spray it on there that's ridiculous stuff stuff up are you thinking wolfy aka Charles this is just ridiculous you guys are too much for me to the point put the light button right there you guys are the latest it bans supporters on the planet so I want you guys to give yourself a nice pat on the back but there's only one way to give yourself a pat on the back over there oh my god with another DIY video yo boy DIY wolfies back in the house I got the stache we got the fro I don't want to show too much of the hair because snow and it works it's uh Paul goes behind the camera yeah Baker's man's here which means we are not hang up anything today we are testing out more TV fast feedbacks because I say before and I'll say it again guys every time you look at a commercial in the commercial the food just looks flawless guys like it's always perfect the burgers have the tomatoes that are always like shining bright meats always cook perfectly the desserts are always looking so scrumptious what I'm can sick of it because we need to see if these actually work so I got a lot of stuff here the first hack we are doing the pizza hack the first hack is actually the second hack because the oven is on and we have to wait for the pizza to be completely cooked before we do this hack we have it on 400 now it recommends 375 but at the same time I like things cooked faster so we don't even need to put it on anything slide it in the oven close the door let's get it now before I was interrupted guys DJ actually gave me a call you guys know you guys know Donald if you've watched my videos for time you know that he loves breakfast so one of the hacks involves pancakes so he's in Ottawa but you know the food is in LA yes and he even said GJ so you know it's from him handmade pancakes we don't need this stuff look at this he even gave me a nice topper water this high is a pancake hack there's only reason I can bake and I can cook a lot of things okay but pancakes is one thing that I never could make because I never had a griddle at my house as a kid we didn't have the money to have a nice little griddle so my mom made them or maybe she was just trying to make me some healthy pancakes but they didn't look like this it looked like King Duke a star my mom's pancakes we have the nice four stack of the perfect pancakes made by Donald and time to break your guys hurt because I know a lot of you guys probably eat pancakes and let's just say the ones in the commercials aren't edible no rumor has it when they're advertising commercial pancakes they are using fabric softener no which I don't know like what to tell you guys this is the furthest thing from edible and the reason they're using this is because when you make pancakes at home they would be soggy so this is why I'm gonna be using the fabric protector I think I said fabric softener earlier but it's fabric protector essentially what it does it repels liquid makes you so you can't get wet which by the way main Channel next week so we're just gonna do this light little spray on the pancake yeah that – definitely smells toxic wait little spray this huh and you know it's trippy bro like I sprayed it it got super wet but it still looks dry it looks pretty good just kinda classy we're gonna flip it around same thing – that's right I'm gonna stack all the pancakes back on top of each other now you can heat up the butter a bit I'm just gonna cut off a nice frozen piece of butter because it's gonna hold its shape rod we're gonna decorate around here with a likkle one to strawberry the last step is the syrup and as you guys will see because we have the fabric repellent on it Oh peep the nice placement of syrup that is a absolute vibe now we're gonna cross back this way are you crazy it's perfect and if we focus on the edges right here that thing is going into the pancake it is being repelled the egg is literally pushing the syrup around it but it's still on it the butter is not melting on a petite one successful hack don't eat this smells like absolute gasoline now that that hack is done we are gonna grab our oven mitts because I just heard the Bell on so we're gonna grab the pizza Oh actually a trick for the people that do not know what about to do this Pizza comment up a little what you think is about to happen with this pizza and I'm gonna tell you it's probably not gonna happen this is definitely not gonna be edible and less you like eating metal first thing I grab is so screwed alright literally need about three of these they only sold a packet 140 so you guys want to screw give away you know and the next thing you're going to need is a screwdriver you could use a drill but only people that would use drills are three people and I'm clearly these so in pizza commercials what they do we're gonna cut a nice little slice out of here I actually bought one of these little PI servers or you could serve pizza because this is triangle – so bongo would you like a slice I love this look okay so here you go here's your slice okay yeah sick but yo that's not what I'm seeing in the commercial because this what I've seen in the commercial where is this cheese on the side coming from I I really don't I don't get it because my pizza has never looked like that and when the cheese does fall off of the pizza it's usually the entire thing falls off of the pizza so you're just left with bread so what they do in the commercial is kind of zoo so now we're gonna use the two smaller screws we're gonna remove two surrounding pieces of pepperoni we're just gonna flip it upside down let it rest over there on the hot pizza and the same with this one in the place of that pepperoni don't worry guys we're gonna push the screw in the pizza we're just gonna screw it to the very bottom because we want to make sure that this oh god don't don't stab the pizzas we want to make sure this screw is secure in place now we're gonna do the same with the other side just like that now we're gonna grab the two pieces of pepperoni that we took earlier and we're gonna fill in that space right here like there was never even a screw in there don't play with me the next step is to grab a measuring cup and we're gonna get some of that mozzarella cheese because like I said when I served it to Bongo it wasn't appealing enough as the commercial so we're gonna grab a bunch of this cheese which is a good ball but definitely good use of glue everybody knows this we're gonna grab a bunch of this because we want to make the cheese a little more creamy now what we're making is some glue cheese it's cousins with blue cheese how do you guys can see not much cheese cuz so now that we have this mixture of glue we're going to put it right here along the Edge's little bit more there's no such thing as too much cheese and no such thing as too much blue oh nice and push it up so no so if it's a commercial you're actually looking at it like you're looking at it like that and all you can see is the cheese coming out of a TEDTalk now the moment of truth Bongo would you like a slice I would love a son who's loved a slice amazing amazing you'd like a slice well let me just get you a nice cheesy slice oh okay Malu can I offer you a slice of the nice cheesiest pizza get more cheese cheese cheese BOGO would you like a slice I'd love a slice me worse you would like a nice slice cheesiest no bhalo would you like a slice I love us some amazing girl let me get you a nice juicy slice a pizza but the dog daughter don't eat pork I mean glues in there screws fast food hack it actually works so the next hack we're gonna be doing involves a bunch of these fruits in every commercial I mean you guys have seen them the fruits just look so fresh they're glistening they look like they were just picked off the stems by the nicest farmers in the world but before we do that special announcement alert a few weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for a lot of you guys to subscribe to my music channel Charles and I told you guys obviously if you're gonna show me love I got to show you love so giveaway winner this is for people who subscribe to the channel and follow me on instagram followed me on Twitter or one of the things listed in the giveaway these are email to the email that you registered in the giveaway under right now so if you didn't watch this part of the video you played yourself a new person gonna be picked in 24 hours these are the winners for the giveaway Brandon Smithson angel Morgan gave lamb burger era Kido Justin how Ian Anderson died Lana Waylon Irvin raised Vista taco Emmanuel Gusman Rambo Joshua names Olivia's help meet that it literally just says Nika under the list names but if your name is Mika check your email right now they beyond vasquez lon rose us so if you are one of those names I'm sure there's a bunch of guys in the world that have the same first names and last names either way check your email and if you've been watch this part in the video I mean guys don't even tell your friends if they won something because in 24 hours then you could potentially get picked because they don't support the video but I'm sure if they subscribe to the Charles channel which is right here at the top of description as well you guys deserve some love so go get your prize right now so we're gonna pick a bunch of grapes orange cut this in half real quick go some raspberries on this plate this place is looking pretty good its plane is so far so good and last but not least we're gonna put one strawberry down at the very front we're gonna put two strawberries down at the very front we're gonna put three strawberries Oh what the heck is this why is it white this is ridiculous could not wine and for the purpose of this video this can especially not want so we are going to grab our red lipstick now guys I went to the store bought a bunch of shades of red lipstick hopefully one of them matches but I had Sophia with me there so I mean she does makeup for a living so hopefully this is like a nice lickle let's swatch it ah so yeah what selling makeup people say what's something makeup people would say so pigmented anyway so we're gonna grab the lipstick paint on the strawberry you thought this strawberry wasn't right like think again oh my god and you know this actually makes it look good anyone is allowed to feel pretty any one's allowed to feel good anyone can wear lipstick if they want to wear lipstick and strawberries are included when I say anyone and just like that boom oh my god real tomato this is also real but its weight tomato yeah tomato tomahto I said tomato it's definitely not a tomato it is definitely a strawberry oh you thought when they're lit we're not we're gonna add another beauty product to this just to make it look fresh like it came right from its little plant and for that we have hairspray because I wasn't right now it does look good but the grapes are a little bit whiter on the edge they don't look too delicious and the raspberries could definitely add a little bit of shine so hairspray we're just gonna spray it on there all over everything wet there oh my god oh my god that was instant I'm good the grades are crazy take this in thumb good and every girl guys will tell you that there's never such thing there's too much hairspray it's okay put it more on this is what I looked like before Buki is what it looks like after delish Aman oh my holy smoke that's ridiculous smell and reek of hairspray in my kitchen right now I would dummy this 100% but do not eat this okay don't eat hairspray the next one is a coffee hack how many guys drink coffee probably not a lot of you guys but I drink up so right now I have some hot coffee brewing up in the Keurig back there I'm not a black coffee guy but for the purpose of this video we are a black coffee guy so as you guys can see this looks dope right it looks dope good look better because hey there's no bubbles on top of it and that kind of makes it look a little pressure be in the commercials you really can't see like the the steam coming off of inna or the specs so that's kind of Oh we're gonna grab another glass and make another coffee this coffee is gonna taste a lot like soy sauce cuz that is all we are using nice black coffee other than the smell this one is my color rich color but we're gonna make it better and how we're gonna make it better is just any dish soap we're gonna put some dish soap into a plastic container add some water to the container shake shake shake shake let them on top of the coffee let it get some of the coffee flavor in there to coffee color in there now you guys tell me what looks more appetizing coffee or coffee B let's do the Sun come on like come live wrong with it you don't really realize that has too many bubbles until you see the commercial stays like that and the bubbles don't move and it's just friggin black as house so that's kind of the next hack is for champagne or literally any sparkling beverage like sparkling apple juice whatever you guys drink okay so I bought some fresh champagne from the store that doesn't open because this is the cheap can you open this mom is in the wine glass just pretend this is apple juice and if you do drink drink responsibly you're underage do not drink so nice nice amount of bubbles you see how many bubbles stir in look how quick big one it's actually insane how quick they disappear the whole point is it doesn't keep bubbling so imagine if you were like a photographer and for a commercial you needed a shot I did something similar to this in my other fast-food video we didn't use champagne basically if you're a photographer you would have two seconds to get the nice shot because it really stops bubbling after that but this is where the aisle cassettes that comes in this comes with two on my channel we don't just use two things we use a lot more buy a lot more I mean poor we're gonna chuck in the three into this glass so for this glass I was sitting here as you guys can see if you focus on the bubbles coming up as it sits just like the bubbles disappeared it gets less and less not good it gets less carbonated but the carbonation is leaking into the air so the bubbles are eventually gonna stop moving so if we just take the slightest piece of one of these pills and put it in here instantly we howl and you can't even see it at the bottom we have the freshest campaign piece next pack these lava cakes guys as you guys can see on the very front of the box this is what they're supposed to look like it literally has it on the box multiple times what is it really gonna look like that let's test it out turn the microwave one lava cake microwave 50 seconds food here now this quick reminder this is what it should look like books all right so let's take it out okay okay doesn't maybe we need to let go this thing is losing less than little Lucy dropping is out back so it's not happening so there's no so we're gonna make and that is why we have a bowl we have some clear glue we have some mist and some knack okay so put this to the side luckily we have another lava cake to show you this but first thing we're gonna do is add some cocoa powder because we need the correct color so I just picked up some regular just cocoa I'm just gonna make it nice and chocolaty oh yeah all right we might need to add more but I don't know yet next step we're gonna add a little bit of glue some clear glue washable Elmer's beer one more thing needs to be added and that is the magic magic liquid Polly smooth if you're likkle you and you're watching this vid you know what this is this is to make slime it says add to omars blue to make slime you could either use this or something called liquid starch but for the purpose of this video we're gonna grab not too much of this a little bit at a time it's not slimy on all floor I might have put too much put it right on the top right there not only is it gonna drip like that but it is also that's all you need right there it's gonna hold its shape at the bottom oh my god the glue and everything in it look at this it's not even gonna spread anymore gonna need super oh that's the money shot right there what bag oh yeah I really could use some chicken right now oh well I have to go in like five minutes a long time to eat this or the commercial would say different least we have a torch all these little in the commercial chicken holy smokes it's the non edible chicken yeah so first thing we're gonna do turn the torch on oh my god and start searing up the skin oh yeah the guys can see it's starting to tighten it's also gonna Brown kind of looks cook you polish no oh my god but this is too black on its own so we're gonna need some liquid I'm gonna grab this browning sauce it's like the only edible thing that were actually gonna use today by the way guys if you don't want to use browning sauce or you can't find browning sauce at your store for some weird reason I mean you're not doing commercials so just forget anything I said but if you happen to try these acts at home gravy also works really good for the color I'm gonna put some of that browning sauce in there smells atrocious but as you guys can see it is already starting to get a nice little brown color which we need mix it up mix mix mix now we're gonna grab our paintbrush oh my god tipped like so okay this is starting to get instantly cooked we're about one minute into the process and it already looks like it's been on the barbecue for like an hour even if you put a little too much of the shoe polishing on it's fine because it just looks like coal that came off the barbecue cleaned out the presentation a bit because it's throwing people off for sure oh yeah oh my god that looks burnt enough there you go and Burt chicken and ain't Birds barbecue barbecue jeez yeah and the final TV commercial food Hawker I'm gonna be showing you today is actually one of the craziest ones to take in I can't believe that I've never seen this one until someone sent me the video but we're going to be making ice cream potatoes no ice cream see ya instant potatoes was good so they were lying when they said instant potatoes literally we threw some butter and water in here look at this a minute on the clock let it boil so we just took the water and butter out of the microwave next step we need to make it brown because we're eating chocolate ice cream today brown chocolate brown 9 red drops six yellow three green three blue one now we mix and see if it gets chocolate brown oh just like that that's hot nice lady and just like we had instant potatoes we will make Oh already looking like mashed potatoes that's so weird they smell like mashed potato get some glue put it in another Bowl right beside it because what's chocolate ice cream without chopped sorry we're also going to make the glue Brown so same proportions and chocolate and vod's that's actually chocolate run so weird seeing all the colors on the outside but then just seeing chocolate Carter this is Make It or Break It moment thank God I have the good ice cream scooper for this slip the button oh are you are you crazy from are those mashed potatoes since that suit this might be the back in another one yeah yeah yeah the key thing I've got all these things that are in the commercials they do not melt totally so you can leave this here all day and it's gonna say – really morning bro this is insane just drizzle that chocolate doesn't go anywhere this glue and mashed potatoes think that it are you are you crazy raise it up I like the Flex on you guys real quick and you guys I'm gonna go over here and grab a nice fresh piece of mint we already have a nice little top piece broken off and if you're one obviously you're gonna go have to watch my last mood hack video where I show you how to break apart mint easily there's a card right up in the corner go click on right now in the description let's get it oh no no no you're lying you're joking what the heck is going on here I don't know about you guys but that looks like ice cream to me bro on camera if you're a photographer Oh guys nothing we do on this channel doesn't work cuz I'm the best person in the world period smashed lenguin subscribe because they're all working and just because you did that right now I'll give you a couple seconds to hit the lake by 5 4 3 2 well you hit it I'll give you one more bonus now cinnamon rolls a-ok Cinnabons blessed this is what it looks like when you put some of the icing on the cinnamon roll after waiting about 30 seconds and letting the heat really get to it look what it looks like yeah it's not bad but you can kind of see through it I want the icing to be thick blue literally glue solves every hack you could possibly look at look at this super thick icing you can't even see through the Cinnabon and it's gonna keep it's a soup it's not commercial commercial I mean it speaks for itself smack like button if you enjoyed this video comment down below what other videos you want to see and obviously go show some love to my boy bonk easy to Baker's man do you guys do purchase

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