INFINITE “Last Romeo” Dance Practice

INFINITE “Last Romeo” Dance Practice

Trans and subs: Mary Tuan Even if it’s a poison, it’s okay. I’ll gladly receive it No temptation is sweeter and intense than you! You lit up the darkness of my world, You shined and blinded me. Any darkness loses its power in front of you I only need you! Light my way! the decision is already made, I’ll make you mine. I will protect you, No matter how difficult it may be, I can only see you! This is a musical tragedy, You make me talk too fast. It’s the beginning of a forbidden love I’m Gonna Lose Myself I can only see you That was sweet start I couldn’t know how to stop and new emotions was born together with the illusion of us that Got the top of the emotion Even the flowers are drying and the moon tilting and fading I won’t change my heart, I love you, I love you! Your lips attract my sinful lips making me drunk with your taste No other reward can be better than that, I only need you! Light my way! the decision is already made, I’ll make you mine. I will protect you, No matter how difficult it may be, (No metter how difficult) World, let me win! sun, rise and give me strength! Destiny, don’t hinder me! I’ll keep with her! Will I be the last man to fight the world for one love? I’ll fight against any threat against you, I only need you! Light my way! the decision is already made, I’ll make you mine. I will protect you, No matter how difficult it may be, I can only see you! Oh, I can only see you! Yeah, I can only see you! You’re as complex as a maze, Why do you keep pushing me away? Believe me, I’m your Romeo I only wish you

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  1. 1:45 oh cmon dont do that sunggyu-sshi. i died everytime you lift your chin like that omo omo~

  2. it's june 2019 and i'm here to say that infinite's choreo is on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. their synchronization is no joke, as if they're also breathing in a synchronized manner. as a dancer, i've seen so many hard choreos specially from various kpop groups but infinite's choreo is really the superior one. it stands out so well and if u wanna learn and dance their choreo u need to have a lot of patience and stamina bc it is that damn hard. their steps r very detailed and sharp and that's why infinite is really a talented group, not to mention they always sing live while dancing these choreos. man, they just never fail to amuse me.

  3. Namu I still can't believe how hurt you were in here, take care of your self and your shoulder
    I miss you daily

  4. 이 영상볼때마다 가슴이 떨린다.우리 사랑둥이들~~ 지금 현재 각자 다른곳에서 있지만 마음은 한곳에.모두모두 응원해 아프지말고 행복해~♡♡ 언제나 사랑해~♡♡ 우리 매력돌때문에 힘든 오늘도 즐겁고 웃음이 난다 완전체 빨리보자~~^^

  5. Did you see Namu had been dancing the whole time keeping his left hand in his pocket… He danced like a pro man like seriously… He stands out from the crowd… Others also danced like you know, how infinite dances… The best synchronization in the world… No! In the whole universe! This is the best intro ever! Prove me wrong!!!

  6. 오랜만에 보는데 예전에는 안보이던 동작들이 새롭게 다가온다 최애안무영상인데 이제는 못보겠지

  7. 인피니트의 춤과 노래를 보면 언제나 느끼는것이 균형잡힌 아름다움이다
    어떻게 저렇게 고난도의 안무를 아름답고 모범적으로 만들었을꼬!!
    감탄이 나온다
    가수들과 안무 작곡,작사
    참으로 소중한 팀이다^^
    5년전영상이지만 마치 오늘처럼 세계적이기도하고

  8. There used to be this thing where we try and pause the video randomly and check if they really are in synch and boy they are 👌

    Has any of you done that?
    if not, just give it a try especially with their old dance video practices 😎

  9. 우현이형 왼쪽 팔만보면 맴찢이다 증말..하.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Back때도 우현이형 배려해서 왼쪽 팔 많이 안쓰게끔 안무짜놨던데

  10. was watching astro's dance practices and their sync and power reminds me of infinite… and i came back to watch infinite's dance practice and oh my god 😍 INFINITE IS STILL DA BEST

  11. 인피니트 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ영원한 가수다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ노래 다 들어보고 있음…..

  12. Their formation is very simple. Everyone only moves when it is necessary and not too far from their original position. Not like nowadays; person on the very left need to move to the very right of the stage in 2 seconds lmao and it is interesting how they made woohyun as the center during the first chorus part though he only dance with his right hand due to his left hand injury, it just really made him stand out flawlessly. Amazing choreography comes out from amazing formation ❤️

  13. Considering Sungkyu gets shy when he’s all by himself and becomes practically impossible to dance his own songs on variety shows, you can see here he takes charge even though he’s not meant to be a main dancer!Our Gyu leader is amazing and wishing him well 💛👑💛👑💛👑💛


  15. I hope you can see me As inspirits at malaysia.. Because at Malaysia.. We don't have many fans who know about infinite.. Maybe only I am.. So i hope you guys can do tour at Malaysia..

  16. Watching this again after L and hoya left😢its so heartbreaking to realize that i wont be able to see the 7 of them together in performance again😢

  17. 남우현이 일찍부터 춤을 안춰서 그렇지 가장 춤에 재능이 많은 것 같다 같은 동작도 해석하고 표현하는게 다르네 특히 싸비부분에서 골반 올려치는거 개섹시하다

  18. All of them are the best dancers of their generation. They are 99% perfecttttt!!!!!! I miss you so much guys. Come back soon, we will be waiting for you <3 <3 <3 <3

  19. 노래나 춤이나 지금 봐도 촌스러운게 하나도 없다.. 순간적으로 2년 전인가 하고 착각했는데 다시 보니까 5년 전이네.. 인피니트 노래가 애초에 전체적으로 앞서가기도 했음. 근데 중요한건 앞서갔다고 해서 옛날에 이상하단 소리 들었던게 아님
    예전엔 이상했는데 지금 보니 괜찮네 (X)
    예전엔 괜찮았는데 이제 보니 이상하네 (X)
    예전에도 좋았는데 지금 봐도 세련됐다 (O)
    이거인듯 그래서 오래 듣게 됨.. 진심으로 지금 나와도 안 이상할듯 ㄹㅇ..ㅜㅜㅜ

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  21. 너무,,좋아,,,언제봐도,,새롭고 짜릿해ㅎ 진짜 인피니트 오빠들 군대 갔다와서 완전체 콘서트 하면 더이상 소원이 없겠다

  22. 성규는…왠지 모를 끌어들이는 힘이 있음..메인보컬인데 댄스담당은 아니고 센터가 아닐 때도 성규한테 시선이 가..그냥 사람을 끌어들이는 매력이 있어..

  23. 진짜 라스트로미오~노래너무 좋은데~이거 볼때마다 마음이 너무 아프다…우현아ㅠㅜ아~진짜 저렇게 우리 우현이 군대 어떻게 보내ㅠㅜ아~눈물나ㅠㅜ항상 안전하게 조심해~다치지말고ㅠㅜ 사랑해❤ 우리 무한이들❤평생 옆에 있어줄께❤기다릴께❤

  24. 다른 부분도 그렇지만, 인트로에서 애들 손이랑 다리 각도 딱딱 맞아떨어지는거 아직도 안질리고 신기함ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개인적으로 잉피 칼군무가 가장 돋보이는 안무라서 제일 애정하는 안무ㅜㅠㅠㅜ 울림아 라스트로미오나 추격자같은 노래+안무 한번만 더 내줘ㅠㅠ

  25. Can I just point out that woohyun did this ENTIRE dance with one hand in his pocket (maybe he injured it a bit?) and yet somehow it made the dance look 10 times hotter??? I am thankful for this

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