I spend 24 Hours with all my Polymer Clay Figures and GRANNY l CHALLENGE

I spend 24 Hours with all my Polymer Clay Figures and GRANNY l CHALLENGE

(slow piano music) (high-tempo metal music) – What’s up, ladies and gentlemens? My name is Chirik, Lore Chirik, and today, we are gonna do some challenges because we got one million subscribers. – Stop yelling, and not one million, but one million and 97,000 subscribers. – Jesus, you always have to be correct. Okay, let’s go with this video. Today, we gonna make the challenge. I’m gonna spend 24 hours
with my polymer clay figures. (dramatic music) – I’m not gonna spend any
minute with this fart man. (Mugman makes farting sound) – What’s going on, a farting challenge? – No, no farting challenge. This will be just normal challenge. Whoever cross the line
after 24 hours loses. Whoever stay in the
line wins 10,000 bucks. – Money, money, I want 10,000 V-Bucks. – Slendrina, stop playing this Fortnite, and anyway, 10,000 bucks is
more than 10,000 V-Bucks. – Yes, exactly, and can you
all be quiet for a second. I’m trying to make the line. – Man, just use the tape. – Hey, Slenderman. How you see that he is using
the clay instead of the tape? – And how you see that? You don’t even have eyes. – I smell it. – Yes, and, Grandpa, a very nice smell. Grandpa, what I just eat for breakfast? (farting) (Grandpa sniffing) – Beans. – That’s right. You see, Slenderman. – Dude, stop farting. – This is my second weapon
to win this challenge. – Jesus, I start to regret this idea. Just a quick mention, guys. This video is brought
to you by Squarespace. With it, you can run your
online business like a boss. More about it will be at the end, and now, let’s continue. – Dude, why don’t you just use the tape? – This is polymer clay
channel, so I’m using the clay. – Lore Chirik, Lore
Chirik, I have a question. – Yeah? What is up, Slendrina? – Can the Granny house also
take part in this challenge? – Uh, no, I don’t think so. It’s just an object, right? – Huh, you talking to me? – Okay, anyone can take
the part in this challenge. And now, let’s make the line. (high-pitched groaning) (groaning) – Come on, Lore Chirik, we believe in you. (Chirik groaning) – [Creatures In Unison]
Lore Chirik, Lore Chirik. (Chirik groaning) – The line is coming. (Chirik groaning) – (sighing) Jesus, finally. – Ah. I made this. – Is it really that hard? – Thanos, it’s–
– Dinos. My name is Dinos. – Okay, Dinos, yes, it is. You can try it for yourself. (Dinos groaning) – Guys, he was right. Even my infinity gauntlet
cannot handle this. – Okay, I don’t care. Can we start? – Yes, baby, I will just make the circle. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, who want to participate
and win 10 grands? Let’s enter the circle now or never. – Money’s nice, I’m coming. (figure thumping) – Woo, let’s greet the first participant. The man from Getting Over It. (clapping) – [Assembled Figurines] Boo, greedy man. Boo, boo, loser. He is greedy for money. – Heh, I wish he’d die over there. – Yes, yes, you’re right, P.E.K.K.A. Eh, I am also going. (Chirik applauding) – Woo, we got the second candidate. Melor, Uh, mo-mos, Momo! – I’m gonna win this. (farting) – Wait for me. – Granny, I’m coming with you. – Maybe I will kill someone over there. – I need V-Bucks. – Mommy, wait for me. – Come on, baby. We gonna win this together. – Mommy, Mommy, will you buy
me new Fortnite skin if we win? – Yes, of course, baby. I’m gonna buy you default skin. – Okay, okay. We got few candidates. Maybe that’s it? – [Logan] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Does somebody say money? – [KSI] Yeah, did somebody say money? – [Logan] Maybe we gonna
make T-shirts about this. – [KSI] Yeah, good idea. Come on. – [Logan] Wait, wait. Why we taking the ring with us? – [KSI] Eh. – [Logan] There is already a ring, look. – [KSI] Yeah, it is, but double ring, double money. – [Logan] Yeah, let’s go. – Ah, gosh dang it, I’m going also. – Meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow, meow. – I need money for my next face operation. – Me also. Whoa! – Daddy! Are you okay? – Yes, honey, everything is fine. (figure thumping) – Eh, we are not relevant anymore. We need cash. Come on, Bendy gang. – Honey, wait for me. Excuse me, Raven. I need to go. (melancholy music) – I am also going. Wait. Who puke on me again? – Uh, that was me. Sorry. – Ugh, I hate fishes. – Time to teach them lesson. (creature speaks jibberish) – Uh, hello, body. Can we change heads, please? – Yes, okay, but I am thinking
for you this time, okay? This is good for us. – Okay. – A-doonga, doonga, doonga, doonga. – Hey, yo. What is going on? – Uh, I have no idea. Let’s go. – Yeah. (suspenseful music) – (gasping) You didn’t saw me, okay? – (clearing throat) Excuse me, excuse me. I am from Roblox and I am Hello Neighbor. I need to take seat in the first line. (Chirik gasping)
(suspenseful music) – Everyone? – Hey, Getting Over It. – Huh? – What’s up? – You know what? What do you think, how much
money will get the winner? – Usually, if in the title is 10,000, the winner at the end gets hundred. – Ah, only hundred? – Yeah, it’s like that. – Huh, better hundred than zero, right? – Yeah. – Guys, there is so much of us. You know that if we all win at the end, we will have to divide
the prize by hundred? – Hey, Getting Over It, so in this case, how much each one of us will get. – Uh, I guess, less than a dollar. – Less than a dollar? – Yeah, less than a dollar. – Aw, better dollar than nothing. – Yeah. – Okay, everyone is in the circle. I think it’s time to start. I’m counting 24 hours from now. Let’s get started, guys. – Eh, I’m taking a power nap, guys. Wake me up tomorrow. (snoring) – [Logan] Hey, hey, when
we will be fighting? – [KSI] Yeah, when the fight start? – Ah, this is a 24-hours challenge. There is no fighting. Eh, anyway, Logan, let me know if your brother want me on his channel, because his views are very low lately. – [Logan] Ah, okay, I will let him know. Thanks, Project Zorgo. – (clearing throat) Excuse me. Who put this thing here? I don’t see anything. (quirky music) – This is my house. Don’t you ever dare touching it. And anyway, Lore Chirik, when is the next video of my house? – I think we gonna make the
garden of your house, Granny, in the next Wednesday, and also, I have a
question to subscribers. Which day of week you
like to see the videos, Wednesday or Friday? Let me know in this poll. Please vote. – Yes, vote. And also, maybe someone
want to go to Target, because we will be sitting here 24 hours. – Yeah, I will go. I will be right back, okay. (creature laughing) (Granny laughing evilly) (Evil Nun chuckling) – Ah, Granny, Granny. This was cruel. – Eh? Why you laughing? What happened? – Sorry to tell you, but rules are rules. You came out from the circle and I guess you are out of the game. – What? No. Really? – Yeah. – Heh, yeah. More money to split between us. – Oh, so, how much it is now? – Uh, around dollar and 20 cents. – Ah. Better than zero. – Yeah. – Okay, time to get rid of everyone. (farting) – Dude, this is not allowed here. – Everything is allowed, stupid Granny. (farting) – Husband, I can’t breathe. Help me. – I’m coming my darling. What’s happened, Momo? That’s because of this fart man? – Yes, he farts. – And I will be farting
because this is my destiny. – Momo, I didn’t know
that you had engaged. – Yes, Link engaged to me yesterday. He loves me and I love him. We will have a baby. – So, he will look Slendrina’s baby. (baby growls) – Who say that? Who say that? I had two face operations
and now I am beautiful. Who disagrees can taste my sword. – Link, your speech was awesome. You are a very handsome and very rich because you gave me this ring. – Hmm, clay ring. That might be expensive. (suspenseful music) – Link, watch out. Project Zorgo is chasing you. – What? Hackers, where? – Why am still here? – For money. – You’re right, Grandpa. – Guys, can I step into circle? It’s cold here. – No. Rules are rules. No cheating. (Bugs snoring) – Guys, it’s pretty late. Maybe we gonna all go sleep. – Yes, good idea. We need some rest. Goodbye. (gentle music)
(snoring) (bright music) – Good morning, everyone. – (farting) Good morning. Did I win? – No, I don’t think so. It’s still six hours left. – Ah, okay, I will win anyway. And what happened to this guy? (spooky music) – Your farts kill him. – Uh, that might be true,
and with those guys? – You killed them also. And also, you killed my spider. – Yeah, anyone who sleep near you is dead. – That’s because when I
sleep, I fart unconsciously. And, anyway, you sleep next to me and you are not dead, Slenderman. – Yes, but my nose is all
covered with these bandages so I not smell anything. – Okay, guys, can we change the topic? – Yes, of course we can, Lore Chirik. Why you have new clothes on you? – Because it’s new day? (Granny growling) – But I have still the same clothes on me. – Granny, you always have
the same clothes on you. (Granny growling) – Okay. Look. Default Skins on Fortnight is waking up. – Guys, I have this dream that I came out outside from the circle. (Jeff chuckling) – Dolt, it was not a dream. You came out yesterday. – What, what? Ah, gosh darn it. – How long I have to sit here? – It only remain few hours. – Ah, so maybe we sing a song? – Yeah, good idea. Let Lore Chirik sing something. – No, no, no, no, no, no, I can’t sing. – Come on, Lore Chirik. Sing, sing, sing. – Sing, sing. – Sing. – Sing. – Sing. – Sing. (Baby growling) – Sing. – Yes, sing, sing for us. (Chirik groaning) – Okay, okay. But, later, okay? I need to make a song. – Okay, so now me and my
beautiful baby will be singing. Baby, Baby? – Yes, Mama? – Eating humans? – No, Mama. – Telling lies? – No, Mama. – Open your mouth. – Yes, Mama. – Eh. You know what, guys? It’s not worth it. – Okay, okay. My ears hurts. (Jeff snickering) – And my nipples, too. Three of them. – No one cares. – Lore Chirik, it is time for questions and comments. – Yeah, why not? Let’s read some comments. – Okay, I will be reading. Can somebody bring me tablet? – Baldi will go. (Granny laughing) – You just lose. – What? No, I forgot about that. – Just bring the tablet, fast. – Here’s your tablet. (head rolling) Oh, my head. (Granny laughing) – Give me that. Okay, I got first question. Where do you from? – Stop asking me these deep questions. – Where do you from? – I am from Mars. – Okay, next question. – When you will fix your creations ? – Uh, maybe later? – What do we make after my house? – Probably something nice. – Okay, never mind. Can you give me a shout-out? – Yes, of course. This is Granny. You can watch her video on my channel, and also, everything I made here, you can watch on my channel. – (groaning) No! I mean, to the person
who write that comment. – Ah. – Lore Chirik, a lot of people are asking can you make a tiny Lore Chirik. – Yeah, of course. Why not? This is good idea. Can somebody bring me
some clay from the table? – Yeah, sure, Lore Chirik. I will bring you some. (Granny cackling) – Link! What have you done? – What? Oh my God, I crossed the line. Baby, sorry, I forgot. – Link, I’m breaking with you. You are bull. (ring clattering) ♪ When I saw you ♪ ♪ I would lose control ♪ ♪ Made me feel like
there was no tomorrow ♪ – Can somebody bring me some clay? – I am out of the circle,
so Bondi will do that. Here is your clay, Lore Chirik. – Get out from the circle. – Okay, okay, I just bring you some clay. (base scraping) – Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I got few colors. In actuality, are five, six. Six color. They will be six-color clay challenge. You always ask for this, so here we have six colors clay challenge, and two tools clay challenge. Let’s get started. Let’s get started with unpacking this clay and of course (mumbles). Subscribe. Okay, let’s make the legs of Lore Chirik. Those legs will be very tiny, so we have to round them, okay? Legs are ready. Now let’s make the feets
because I kinda need that. Feets will be the color of my socks, and so, I guess, this is black. – Can you be faster a little bit? We don’t have all day. – Okay, Granny is busy. It’s very hard to make them because I’m looking
right now at the screen, not at what I’m doing, because I want you to see what I’m doing, so let’s connect this sock to my legs. Okay, now we gonna make
the jacket in this color. So, let’s get started
by opening this color. (screeching) And I don’t
know if you hear this, but the dogs are barking right now, very loudly, very not nice dogs. Guys, I almost done. This is so hard in this position. Let’s make the head. I mean the hair. Not this color, right
now have ginger head. No, this is not ginger. This is blond, okay. You always say that I have ginger head. No. And here we go with the tiny Lore Chirik, and this is masterpiece. I’m just a tiny Lore Chirik. Please like me. Later. I want to win this challenge, okay? – Okay, Chirik, time for the song. Sing! – Me? – [All] Sing! Sing. – [Male Creature] Sing. – Okay, okay. ♪ Let’s talk about the
sponsor of this video ♪ ♪ Squarespace if you want
a website this is gold ♪ ♪ But maybe if you want a online shop ♪ ♪ Squarespace have it all ♪ ♪ So just give it a hop ♪ ♪ Businessmans, artists, ♪ ♪ Bloggers, photographers, ♪ ♪ Everyone in websites let
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for something more advanced ♪ ♪ Like sales analytics
or even management ♪ ♪ Squarespace have it all ♪ ♪ So don’t worry about that ♪ ♪ Go to squarespace.com/lorechirik ♪ ♪ And get 10% off free ♪ (funky instrumental music) (creatures applauding) – [Male Creature] Love it. Awesome. – Thank you, thanks, thanks. – Okay, Chirik. What’s the time? – Couple seconds, and we got 24 hours. – Okay, time to end them. (farting) (boxers groaning) (Bugs snoring) – What’s going? (retches) (Momo retching) (Baby groaning) – Eh, this is even too much for me. (clatters) – Huh? This is smelling pretty nice. (quirky doo-wop music)

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