Inside Space Shuttle Discovery 360 | National Air and Space Museum
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Inside Space Shuttle Discovery 360 | National Air and Space Museum

t-minus 13 seconds t-minus 10 go for main engine start we are go for main engine start t-minus six five four three two one and liftoff of the space shuttle Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope our window on the universe some people have called the Hubble telescope the most important payload the shuttle has ever delivered is there a special feeling about this mission for any of you you’ve all been up there before is this one really different one of the main objectives of the Space Telescope is to try to understand the true nature of our universe it makes some kids eyes light up to know that you’re a part of a mission but seem and they have excited the nation as well as the world pretty cool isn’t it some pretty impressive we’re gonna relive the Hubble deploy experience I still have trouble when I look at it from out here remember you don’t live them working there no we know there’s nothing but great memories we’ve got your fabulous crew and a great flight it’s kind of hard to believe that you and I are gonna be together in this vehicle after I know almost 30 years it is cool a long time I was 16 I don’t know about you 16 when we flew but I’m really pumped to get inside so I think me great well let’s go tell some stories or MMS what happened in 31 let’s go you’re gonna get really mad at me if I want to rub the name of my spaceship aren’t you darn air kiss [Music] right coming in if that’s okay welcome aboard all right brawling in not the Cape except what stick around no kidding oh my goodness look at this [Music] where that this platform is that used to be your dressing yeah storage and dresser those aren’t about dressing in Primus sneak in there I go on tiptoes I’m not all that tall but I can go on tiptoes and touch the overhead and I wings my wingspan is Locker front to Locker fast yeah and then it’s kind of two of me across and you do that for folks how many of you were there wait there’s my locker and this one I was always blue I think I was over twice you remember we had to sleep compartment over here that’s the new galley you would have one set of crew members who were hovering around the floor doing experiment over the top here another two that were up here people floating down from the flight deck through the midday all at play so you’re in the airlock here and it used to be right about where we’re sitting and you’re buttoning up Bruce I was still in the mid-deck to hand you things so that’s this mid-deck yeah you are right about here your feet over by the toilet this is the partially deployed array that’s right I’d send everybody into a panic yeah bubbles on batteries the batteries are winding down it needs both solar rays to provide power or the batteries will run out and then this thing will be dead before it starts and that’s why we were hustling so much oh it’s moving again now everybody’s going so right now you have a 200,000 spaceship and a 25,000 pound spaceship flying in close formation at 17,000 miles an hour that’s what and it looks it looks still but this is a 17,500 mile an hour shot I think it’s uniquely different about when we were here the last time my knees right now he’s almost 30 years [Music] I was gonna say about people don’t understand how was the most productive Observatory that’s ever been built my favorite image is the Deep Field image where we turned Hubble out there for days yes stand of what we thought was the darkest part of the universe holy captain you’ve got planets and galaxies and just opened up our horizon [Music] looking at the app windows they became useless it was all the sunshield as exciting as it is look at all the stuff you say ok I can do this stuff I remember yes if we could be beamed into space right now we could do this [Music] you remember your first sunrise or sunset the lights come up and lights going out every 45 minutes it’s 16 sunrises and sunsets and today that’s crazy you’d watch the line on the ground from the night all of a sudden [Music] [Applause] we want to say that we all discover as we depart because I’ve got us home took care of a lot of my friends and colleagues pretty good space travel Roger that discovery welcome back congratulations on a super mission and the world is looking forward to reaping the benefits of your good work okay thank you see them it was great fun it sure looked like it [Music] you


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