Intuitive Art journaling and emotional healing–Art Journal Process

Intuitive Art journaling and emotional healing–Art Journal Process

hi everyone its Keren here with a new
art journaling page. it’s an intuitive art journaling page that brought me
lots of healing so just sit down relax and enjoy
I have a journaling page that is a little bit different than my usual I mean the
techniques are the same but the feeling that is being shared here is a little
bit different it was healing not only for myself but basically I’m hoping that
it will bring you some healing and love and everything that comes with it
because I really feel that from the response I’ve got for my other emotional
journals I really feel that a lot of people that are suffering and just want
to bring in some light through this suffering as much as I can something you
don’t know about me is that I actually studied to be a healer, a homeopathic
doctor actually and I basically never practiced because just life got in the
way or if you want to say, things happened but I am so glad that I actually
found another type of healing through art and this has brought me so much joy
and this is basically what I want to convey when I was making this page I felt so
much happiness and joy something that a lot of people want to feel and I just
want to try to kind of bring that feeling for everyone so you can
feel that as well so just sit down enjoy I did prep my page with white gesso
as you saw it before and now I’m using some Nuvo mousse this is a Tonic
studio hexagon shaped stencil and I’m basically just adding some Nuvo Mousse
and then with a baby wipe just running it through the Nuvo Mousse and I took
a couple colors I will list them below I can’t remember the
names of the colors but I will list them all below so you know which colors I
used and I’m just basically rubbing them it’s not a very
complicated technique it’s not something that I put a lot of thought into I
really felt that it was kind of like an intuitive healing the same way that I’d
done before intuitive art but with this time much lighter and not as heavy and
sad as it was before and then basically I just wanted to touch into
something that one of my viewers talked about and basically when I put my other
art journal out there she was talking about ugliness and suffering and this is
something many of us experience I experienced illness at a very young age
and I suffered a lot through the years and I can relate to what she was asking
and I know many people suffer as well as they commented on those videos. she asked a very very valid question how do you move on from the ugliness?she was referring to two things one of them was referring to the ugliness of how you
feel the frustration and the sadness or the suffering and she was also talking
specifically about how do you when you make something ugly or you’re making
something that you think it’s ugly and you’re your own worst critic how do you
move on how do you make it beautiful how do you move on from that and that’s
something that I really wanted to address in this particular art journal
because this art journal really felt like it was bringing me light and
something that we need to bring into our work is light and I don’t mean only
light as the color or like you know light of the shade of what we feel but
lightness of of that heaviness that we feel all the time but it’s really hard
to do that and for me I have to balance between the two and kind of find a
medium that will bring both and I don’t mean medium as medium of art but balance
between what is heavy and what is not and it’s really hard when you’re
suffering to actually come out and bring that lightness into something so heavy
so I’m really hoping that with this you can feel a little bit lightness and just
sit there and enjoy just the process because the art journaling process
itself is supposed to bring you that lightness and even if you don’t like
something as I said in the other video that I will link below as well. you
can burn it you can tear it. you can do anything you want with it you don’t
have to actually just keep it and as you saw with my other journal I took it
and I actually removed it because I did not want it to be. But this one that
brings me so much light and so much happiness even though it’s just a simple
art journal I’m really focusing on just simple things using a stencil
and rubbing it and just having fun so number one is having fun with it
experimenting just go for it, just play it doesn’t really matter if you make
mistakes I’ve I’ve made a video about making mistakes it doesn’t really really
matter if you make mistakes or not that’s just part of the fun and that
will bring light to something that is heavy that will bring light to something
that is suffering and yeah the suffering might not go away but think
about it as winter. I did this layout and then I just had some snowflakes lying
around and it made me think of winter and winter is something that most of us
really just dislike some people really love it and love doing winter sports but
I’m just not a fan of winter but there is beauty in everything there’s beauty
in the winter the same way there is beauty in all the suffering I mean of
course I wouldn’t say that suffering is beauty but there is something about
suffering that either brings people together, brings families together
brings love to other people this is what it is if you want to know
what is the opposite of suffering is love and love brings this.
what I’m gonna doing here by putting these snowflakes it’s bringing some
light and bringing some love to all of you that want to feel that and this
might not make sense but there is something in therapy in art therapy that
most people don’t realize and I’m not an art therapist at all but I’ve seen how
art has helped me in therapy how it helps me to heal many things that I
wasn’t able to heal and the snowflakes if you look at the beautiful
snowflakes how beautiful they are in the winter that is some beauty that you
cannot take away from the winter yes you hate the coldness yes you hate
everything you’re freezing but isn’t it nice to just sit there in a
warm home seeing a beautiful scenery of snow falling those beautiful snowflakes
and you’re sitting there warm and cozy with a fireplace I mean that’s just
feeling, just think of something beautiful and do what matters most and
basically that was my message for this, do what matters most because the most
that matters is for me I cannot speak for other people but for me it’s having
a family having my health and having love surrounding me and when you find
those things you’re really find healing so then yes you can move on you can move
on from the ugliness so I’m not saying that you will not have suffering every
day or every other day or every week but you will find some happiness you will
find love surrounding you and you will really see that, that’s all that really
matters I was so overly emotional talking about
this that I forgot that I used soft matte gel from Prima to actually glue
the snowflakes and basically I just glued them like decoupage nothing
special then I took some white gesso and just created a few splatters in the
background this sentiment that I used I printed it out of my printer and use gel
to basically glue it so I mean just to recap what I did but it really loved how
the Nuvo mousse brought lightness into this and it just made everything look
really really special so I just want to end that by saying that I really got
inspired by this intuitive art healing that I really feel I should be doing
more often and I will do more of these journals just because I really feel that
everybody should go through this process and really bring some light and healing
into their lives and if this video helped you then please please please
share it with your friends on social media share it on Facebook share it on
any type of place that you think will help somebody because if we can help
each other to heal then that’s just one amazing thing we’re doing for peace in
this world and that makes all the difference just one step so please share
share share that’s all it matters just to help
somebody that it makes all the difference
thank you so much for watching see you real soon bye

27 thoughts on “Intuitive Art journaling and emotional healing–Art Journal Process”

  1. Thank you Keren for giving me clarity, it really touches me that you take the time to help others. Looking forward to the new series you are talking about, a kind of art therapy. Hope all is well, take care Kari Villebrun

  2. Lovely page! I enjoy art journaling as well as written journaling processes and I am certified as a Journaling Instructor I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and journaling process on YouTube.

  3. art has been my sanity for many years. I know that. I can't imagine my life without it. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Karen, this is beautiful, and your message was very uplifting. I’m struggling with some issues right now and art has always been my solace, I really like mixed media, but I’m just beginning and not very good. I’m hoping as time goes on, I will get better. I have done some, but I’m so crictical of my own work, most of the time I’m disappointed, and frustration sets in and then I give up. I’m trying not let it get to me, and get back up on the horse. Any suggestions for me?

  5. Karen,
    Boy did you know what to say, that made the rest of my year, thank you so much, will definitely watch the video and see where that takes me. Much love, Sherlene

  6. Dear Karen, You are a very sensitive woman. It is a joy to hear you speak while you work on your art journal.

    May you have a blessed, joyous, and healthy week!

    Best wishes,


  7. who said you didnt practice what you studied dear…
    you are in our homes WORLDWIDE healing us with your beautiful art…THANK YOU

  8. Tfs Keren! Healing through art is the best therapy there is. Having someone as talented as you are, sharing your emotions and personal stories is a true inspiration for me! xoxo

  9. I always find it helpful to listen to uplifting meditations and readings from positive writers and speakers. Folks like Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Wayne Dyer, and so many others. It is the constant repetition of positive thoughts and words to transform our minds.

    We all have to learn how to be gentle with our selves and others.

    Sending love and hugs,


  10. If we can help each other to heal….This should be the basis of our lives. Thank you for sharing your journal with us. It is inspiring.

  11. Creativity has healed my soul , and watching others create adds to that healing, so I thank you and all others for sharing their beautiful creations.

  12. Thank you so much for the video!! Your art journal is beautiful!! I never thought of art journal that way but it makes sense!! It just for you & I forget about something just for me

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