Intaglio Print Engraving : Intaglio Print Crosshatching

Intaglio Print Engraving : Intaglio Print Crosshatching

Hi. I’m Jason Shoemaker at Slugfest Printmaking
Workshop. I’m going to show you a little bit about cross hatching and a few basic tonal
techniques with the burin. We have some lines here and it’s basically as you would cross
hatch a drawing or anything else. One thing to keep in mind is that when you come up to
that line you’ve already made the burin’s going to want to give a little bit. And at
that point just ease up on the pressure a little bit. If not your burin’s going to slam
basically into a wall of copper and you could break off the tip which of course you’d have
to resharpen. So just keep moving along and you can create some tone. The beauty of engraving
is that you can create tone with the weight of the line. Cross hatching has a very valid
technique in it. Another one is stippling. There is a tool specifically for stippling.
But you can do the same thing with just your burin. But it’s making little pock marks like
so. You actually get some really neat effects that way. You can also put those between lines.
That’ll help you build up your tone. And one thing to keep in mind is you did make a lot
of little burrs so you’re going to need your scraping tool again to pop those off. And
if you want those burrs are going to hold a little bit of ink and it’ll be a little
fuzzy pattern. While we’re here always have a brush. You’re removing metal and the habit,
especially coming from a drawing background, is to use your hand to wipe off the dust.
This is a handy little tool. Use it. Wipe off the metal. That’ll keep you from getting
it in your hands.

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  1. It would help if you had rubbed a tiny bit of ink into the marks after they were made so they show well for the camera. Maybe do that next time. I see the action of the tool but the marks do not show too well on the copper plate.

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