Jazzib Akhtar, Wasiq Javed + Muhammad Khaerisman – “Broken Accents” (CUPSI FINALS 2019) @WANPOETRY

Jazzib Akhtar, Wasiq Javed + Muhammad Khaerisman – “Broken Accents” (CUPSI FINALS 2019) @WANPOETRY

– Anybody ever been made fun of for eating rice with your hands? – For all the Caucasians in the room – Looking confused – [Group] That’s how you’re
supposed to eat rice! – I asked my aunt for a spoon. She threw a shovel at me, instead. – My cousin tells me to be silent before I embarrass myself
in front of family. – I stuff my mouth with fried rice so I don’t have to speak
at the dinner table. – [Group] Because no
one can make fun of us when our mouth was full. – My parents made me speak English at home so I can become more – [Group] American. – So I ripped Indonesian out my tongue. – I mispronounced my own name
to comfort white teachers. – I’m afraid to be in public because I don’t know if
someone will attack me. – [Group] Have we not sacrificed enough for you to treat us with respect? – My grandma is finally in America. In my house, but I can’t speak to her. We share blood – [Group] But not the same experience. But not the same identity. But not the same tongue. – My aunt circling around on Eid. Are you wearing jeans with a kerudung? – They ask me: are you studying hard? – Are you praying enough? – How are your friends? – If I’m tired, all that comes out is, Gee Popo; I tried, Popo; they’re good, Popo. – [Group] Our parents came
for the American Dream. – And I can no longer dream in Indonesian. – [Group] Can we still claim a Motherland if we’ve forgotten our Mother Tongue? – I wanna tell my mom about my fears but all I can do is ask
her how her day is going. Indonesia, I miss how
the fried rice was always wrapped in newspaper, as if each meal was a reminder to keep the
language on my tongue. Now, I trade for Big Macs. – …for fancy suits. – I traded Cricket for Basketball. – [Group] Two hundred
years of colonization now wipe away your Mother Tongue. But twenty years of America, conquered our vernacular. We’ve devalued our culture so that America would accept us. – Became perfect puzzle Pieces. – To try to fit into a society. – [Group] That fears anything different. – (speaks Mother Tongue) – You don’t know Urdu? – Shameless. – [Group] Have you forgotten who I am? Or have I forgotten my language? – But you never forget
your first language. – [Group] How it smells
like home-cooked meals and the whole neighborhood is gathered. – How my tongue dance
for every roll of the R like it was music (speaks Mother Tongue). – Flags lining every house in Karachi, not a care in the world, because it was your Mi Azadi. We’re free! – People dancing in the streets it doesn’t matter how
broken their accents were because everyone’s saying the same lyrics. – [Group] The mistakes our
mouth makes are just music each grammatical error is just an addition to the symphony. – Don’t bring the hate. – And judgment. – Shamed for trying. – [Group] But you can’t kill this effort. This voice stems from colliding worlds. Two halves fighting to become something. Half ashamed. – Half silence. – Half Indonesian. – Half Pakistanian. – Half American. – [Group] Treated half decently. – How much of a culture
do we need to strip away to finally be treated like an Americans. (deep breath) – [Group] Is my accent good enough, yet? (cheers)

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  1. Damn guys I am from neither of those places though from the region.
    Could feel so much home in those words.. recently missed Diwali at home coz I had my finals here.. anyway it was awesome!

  2. Trivial thing to whine about, dressed in designed clothing with food in your stomachs and vaccinated bloodstreams. Wah wah wah. Apostasy is punished with death in Indonesia, here you can bitch and whine all you want. Which is better again?

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