100 thoughts on “INSIDE The Museum of ILLUSIONS!!”

  1. I just want to say thank you. Your videos have renewed my love for performing simple slight of hand magic. I am so out of practice… 20 years…. But going back to some of my old tricks and getting my dexterity back has been wonderful. I haven't messed with it in so long that all my old tricks are new again! And…. Thank you for the tutorials on the stuff I havent seen before. Just a little bit of practice and my wife and kids are already tired of me!! Lol. Its time to show others. Again. Thank you brother.. My best to you always

  2. There’s always great filming and tricks when you need more fill to reach the 10 minute mark. The effort pays off Chris. It looks great.

  3. I love your videos!!! I watch atleast 5 every night! So glad you showed the illusion museum. I live in Texas so it’s a bit of a distance from me, but it’s definitely added to my places to visit one day.

  4. Awesome video, Chris Ramsey!! Super cool content as usual. Been subbed for quite awhile now and enjoy your content more and more each video. Thanks for your hard work!!

  5. I am actually SOOOOO JELLY!
    After I leave all these cool things and cool people pop up!
    God I admire the shit out of you. I wish I was even a third as dope as you.

  6. If you look at the thumbnail well then you’ll see one of the mirrors or him is using their right hand meanwhile the rest are using their left

  7. I went to a museum of illusions in Toronto lots of the ones shown were there too! Such a cool place and great seeing you enjoy your time there.

  8. I wont shut up until you shout out Pewdiepie to music community and let them know and help Pewds to remain at top.

  9. Literally just started watching your vids today subcribed then walked to use the bathroom and see this on the news today love the channel chris! Btw we have the same first name.

  10. At 1:38 I said "it's the 7 of clubs"(And I meant it, I wasn't guessing I was sure of it), he then proceeded to say he thinks it was a black card and I said "Yes me too", after that he said it was a club and my heart started beating "Please say seven, please say seven…" I thought to myself. After he called out the card I paused the video, sat on my bed and stared at the wall for good 20 seconds. How did I know? How did HE know?!

    After googling the obvious probability of guessing ONE card correctly i found out the value is 0.0196% (1/51) Did we both guess the card or is it something related to the 7 of clubs?
    I must admit, often when someone asks me to guess a card I think of a Seven of whatever
    Is there any neurological explanation to that?

    Chris, without explaining the trick (obviously) answer me this, did you guess or did you know it was the Seven?
    Does it have anything to do with the amount of people on the screen? Did the black flooring, counter and walls help you picking a black suited card? Did you assume the patterns on that floor would tip you to a club decision?

    As you guys can see I'm kinda shook LOL

  11. Show more magic tricks and give tutorials like when you get a spectator to pick a card and put be hind his back and you knew what it was

  12. That chair illusion is amazing. I really like that a lot. I would feel like that lil dude running up. Lemme try lol

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