I’m Ugly | Spoken Word Poetry

I’m Ugly | Spoken Word Poetry

You keep telling yourself that you’re ugly That you can’t possibly ever love yourself cause every time you look in the mirror You don’t like what you see The stretch marks, loose skin, gap between your front teeth. Overanalysing every single part of yourself, destroying your self esteem Constantly telling yourself how could anyone ever want you When even you don’t like your own body I wish I could tell you that you’re perfect just by being you And I’d tell you that every single day Until you start to believe it too And I mean it I just wish you knew just how much I adore you How I love even when you’re going through some of your toughest times You still manage to put on a smile and act like everything’s fine Or how I think you’re brave Intelligent, gentle, kind How you’re going to change the world someday with that incredible mind I hate seeing you cry Cause everytime you look in the mirror you see something you don’t like I hate how much it hurts you every single time I wish I could take the pain away Make you see what I see And then maybe you’d change your mind I hate watching you beat yourself up all the time. When are you gonna realise this ongoing battle you have with yourself… It’s a losing fight You’re literally destroying yourself from the inside, trying so hard to be something you’re not When you’re already perfectly fine You’re a beautiful, walking, human sunshine in my eyes You keep comparing yourself to others When are you going to understand that being yourself is enough Constantly seeking validation from other people when what you really need is self-love Yes I know you don’t have the perfect body Reality check: most people don’t So what’s the use in tearing yourself appart like this if you think it’s gonna help you in any way Well let me be the first to tell you It won’t I’ll never understand how someone so great Can think so little about themselves I watch you Unable to leave the house without make them struggling to cope every day and I just wanna be able to help You reduced yourself to ugly You hide behind baggy clothes, watch what you eat think so much about what people think that you can’t even walk down the street Self-hate has filted its way into every inch of your body And it kills me To watch someone I care about so much be so incredibly unhappy I hope one day you can look at yourself in the mirror and live with what you see That it doesn’t hurt you so much anymore cause you’ll understand that you’ve got more to offer the world than simply being pretty No longer haunted by the scars on your skin but choosing to be the change they want to see But more importantly Right now In this moment I want you to know Just how incredibly perfect you are To me

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  1. بدلا من البحث عن وسائل الراحة الزائفة يكون من الأفضل الغوص في حزنك الداخلي. تأمل وتعمق به. لا تتهرب من تعاستك لأن الهروب لن يجعلك تتعلم منها شيئا لتستطيع تجاوزها، إن الجهل هو السبب دائما وليس هناك من سبب آخر.
    Instead of looking for fake amenities, it’s better to dive into your inner grief. Meditate and dive deep in it. Do not evade your unhappiness because escape won’t teach you how you can overcome it, ignorance is always the cause and there is no other reason.

  2. this vid was made 2 years ago but it’s still so powerful i was like she was talking to me i’m 13 but hate my body always comparing myself to others and social media stats i don’t even try to look in the mirror when i go in the shower because i would just cry but it’s not like i’m not going to in bed away from people…. i just want to be skinny and have perfectly smooth skin but i don’t i’m always on diets never stop i practically starve myself everyday and i know it isn’t good but at the end of the day i feel 1% happier in myself and other people don’t know that…

  3. I'm still ugly tho, while living in a society built by judgement. Let's not be too optimistic, even we judge people because of how they look. It's just human nature to be repulsed by something unacceptable, different, and unusual. I am proud of myself, I do, but please understand that sometimes, I don't.

  4. This makes me so motivated ❤️ I hope she responds . I’m gonna watch this every night . For some reason I think this is directed to me 😌

  5. Your words don’t mean anything to us ugly and fat people bc you’re clearly skinny and beautiful. You have the big lips social media urges you to have to be beautiful and a small nose and big batty eyes. Your figure is small we can tell by your shoulders .

  6. Let’s play the yes and no game
    (Rules you can only say “yes” or “no” once)
    1. Are you beautiful?
    2. Are you lying?

  7. (p.s obviously long) I think its sad that i could relate so much to this video and i am going to share my personal thoughts on how I feel about myself
    1. I hate my curly hair and wish i could have natural straight hair like everyone else and personally I think its not fair that everyone else gets straight hair and i get my HIDEOUS hair that i can never do anything with that at least even looks decent
    2. I wish i didn't have acne
    3. I wish I was as pretty as my GORGEOUS friends
    4. I wish I had a pretty smile
    5. I wish I had cute cloths
    6. I wish that one day i wont constantly compare myself to other girls that are WAY prettier than me.
    And i cant continue because then I would never stop (THANK YOU to anyone who took their time to read this comment about my personal self esteem problems)

  8. I don't use meikup, I don't use anything to make myself beautifuler, because I'm ugly, i can't love myself because i have brothers who always says that I'm ugly, that I'm fat once my brother said that im fat bitch!!! It really hurts, it hurts every time he says something bad about me, i always try to do the best, try to help me, but he don't even say thank you, I'm the only one who is hatted the most in my family!!! I JUST CAN'T LOVE MYSELF!! I think that the best is just to do suicide… Because maybe then they will actually understand that i always wanted to do the best and help them!!!
    When i watched this video i cried!

  9. Honestly I know this but I really needed someone to tell me this I want to hear it from other person to feel it more
    Thank you so much for the word I am so grateful ❤️

  10. I’ve watched this two years ago when I was in a bad place and Videos like this made me get better. Thank you ❤️ I finally accepted me and there’s no better thing than that!

  11. I destroy my self esteem just by looking in the mirror everytime it just restarts itself when I see a reflection of myself

  12. You are beautiful.
    You are gorgeous withing you , and I love how you're so courageous.
    Your self esteem may not be filled,
    I want to tell you that seeing you this way makes me ill.
    I'm insecure,
    But I'm sure that I can help you.
    You look in the mirror and think "my butt's too small" but that's not true at all. Because there is no definition of perfect. And now I'm going to be direct. You're not normal, but no one is. Some are wacky, some are formal but if everyone were gorgeous, everyone would be ugly. You've build it up in your mind that you're not worth anything. But I'd pay millions. And I'm sure the people who just know you would pay zillions. So the next time you look in the mirror, I want your mind to be clearer. See who you truly are and say "I'm beautiful. I'm me and proud to be". Because that's you, and now, you know what you truly are.

    (written by me in about 10 mins)

  13. Who's cutting onions up I hear ….. All jokes aside I needed to hear this I call myself ugly and fat everyday and I'm so insecure 😥😥

  14. People are beautiful they just dont accept that they're not perfect thats why they always covered they're imperfections. They don accept who they really are they try to be something else they always said that I am finding myself duhhh you already did thats you dont change it when you do that you became invisible that is the cause of depression

  15. ❤ I really wish my friends believed me when I told them that they were beautiful, but the problem is, how can I expect them to believe me if I don't think I'm beautiful when they tell me I am. Thankyou Taz ❤❤

  16. There's no such thing as perfect. I try to tell myself that everyday, cos I've never seen "perfection" before… everything has its flaws but those flaws add to its beauty. I'll try to love myself, not going to be easy, but I'll try. You should too! Let's do it together, let's smile for ourselves and look towards our bright future. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I just wanted to say something. It's today, 12-11-2019 (00:28), that I came across your channel for the first time.
    I am feeling so relieved after watching this video. Every word you said seemed like someone has written my thoughts in their words. Amazing girl!
    O my gosh, I can't explain what I'm feeling right now!

  18. Theses words may help for a few minutes but then my brain tells me how it’s all a lie and that I’ll never be good enough if my family can’t except me how can a stranger

  19. Aw u are beautiful just the way u r

    I have a lot of insecurities and I hate the way I look bc of them features I don’t like about myself… but I try not to let that beat me when it always does ..

  20. Guys, don't live in jealousy. Why be mad and stressed about your body when you could be glad?

    I know you're suffering and heartbroken, but the things that are putting holes in your life, are gonna be closed out soon and you will be learning from you hating yourself. I know YOU don't have the perfect body the pretty face, but guess what?….Nobody does. Someone so pretty and smart and kind are hating themselves. You may wonder why they hate themselves when they are so perfect? well that person is you…

  21. Giiiiirlllll you look sooooo stunning, your eyes are beautiful and your whole face is so pretty!!! 😍💞🤗💖😝😜

  22. My problem is nothing at all nothing at all but i always feel sad AND IDK WHAT IT ISS
    Tears come falling down from nowhere even tho nothing has happened
    I feel like i am ugly but i know i am not cuz u always have to love yr self to become a better person ye i do love my self . I like being me . Tho dad says u have to

  23. I- this made me cry 😭 , thank u Taz for this made me so happy , I am so self – conscious about the stretch marks everywhere in my body. You are just the best and just as you are entertaining ur also kind , thank you for making this 🙂😀

  24. my friend of five years (+) dumped me for the new girl at my school. if I wasnt ugly he would probably still be my friend. I fuck up everything

  25. My own poem words based on my story not fake

    you walk down the hallways in middle school you feel like your the only 6th grader with scars all over your face having burn marks on your arms and legs. trust me its hard. you come back home and you look in the mirror and all you see isis ugliness you try killing your self bit by bit you get the scissors and make scars in the hand you take high pills you can’t control yourself you don’t want to go to school the next day you fake a sickness you look in the mirror and all you see is you r body shredding apart

    i am not ok

    you come back to school and no one bothers to ask why you didn’t come to school the other day your that one girl in the back of the class with earphones on and your hoodie. you don’t care what people say from this point on. the next day you get a call saying your dad passed away.

    that changed my life.

    You become the “bad kid” in school you have name tags about the bad kid your life shredded into a million pieces you drop out of high school as a freshman you just don’t care no more life got though

    suicide came in

    I was in for a coma for 6 months no one thought I’ll make it

    I recovered

    I became a new person

    I have a degree in college

    I changed my future

    I graduated as a doctor

    I changed my life

    My life was tough as a kid I was ugly

    I hope no one will go threw what i went threw it’s just not easy

    I wish you believe me

  26. I never really minded the way I look. I always thought I looked like a normal person, until I’ve been noticing that my family (aunts uncles etc.) have been giving my brother and sister a lot of compliments on how good looking they are. I never really get any compliments on looks, it’s usually just good grades and thats about it. I basically got the idea that I was that one ugly person in our family. My self esteem just dropped from there. I cry a lot now. I don’t really like the fact I rely on compliments. Hey I just poured out my feelings in a video’s comment section well would you look at that.

  27. The world needs more people like you I'm with you all you way, I don't usually comment but you deserve one and you should have more views and this needs to be shared more, society is superficial and there aren't many conscious pretty girls like you that use there social media platforms for good. Please don't turn fake like everyone else, please know what your doing is more than enough and if more people did it the world would literally be a happier place.

  28. Well my mom says I have bad hair and skin and that my gap teeth makes me look ugly, my cousin says my voice sound weird and my friends say my voice sounds like a boomer (old person), brown aunties say I look like I’m in grade 4 when I’m in grade 10, no boy ever liked me, AND HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO BELIEVE THAT I’M BEAUTIFUL? If you saw me you would take those words back from me and I know it. It hurts a lot, sometimes I blame g0d for this. I feel hopeless, I wish all my insecurities were solved.

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