

  26. Great video, based fact presented factually. How can there be an argument here? I think the left would argue in an empty room.

  27. The fact that Mac didn't apologize says everything about this man. He has always been a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy. No holds barred from the very beginning. Certainly polemic at times but we all came to expect that from him. It's refreshing to see that he remains genuine and true to himself and others. I trust that he had no idea he was going to be lynched for what likely appeared to him as a harmless observation of fact. Don't change John.

  28. And the womens winning, where Repanoe will be rich. And there, a team of 15yo would probably beat the women,when the women defeated other women. Heaven forbid the difference between m/f be raised. And a male stating he was a woman completes in womens tennis, soccer, etc, you should not be surprised to hear a woman speakup for that matter.

  29. Serena would lose 6-0, 6-0…no question.

    The only question is whether there should be equal prize money when the WTA gets annual viewers of 342 million people, and the ATP gets 950m viewers…AND men play best of 5 sets, women best of 3. Wimbledon 2019, women’s final 56 minutes, Men’s final ~300 minutes.

  30. Serena williams is a hemaphrodite or a transexual and had a fake baby. look at the pictures of her when HE was a young Boy. the father put braids in his har to cover up his masculinity. damn right he's a man in drag pumped up with HORMONES and beating women in sports like other men acting like women in high school sports beating girls in sports. WHAT HYPOCRISY there is on the left to say Serena is a girl. Holy cow you are enablers and LIARS

  31. I wonder who would win if Serena played a match against Michael Obama? Big Mike hasn't played tennis professionally, but he certainly has an advantage in terms of size and strength.

  32. Why even mention the fictitious ‘gender pay gap’ at all. It’s been debunked so many times by so many people.

  33. I agree. Serena as well as other female athletes are great but if they were to compete with the men, it wouldn't be much of a competition. That's why we have women's sports! Serena said it herself that she would get blown out of the water! Serena never asked for any defense from this biased media, so why are they "defending her?" McEnroe…apologize?? They're lucky he didn't go off on them. Now, that would be worth reporting!!

  34. I don't think it is their desired objective to be reliable reporting entities. Their goal is to advance an agenda that is disruptive to American society.

  35. Evidently 205 people (those who voted thumbs down) do not live in reality and/or have an aversion to truth.

  36. People need to handle the media the way Sebastian Gorka and Candace Owens; get in their face and call them out on the spot when they try to bait you. Problem is, most take the bait. Glad Mac didn't back down after the fact like most do but thankfully, that's Mac!

  37. When the issue came up, I found it quite laughable. The self-proclaimed feminists want to perceive threats where there are none. Men's tennis, women's tennis, doubles tennis, wheel chair tennis are all different sports. Each sport has their own greats. How much I want to weigh one in terms of another is my personal preference.

  38. O’Donnell owed John an apology. Shame on her. Is she really that childish, or dense? Is she really so blinded by her own agenda and apparent bias? She’s not irreplaceable by any means, and may find out that if she doesn’t change her act, and perform her job in a much more professional manner, she may be replaced by a much more professional man!

  39. Wow, a man can't even compliment a woman's great achievements without the divisive cultural marxists wetting their collective beds about it… get a life please

  40. I think the confusion around this debate stems (at least in part) from what specific question is being addressed. In listening to the discussion that ensued after the NPR interview, it seemed to me that not everyone was addressing the same question. If the question was, "Is Serena the best of all time at playing tennis?" then the answer is a clear "no" as she herself acknowledges that she cannot compete in the men's game. If the the question was, "Does Serena have the greatest tennis record of all time?" then there is a a stronger case to be made that she does – debatable, but certainly a very different kind of question.

  41. I'm still struggling with the idea that a feminist can be factual because there hasn't been one yet.

  42. Wait a minute… Let's change some characters to see if this logic holds some water. Let's say someone says "Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in history", to which other replies "don't you think he's the best athlete in history?" and the answer is "well, if he played basketball, then he wouldn't even score in an NBA game, so no". Do you really think that last answer makes any sense? A reasonable answer would be "well, it's difficult to comment on that, because it's difficult to compare athletes from different disciplines", but going straight to compare athletes in different games and draw a conclusion from that is plain stupid. You said it yourself, quoting Serena: it's a different game

  43. you said "…about gender…" or did you mean "sex"?

    cause there are only 2 sexes…male and female. on the other side, there are 3 genders…masculine, feminine and neuter.

  44. The worst part of this whole saga was when Serena tweeted that she wished McEnroe would leave her out of his random thoughts and opinions.
    Bitch, what he said echoed exactly what you said earlier on that talk show! The fuck is wrong with you??

  45. 14,000 thumbs up, 206 thumbs down. Thank goodness the vast majority of people are intelligent and sane.

  46. As you says McEnroe didn’t make the comparison to men, he was asked a question and he gave an answer. His answer was the same as Williams herself says on Letterman so this was a non issue. To say she’s the best female player ever is not an insult! 🤬

  47. The bigger problem here, is the need to ‘hype’ things. For us all to need to live off of ‘entertainment’ and be fed it constantly through the hype / drama machine.

    I agree with eveything you say.
    But that’s why the media can’t be factual: because they rely on making drama and selling it to aworld wants to eat up.
    They don’t even know they are doing this, just as individuals don’t understand the drama and victimhood they are constantly making in their own lives.

  48. Facts don’t matter to these morons. I mean asking him does he want to apologise! What! Does he wish to apologise for stating a fact, one which he actually didn’t introduce. He said she was the best ladies player ever, yes she is by far. It was they who brought up gender then outrageously expect him to apologise for biological reality. This is indeed where these buffoons are these days with agenda driven narratives. Is it any wonder they are distrusted by the masses for actual reporting of facts.
    Their response, unsurprisingly they “double down” and dig a deeper hole in which to hide from the real world and of course, facts!

  49. Conservatives are triggered by successful women and minorities. Not what their kKK book tells them should happen. So they respond with anger and hate.
    You need Jesus conservatives.

  50. I am clapping my hands metaphorically. I hate news reporters. Their own self importance over the years has diminished the great institution of the 4th estate it used to be.

  51. We know who tries , and succeeds most of the time in the mass Left wing media , it is rabid Left wing feminists who hate men . Simple as that . But why do people who aren't rabid lesbians go along with them ?

  52. You have engaged in incorrect and hateful thoughts. An internet jury of your peers have deemed you obsolete.

  53. It's Divide and Conquer:
    Men vs Women
    Rich vs Poor
    White vs Black
    Christians vs Muslim/Atheist
    In this case the "War on Women". Let's see if we can divide the genders so we get their vote come election day.

  54. John McEnroe is the latest in a line of people who have been falsely accused of saying derogatory things. He never at any point compared Williams to men players till the question was thrown at him. He is not the only person to be attacked in this way. I have lost count of the times Jennifer Lawrence has had her comments twisted to make her sound like an idiot. The media take a 300 word statement, cherry pick a dozen words and call them facts.

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