iPhone 6S BEND TEST, Scratch test, Burn test

iPhone 6S BEND TEST, Scratch test, Burn test

(Music) Today we are going to test the durability
of the iPhone 6S. The latest phone from Apple. They have made a few minor improvements from
the regular iPhone 6… so lets see what happens. On my YouTube channel I do practical durability
tests. Scratch tests… bend tests… I put the phones through real life situations. We’ll
start with the scratch test for the iPhone 6s. You can see that the screen is flexing
a little bit with the amount of pressure that I am applying to the phone. Now.. apple is
still using the same ion strengthened glass that they used for the iphone 6 and 6 plus,
so there is no surprise that the razor blade easily scratches the heck out of this phone.
(for reference, the Samsung galaxy s6 was unscathed by my razor blade.) The good news
is, that when I take my keys and try and scratch the front screen… nothing happens. Now…
The sandpaper test… One solid swipe with the sand paper basically ruins the screen.
If you’re the type of person who takes meticulous care of your cell phone… but still has random
little scratches on your screen after a few days… Its from super tiny rocks, or grains
of sand in your pocket. Now you know. Maybe you should do laundry more often. So it really just depends on what is touching
the screen. Sharp metal, rocks, and sand paper kill it… softer metals like keys and coins
do nothing. (Hit that subscribe button if you are glad my phone is damaged one and not
yours.) Now that the iPhone can finally record in
4k, its important that the camera lens is scratch resistant. Lets see if it holds up
better than the screen did. The iphone 6 lens was supposedly sapphire glass, and it did
not scratch, There were rumors that they were going to stop using the sapphire glass for
the 6s because of how brittle it is… But since the 6s lens is not scratching either…
It looks like they stuck with sapphire. Now for the back of the iphone 6s. With my
razor blade I was able to make these cute little curly que aluminum filings. Ive never
seen that happen. Apple decided to use a 7000 series aluminum alloy The alloy supposedly
combines Zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Apple says it is 60% stronger than regular aluminum
and 1/3 the density of steel… But we’ll see if it helps with the whole bendgate fiasco. As you can see… pretty much anything that
touches the back aluminum will leave a mark. Razors.. Keys, And coins. So keep it out of
your purse unless it’s in a case. Flame test! Always one of my favorites. Lets
see if this 3d touch screen can handle the heat. As you can see, after a few seconds
of my lighter burning the phone… the pixles start to shut off. BUT just like with the
regular apple IPS LCD displays, the screen fully recovers and the pixels function like
normal after they have cooled down. Onto the bend test! Lets see if that 7000
series holds up. The phone survives the first round of bending. You can see that the screen
pops up a bit out of the frame… but when bent back the other direction, there is no
flex whatsoever. That screen keeps the phone very ridged. Even using all of my force there
is almost no bend to the phone. After putting everything I have into bending
the phone… I was able to get it to kink a little bit. But honestly….. as long as
you don’t do anything stupid… you should be just fine. No high end phone is entirely
indestructible. Moral of the story? Get a case and a screen
protector and your phone will live a long happy life. Check out some of my other videos!
I do durability tests on all of the new phones. Iphones, Samsung’s, HTC, LG… Ive done them
all. Thanks for subscribing! I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6S BEND TEST, Scratch test, Burn test”

  1. This happens so much
    People just run up to me with a box cutter and scratch my phone then brutally bend it
    Thanks for the advice

  2. Unless I’m next to an active volcano when is my phone going to burn? At that point who cares about the phone how about my safety? But good video anyway.

  3. What about “scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7”?

    I know this is older and he didn’t use Mohs scale of hardness so pls dnt reply and say hEy DiS iS aN oLdEr ViDeO yOu ShUd KnOw DaT bY nOw bc I know

  4. 1. If you think about it… Y would anyone scratch their phones with Sandpaper or razer blade?

    And 2. that's the reason that the world have created phone cases and screen protectors


  5. I got an otter box phone case and it fell out my pocket when I was sitting down and it cracked a small bit and now the whole left side of my phone doesn’t work

  6. Yeah, you obviously staged the scratch test. Apples glass NEVER scratched by a knife. Literally just every day glass cannot be scratched by a knife.

  7. I know I’m late but… in a real life situation,I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking a razor blade to my iPhone. 0:14
    😂 nice vid though

  8. Well you show people how the phones are durable but I want to cry for those phones they’re so beautiful especially this one

  9. I watch some YouTubers who review phones and they say "you can put a screen protector and a case on this phone to protect it /but I prefer the sleek design/… blah blah blah…"
    It drives me absolutely bonkers because, of course, they can afford to ruin a phone since they're getting free ones from companies to review as well as a lot of money from their YouTube videos 😅 I'm literally spending $1,000 on my phone, I want it to last for a good long while.

  10. I've got a test for you. Put your Iphone 6s in your rear jean pocket and go out in the sun. Leave your rear end facing the sun for a good while and see how much it burns your skin. Don't bother telling Apple because they expect it to burn your skin for being in the sun – even though its actually in your jeans!

  11. It's 2019 when I'm making this comment. Why aren't we doing the sandpaper test anymore? Makes a lot more sense than the burn test

  12. I Dont know how, but my friend once took my 6s (with screenprotector) and just bended it, screen broke to pieces, but frame got straight back

  13. The 6S is 3X stronger than the 6 from what they claim. I do think so because it is a lot stronger and more reinforced than the 6 from what I've seen in the durability tests.

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