Hello and welcome to my new
doll repaint video it’s suddenly already December and it means it’s time to start working
on my winter special dolls and today I’m going to start with the essence of
winter itself – today we’re going to make an Ice Queen I’ve never worked with this
concept before here at my channel so I’m really interested in making something
completely different a very cold doll that would look almost
frozen, icy, snowy and stuff like this and for this kind of concept I
decided to take this big Barbie doll head it’s a fake Barbie doll of course it’s
not a real one, and I have chosen this doll because she doesn’t have this very goofy
and stupid typical Barbie doll smile, she has quite a normal face and I think this
normal face will work good for this cold and snowy and icy kind of a makeover I worked with this kind of doll before once somewhere this summer I think, I gave her more a retro look, I will put picture of it over here that you can compare, and today I’m going to go a completely different direction and turn her into the Ice
Queen, so I think there is nothing else to say I can take my scissors I can take
acetone and I can start the transformation but before I begin I just
want to take five seconds of your time and ask you to subscribe to my channel
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So please subscribe to my channel hit the bell button and let’s start the
transformation! Let’s go! Here is the doll from close, you’ve seen
the one like this already before so now let’s take pure acetone and
remove her old face Then I’m spraying her face first with
two layers of white acrylic paint and then with three layers of mr. super
clear sealant. When all the layers of the paint and the sealant are dry I sketch
her eyes and eyebrows using a light gray watercolor pencil I will make her eyebrows a little bit
more arched it will give her face more cold expression And then I also sketch the nostrils To blush her face I’m going to use
mainly blue, gray and purple colors And I will also need a touch of pink for
some contrast on her cheeks. First I’m applying the layer of gray beige pastels and this is approximately the only normal color I will use today. Then I’m
applying a layer of light blue pastels And I cannot forget about the body as
well of course. Then goes a layer of purple pastels on top, I want to make an effect of kind of a frozen skin, very cold, bluish, icy looking. And then I add a
touch of cold pink pastels to the apples of her cheeks like if she got some blush
from frost. The next step is the eyemakeup. I want to give her very cold blue and purple eyeshadows. And her lips should look frozen as well I apply the white pencil to the inner
corner of the eyelids and then I take a pink pencil and I apply it to all
transition areas where blue and white come together Now her eye makeup is mostly done and I
can start working on the eyes. I want to give her very light blue eyes that will
look like some frozen water. For the eyebrows I will also use a mix of blue
purple and pink pencils Then I draw shadows on the white of her
eyes and then with the pink pencil I draw the waterline With a very sharp white pencil I draw the
smile And with a very sharp black pencil I draw the lashes and the eyeliner Now I take silver soft pastels and I’m
applying them approximately all over the face And then with white acrylic paint I add
more reflections to her eyes Now her face is almost done and it’s time to work on some accessories. I want to make a winter crown for her and first of all
I’m making the basis of the crown using the 3d pen And here it is! Looks good I think. Now I
want to take five short barbecue sticks and to glue them together Then I take my 3d pen again and I just
turn it around the sticks in different directions creating some messy structure And then I’m attaching this thing to the
headband also with the 3d pen And now let’s decorate it. I’ve got here
some Christmas decoration, now I’m going to break it all down and attach to my crown. Sounds like some poetry))) Then I’m spraying the crown with silver
acrylic paint and while it’s drying I’m going to style the dolls hair I’ve made some sort of a messy bun for
her and now I’m going to spray her hair with the silver acrylic paint as well And it’s very important to protect the face very good Then I’m attaching the lashes and
applying glossy acrylic varnish to her eyes and lips Here I have different kinds of pretty
sparkling silver glitter and I’m going to apply it to the middle of her eyelids
and also to the top of her forehead Now let’s put the crown on and spray it
all with this snow spray to make it look even colder And here I have another kind
of snow, a mix of powder with glitter and this powder snow I’m going to glue to
her body, it will make it look very icy and frozen And I’ll also add a couple of
snowflakes to the ends of the lashes And here is the end result I think she
looks for sure like an ice queen and let’s also look at her next to my
previous version of the same doll, which one do you like most? Write it in a
comment! I think it’s a good start of my holiday special repaints of this year,
what do you think? And there will come up with more the next weeks, I’ve bought all
kinds of fake snow and ready to let it snow all over here
on my channel. And how are your Christmas preparations are going? Already buying
gifts and installing Christmas trees probably? honestly the only thing that I’m preparing for Christmas is the dolls, so I hope you’re doing a little bit better
than me. The next week we’re going to destroy and to recreate again a very
special and expensive holidays edition doll, so don’t forget to subscribe to
my channel if you don’t want to miss this makeover of the year and of course
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guys bye


  1. I still want to see you do a set of fantasy style dolls, like woodland elves and dark elves. And maybe even magicians with long sleved robes.
    with your realistic style they would look amazing <3

  2. okay very not xmas but like, you could use a head like that to do a portrait doll of dead laura palmer and then wrap and arrange plastic around the head and shoulders

  3. I like both, but Ice Queen is really gorgeous.

    Im turning a Fake Elsa Doll of 17" into a Snegurochka, time is running also stress. X'D

    Im a little messy customising, hope I Can make something decent.

  4. I love your snow queen. In the comparison of your two repaints, I like the snow queens eye and eybrow shape more, but I like the smile of your first girl.

  5. In my opinion her face is one of your best repaints (maybe even the best one) but the rest is well… not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen 😄 I mean the crown looks a bit ridiculous

  6. I think she would have looked better with white or blonde hair, but she's beautiful. I love the eyebrows on this one. She looks a little older than most of your dolls

  7. Hi Poppen!
    I love this doll so much, it's so pretty!
    Maybe, for future reference, may I suggest a white glitter? The silver looks stunning but I thought it might be nice to add that snow like glimmer.
    That's just me.
    I cannot say again how lovely this doll is, especially her crown piece

  8. She's stunning!! This repaint makes me wonder… have you seen the water color technique where you sprinkle salt on the wet paint to make it look icy? Do you think that would work on a doll?

  9. I would loooove to see you repaint a doll that looks like you, hair, eyes makeup, the lot! I would love to see that video! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I love your videos! You’re incredibly talented. I wanted to make a doll suggestion if I may. Delores from HBO’s Westworld.

  11. Firstly I love your creations! You are so talented. I wanted to reach out bc I found someone who is illegally using your video. They uploaded it into their video, but not in a fair use way. At first I saw your repaint in their thumb nail and got excited thinking you made a top 10 type list, but then as i clicked and watched it i saw that they just took your video and reposted it onto their video/channel. I don't really know how to get ahold of you to tell you so I'm hoping you see this. I have posted this same message onto some of your other platforms in hopes that you recieve it. Here is a link to the video:

  12. Вот наткнулась на видео
    И сразу поняла по акценту , что из России человек 😂😂😂

  13. I think i like the last one better 🙂 it was super realistic really showed off her skills. This one i think is beautiful but she kind of reminded me more of a senior queen than an ice queen 😂 needless to say it was still amazingly done.

  14. In all honesty I think this is actually my least favourite doll I've seen you do. I feel like she's more Corpse Bride than Snow Queen

  15. Awesome work) I think it might be an interesting challenge for you to try to do Snegurochka (Снегурочку) next – make her sweet, friendly and festive while using the same color pallet – white, blue, light-blue, silver 🎄💙❄️

  16. Both dolls are equally pretty! No way I could decide for one of them. I love the skin tone of your ice queen and she looks fantastic ❣️

  17. I think this is absolutely stunning and perfect!!! Love the crown really a lot! She Is like she Is alive! Incredible!!! ❤️😍

  18. Sheeeeesss sooo perrrrrfeeeeccttt omg😍
    The crown really does give the vibe of an enchanted queen

  19. maryna: now I take silver soft pastels and I'll apply it approximately all over her face
    me: ….approximately ALL OvER hER FACE
    you are quite the funny one thankyou maryna for all the videos youve done I get very inspired to create with love, as you do. sending you lots of love and cheer fr the holiday and new year!

  20. I loved everything, except the smile looks a bit out of place but obviously that has nothing to do with your work. I just sometimes wish there were dolls made without the same expression as all others…but she looks seriously awesome 👏

  21. It looks amazing for how big of a doll it is but I reccomend yo make the pupils not it the middle of the eye if you want her to be looking straight forward it makes her look like she is staring through you. One way to combat that is to make the pupils a little closer to the nose and make the iris around it.

  22. This is one of my favourite of your repaints! I hate the lips on those huge doll heads so you do wonderful to make it beautiful

  23. Have you tried to rescuer these big barbies like the monster high doll faces? It would be really interesting to see it completely changed like you did recently with your “plastic surgery”!

  24. I'm super curious how long have you been doing doll repaints have you always been able to draw or paint? What made you start wanting to do this? Just want to know a little bit more about you I'm glad you started doing this and selling them your great at what you do and there beautiful also ice said this before but your absolutely stunning you have natural beauty😍❤

  25. Her voice is the best sound in the world. I love watching her and listening to her talk about her process. Definitely my favorite sound… I'm terminally ill and sometimes I get upset about how little time I have left, but her voice calms me.

  26. She looks amazing love the snow flakes. I would never have thought of spraying her hair, great idea.

  27. This face mold looks like Sabrina from the new TV series. Perhaps you could do her next.

  28. Idk what I expected but I didn't see this design coming. I love when you surprise us! She's another beautiful addition! I'm so impressed every time lol

  29. The only thing I don't like is the hair colour. It reminds me of one of Shakespeare 3 witches… Hubble bubble toil and trouble… I think a white wig with some white sparkles sprinkled on would be nicer. But that's just my personal opinion. This is the first time of watching your videos I have written something negative and I feel really guilty. It is only my opinion after all.

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