Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind

Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind

-We’re here with illusionist
Derren Brown, everybody, whose show,
“Derren Brown: Secret” is on Broadway through January
4th, at the Cort Theatre. And I’m so happy to be here.
What an honor. -This is so exciting.
Thank you for having me on. Ignore this —
-Okay. -By the way, ignore that.
-Okay. -Pay that no attention.
-Alright. -So, in my show “Secret,” I read
minds and influence people. -Okay.
-The show is really about the stories
that we tell ourselves, the narratives that we live by, how we judge and divide the world
into good and bad, I suppose. So to demonstrate
this point to you, I’m going to ask you in a second to choose one
of these two colors. -Gotcha.
-Green or yellow. Now, they both have —
I mean, you’re going to choose the one ultimately
you feel good about. But they both have pleasant
and unpleasant associations with them, I guess. But I can be pretty certain which one you’re going
to choose, even to the extent
that I can invite you to try and outthink the process
and maybe go for the one that you don’t think
that I want you to go for. And all of that’s fine, because this is ultimately going
to be an unconscious compulsion, which should win out over any
conscious deliberations. I also find it works better
if there’s an incentive. So 50 bucks says I know which
one you’re going to choose. -Okay.
-If I get it wrong, you may keep the 50 bucks.
-Great. -Make sense? Okay.
-Yeah. -So, take your time. It’s your choice.
-Okay. -It’s one or the other.
Entirely up to you. Take your time, think about it.
-I’m ready. -And then tell me
when you’ve decided. -I’ve decided.
-Which one? Which one? -The yellow.
-The yellow? -Yeah.
-You sure? -Yeah. -Well, then I’m afraid I keep the $50, ’cause I rather
thought you would pick this one. -Okay. -And not this one. -Alright.
[ Cheers and applause ] -So, this gets — I think this gets
more interesting when we do it with people.
-Okay. -Which of course
we kind of do every day. So, I have here
a bunch of photographs of members of the public.
-Okay. -And I want you to divide them
into two piles — a pile of people
you feel good about… -Okay.
-And a pile you feel bad about. -Okay.
-People you like, people you dislike.
-Okay. -I am going to mix them, although they are a little bit
difficult to do this with. Forgive me. And then, look — [ Laughter ] -Okay.
-I’m mixing them up. -Alright.
-A couple of things I would say. First of all, some of them
are kind of smiling, and some of them
are more neutral. But don’t let that
dictate your choices. -Of course not.
-And also, I’m going to orientate them so they’re sort
of ’round the wrong way for you so that you can’t
get too hung up on faces you find attractive
and less attractive, ’cause it’s just hard to see
from where you are. -Okay.
-So divide them into two piles. So, listen, it’s gonna be — Let’s say the pile
you like here, dislike here. Good, bad.
-Okay. -And vaguely, like,
even them out. So you can’t decide
you like all of them. -Okay.
-So that’s dislike. This is like.
-Okay. Alright. Okay. Okay. Alright. -You’re doing this rather
comfortably, actually. People often find it
uncomfortable. -No. No, I’m fine.
-No judgment. -If you want to —
If you want to, like, take them from the middle
or anywhere else, they don’t have
to come off the top. -Judging is what I do
for a living. -Mm-hmm. Okay. [ Laughter ] You’re working kind of
intuitively, by the look of it. Yeah. Done. Okay, good.
Well, that was easy. So, look, the question is,
I suppose, what is it that made you,
for example, like that woman as opposed to —
-Uh-huh. -That’s an awkward question —
but dislike, say, that woman? What was it?
Like, can you remember what it was at the time? -Well, you know, it’s already
a little bit harder. ‘Cause now they’re looking at me
the right way up. You know? There was — She just seemed
very sweet to me. -Mm-hmm. -And maybe it was a little
more intense here. -Okay. Maybe that —
Maybe that sort of put you off at some level?
-Maybe, yeah. I don’t know. -I tell you why I ask.
This is — Okay, so this is actually
quite interesting. These are people off Twitter.
-Okay. -These are Twitter users
that I found. -Yeah. -So, this girl here that you put
on kind of the dislike pile — Just, it’s kind of
an interesting point. -Yeah.
-She follows Paul Manafort. -Oh, wow, okay. Alright. -She follows Paul Manafort — you know, prominent right-wing
political figure. This guy here follows
Sarah Sanders. -Okay. -This guy, Sean Hannity. This guy follows Steven Miller. Trump. She follows Mike Pence. This guy follows Giuliani,
which is kind of interesting. -Yeah.
-Interesting, right? -Uh-huh. -This gal here
that you put on the good pile, that you instinctively liked,
she follows that guy. [ Cheers and applause ] And this guy here,
look, he follows… Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers.
Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers. Actually, this one,
I have to say, this guy follows Boris Johnson. So he kind of could be
on that side. That one’s —
That one’s kind of wrong. And Seth Meyers.
So with the exception of one, you have perfectly divided them
into their separate groups. [ Cheers and applause ] So first of all, well done.
But I should just — just to add one thing,
I will just say, ’cause it is interesting
you got this guy wrong. So, this guy follows
Boris Johnson, our vaguely Trumpy, right-wing
Prime Minister, right? It’s interesting you put him on
the nice pile, on the good pile, because — I mean,
he follows Boris Johnson. But he’s actually a nice guy.
I do know this guy. -Okay.
-I know him. He’s actually — You know, he’s a nice guy.
I’m quite close to him. In fact,
you’re quite close to him. [ Audience murmurs ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, my God. I don’t like any of this!
[ Laughter ] That was amazing! Bravo!
Derren Brown, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind”

  1. Upside down the people look different enough to make the brain think they are "mad or angry". Stop frame on a card and flip your phone around to see the change.

  2. Derren Brown. With the uncanny knack of making adults feel like a really puzzled dog wondering where a ball went.

  3. LOVE Darren Brown. Especially his work exposing mystical frauds and experiences including how people think religious experiences are real. The guy has an amazing understanding of humans and how we think. One of my favorite things he did was he told a woman that for a month he was going to have actors and hidden cameras follow her around and slightly influence her life. At the end of one month he sat down with her again and she talked about how all month long she kept a journal of the times when Darren's crew would do things like drop money on the ground for her, or engage in a conversation with her on the street posed as a random person. That she thought he was trying to teach her to be more open towards people and not as introverted. Turned out Darren had absolutely no one following or interacting with her for that month. This was all in her head. But it perfectly showed how people assign agency to common every day events in order to try to explain them away.

  4. there's a trick, there's ALWAYS a trick. seth would have no idea any of them were followers of his, as he would have no idea the others were trump people.  also consider seth picks the pictures upside down. so let's assume that picking the pictures on "likeness" is completely bogus. thereby eliminating the premise of the exorcise. derren brown of course knows who is who, or which is which.

    notice how brown picks the two women (because they were picked correctly) to place in front of seth, creating a 3rd pile in the middle… then when the camera goes back it's two piles again…

    slight of hand takes a very skilled magician, there's a famous trick that penn and teller do, a ball(s) in 3 cups i think, after completing the trick they do the same trick with clear cups showing exactly how it was done, even then their movements were so fast and complex you couldn't follow it.

  5. Derren is great! Imagine a full-length show by him. I've seen most if not all his work that's available on YouTube. Always great!
    The illusions he does are often very, very basic tricks any beginner would recognize, but on a massive scale and with such showmanship that even people who know the trick are surprised by it at first, and impressed by it even when they realize how basic it was.

  6. Derren Brown is a bit of a hero of mine, but I've often wondered whether Derren Brown's husband was gay before he met Derren Brown.

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwww. How did Seth pick all his followers on instinct. (And I picked the yellow too! before Derren said anything, would we all pick yellow?)

  8. Derren Brown is incredible. Check out a stage show he did called ENIGMA, is on the net and is amazing(is PG). He is just using psychology to predict behaviour.

  9. I mean, i wouldn't call Derren Brown an "illusionist"
    I'd prob call him a hypnotist.. or a psychologist… or even a scientist.. knowing how to human brain works on such a fundamental level

  10. The easiest trick seems to fool people into believing that he actually can influence which cards you pic. He can't. The psycho babble is half the show.

  11. Spoiler:

    Right before he asks him about why he made the choice of 1 woman to the other, he splits 1 deck into 2 and then puts the other deck on top of the new deck in the middle. The illusionist fixed the decks while the camera was not on him. You can also see how the decks moved. In one segment while Seth is looking at them the decks are close together, and then afterwards the decks are farther apart. Good acting Seth. I should've avoided the comments.

  12. This is the first trick I saw and he gives you a hint of how it was done at the end..

  13. This reminds me a lot of Neal Caffrey from White Collar. I loved that show and I didn't think anyone could be that good in real life but damn, this guy is great.

  14. I like the comments saying this must have been just a sleight of hand like there wasn't a whole person sitting under a cover the entire time waiting for his predicted appearance to be cued…

  15. Why do people believe this fellow is anything other than a clever magician? Sleight of hand, doctored apparatus, and obvious patter explain all of it. The other stuff is mostly silly psyche mumbo jumbo. Forced selection is not deep psychology or "magic." Performers should be enjoyed for what they actually do: create tricks. How magicians actually do their stunts can clearly explained by 12 year-olds on You Tube. His vaguely posh accent gives him additional credibility on this side of the pond. He is admired by Penn and Teller, true, but he could never outsmart them (as others have…generally with new technological innovations).

  16. by the way you don't know what American is because fact when certain children come from other countries they are taught at a very early age how to speak in a different language 😂😂 😂

  17. So you can be speaking some American as they call it on the street or some Spanish or some Japanese or Mexican very good or Italian Latino I can keep going 😇🤣💯

  18. A lot of the people Seth chose were smiling so it was weird that he picked that dude. Almost like had had to pick an outlier.

  19. "Illusionist" doesn't at all capture the many talents of Derren Brown, but okay. I guess you can dumb it down for Americans. (Yes, I'm American too but ik and love Derren)

  20. Suppose you wanted to destroy a nation. How might you go about it?
    Well, for starters, you could flood their lands with millions of people of another race.
    Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left.
    Then you could call anyone "racist" who objected to any of this, and get them fired from their jobs.
    Have you noticed something? This is exactly what is happening to White people in White countries right now.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  21. Okay, but following someone on twitter is different than actually agreeing with them and supporting them politically. I'm guessing that there was actual evidence that these people are conservatives beyond just them following Trump or Guiliani, or at least I hope. Also, were there any right wing people that followed Seth, but their conservatism overshadowed that? Or did he strictly pick people that only fit into one category? Either way, I am very interested in how he managed to pull this off, so if anyone knows the psychology behind all this, please let me know!! If anyone knows of any good articles or videos about this, I would love to check them out. 😊

  22. A very good memory trick. He made Seth choose the photos upside down to make it difficult to remember them when they were right side up. I like how he restacked the photos right under Seth's nose. Great entertaining trick.

  23. I love Derren Brown, but I think this was more an example of magician tricks involved than psychological reading. Simply put, Derren Brown could NOT do some of his tricks in a properly designed scientific experiment.

  24. A very well executed sleight of hand card trick dressed up with psychobabble to make it more mysterious. I've been to Daren's show live and he's a great entertainer and hypnotherapist so there's always an element of auto suggestion in his acts. Tricks like this always appear more mysterious if you add the mind influencing/reading element to them. If you had all the camera angles you'd be able to see all the card moves but with practice it's a trick with hundreds of hours of practice behind it. Excellent entertainment though and I'd see him again live any day.

  25. Here is how it's done, unfortunately it happens OFF CAMERA:
    at 3:18 and forward, he' s extracting from the LIKE pile, the ones that are not supposed to be there.
    Same from the DISLIKE pile.
    So he ends up with 4 piles of cards: 1/ DISLIKE 2/ WRONGLY DISLIKED 3/ WRONGLY LIKED 4/LIKE
    You can see at 3:17 that he's already setting the table by having a 3rd pile in the middle.
    Then, he' s using the misdirection at 3:20 and forward, where Seth has to concentrate on something else and not look at Derren messing with the piles
    You can see at 3:24 that he's begun doing the switch on the top right corner of the screen.
    Then a few moments later, (off camera) the switch between piles 2 and 3 is already done, while Seth is talking to him; and he's back with 2 piles, and the piles are clean, meaning only likes on one side and dislikes on the other.

  26. Noticed Derren always turns the cards the same way of the left stack, then turns them the other way for the other stack, except for the card which Derren turns for the guy under the blanket. I wonder if the card has a sliding window that can make it read whichever way Darren wants it to read, and depending on where that guys photo shows up, depends on how Derren turns the cards?

  27. Such a great trick, I love it and I think it also involves a little bit of misdirection in addition to the psychological component 🙂 It's like watching your favorite chef make something – you know it's going to be good and even when he wants to show the audience how he does it, people still see it in slightly different ways.

  28. How it was done. Don't read if you like the illusion.

    Filler text to prevent spoilers:
    Derren Brown is a master at patter, pattern setting, expectation management and people sense. He uses Science to fool you into thinking extraordinary things unfold before your eyes. He tricks people into thinking he's a mentalist/mind reader.


    Derren used science. Seth is just human.

    —-(I had a wrong idea of how Derren did it. xl came up with the right explanation : sleight of hand and misdirection: the staple skills of illusionists. )

    Derren is a master at perception manipulation. Very entertaining.

    PS Watch again with sound off. It is distraction. You overwhelm point defense by overloading. Cutting the sound cuts the charm. A big part of Derren's distraction. 3:17 is where the sleight of hand starts. Watch Darren then.

  29. He's just a poor street magician with a good hustle. He has full control of the stacks of the pictures and does, in fact, rearrange them after the fact — the first card Seth chooses is the blonde woman in the dislike pile; she ends up in the like pile.

    The first trick is done differently, there's slight of hand to quickly remove the incorrect back on the unselected card.

    These are first grade magic tricks, and I have long felt bad for the UK schmucks who believed his schtick.

  30. Hands down the best performance I've seen Derren do on an american chat show. The man is a wizard some of his other appearances haven't done him justice

  31. Anyone who believes in the "paranormal", ghosts, psychics and all the other junk should really learn Magic. Magicians are the biggest skeptics and some of the clearest critical thinkers because they know ALL the bullshit snakeoil that is being peddled out there. Perhaps politicians should have to learn it before they can be voted into office. That and multiple mental health and cognition tests.

  32. Nice version of out of this world! I wish we could see the other side of that $50, you would see his out. Illusionist sounds so pretentious your a magician. Illusionist use boxes and big props, etc. he won’t call himself a magician because then he would have to magically fix his male pattern baldness! I know the feeling, I’m a bald magician too. Oops sorry, “ILLUSIONIST” 😂

  33. After reading many of the comments below, I have to say that Brown's best feat is convincing the majority of people that he actually uses psychology to influences the choices of others. He's a truly incredible performer, but I have followed Derren Brown for years and I can assure you that he is more of a magician than a mental manipulator.

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