27 thoughts on “I Show Art On Instagram And Facebook And No One Is Buying”

  1. Social media has kept my inspiration going during quiet times, scrolling through mine and others posts. In the last couple of weeks I reposted an older piece and someone, who hadn't seen it the 1st time around bought it (huzzah!), so you just don't know. It's a tool we have at our disposal thats free (if you don't want to invest in paid ads) so I say use the crap out of it. Plus for a techno-dunderhead like me it's good practice on tagging and all that stuff that I've no clue about.

  2. What I like about you guys ??? You make so much sense, yes really !! I'm a watercolor artist, and don't do any FB, or Instagram,, I do sell on Etsy, and not happy about their constant trials, and tests and all that.. It hurts my sales and as for online I have a blog and have never sold anything on there. The only people that go to art blogs are other artists and they have more paintings than I do. !!! Love your site. thanks for all the help… from Tallahassee Florida

  3. I sell my art online and very rarely do shows or physical marketing haha. Facebook has been huge for being able to make money from my art. I also love social media for being able to connect to ppl as well ❤️ on my fb I have such a lovely following ❤️😊 Where I’m from art really isn’t a huge scene so selling online is huge for me but have started to do live paints at a cafe which has been so much fun!

  4. I know this struggle. I am disabled so I can’t get out to the local art get togethers very often. My only sales have been in person. I’ve put some of what is similar to what I sell in person online… nobody online seems to like it. 😆

  5. Great advise! I want to add, I think your online presence needs to show you are a reliable seller. I see stuff on Houzz and Ebay the stuff that goes for high dollar have an "about the artist' and historical references of praise for their pieces. Branding yourself helps. Polish your images of yourself, your paintings, make links to each of your social media posts that make a logical brand. Don't have each one have a different name or website if you can help it. I came to Rafi was Here because of the hysterical selfie picture with the red bandana. Colors draw the eyes, the red pulled me in. I couldn't resist finding out what you had to say and that led me to your website and shops. Lulu Sketches/Laura Price said she got several jobs as an artist from Instagram and sharing on Tumblr. She is a 'Disney' artist and does scenery designs for them. I on the other hand make no money selling my art but I am a Youtube junky and do a lot of research. That is why I come to see your channel, I learn so much, and you and Klee make my day!

  6. First, I love you guys. You have honestly helped me smile in dark hours. I have a pretty successful online business in etsy, amazon, and other avenues including shops. I hand craft custom shave kits, beard oils, shave products…yadda yadda. That said, ecommerce is one thing…thats where I sell. Social media….its where I tell my story. My day to day….creatining…living…working till 12 at night…and playing hard as well. I think social for me is the story behind my work. So much love to you guys for the smiles and positive vibes that kept me smiling. You don't know during dark hours at 1 am burning my hand monogramming…you guys were with me…taking the edge off. Thanks and love you.

  7. Howdy Rafi and Klee, I have liked your videos since I not so long ago started watching them. Here's a BIG idea I've had and almost put into action several years back. The idea is to work extremely BIG! And charge MUCHA-MOOLAH for each large painting. I was painting some half sheets of plywood into farm scenes but as I mentioned got fed up with folk art at that time and burned a bunch of my folk art paintings…some were two and a half foot wide by 4 foot long. But my idea isn't about painting in that size. My BIG idea is to buy several full sheets of plywood and then paint on them and market them somehow with rather large price tags like maybe 10,000 to 20,000 bucks and see if I can get a nibble on the ol' hook so-to-say. There's an artist I've heard of in the Mobile area who even traded paintings for nice homes, etc. Dang, that'd be something, wouldn't it. I know a fellow who traded a wood carving for a fork lift he needed to work around his shop. He said the carving was worth five thousand or more. And the fork lift was also worth about that much or more.

  8. I follow you on utube, because you are an artist.to learn the real world experience.because I am an artist.we both know that there's a lot of art on this world.seeing your art is a bonus ,that makes it more personal. Best of luck! Will keep watching.

  9. Hello! Question. Not art but if someone could answer this I'd be grateful…I sell handcrafted htv tees on Etsy & my own website, zero sales, price comparable to other sites, $20-$24. range. Thinking about offering a FREE gift as an incentive to buy from my shops…Any thoughts? TIA

  10. Social media is connecting and being social. I try for Google SEO and Pinterest brings me traffic to my Etsy shop. Sometimes FB too if I show what I just made or it's that time of year to buy this kind of product. I have a FB page that has a shop now button. People find me from Google too. I don't go for FB ads because the algorithm is worthless and IG too. That's just my opinion.

  11. I shared this video on my Facebook Page today because I have been getting so many Facebook Ads from "Art Marketing Professionals" ?? who are promising a six-figure income in the first year if you "Sign" with them or "Subscribe" to their site. HA! I thought this video was very grounding and I have dismounted my Unicorn, and rejoined reality. Your video will help me make more decisive choices if and when I decide to sell art online. and I thought it would help some other artist people too. Thank you. Berta

  12. Think about it though, people do not typically login to social media to shop, they are there to relax and connect with others. But it’s a great way to develop relationships that can lead to business. Also, when you ‘sell’ on social media, make a very compelling offer that will get them to stop scrolling and click through.

  13. I retired a couple of years ago and I am going back to traditional art, watercolor mostly and I post a picture or two on IG but not looking to sell online just now, I want to do some more exploring maybe look into pastels! I am enjoying watching your videos and I hope you both have a great day!

  14. Facebook does nothing, at least from my experience. I never known any business to improve sales from a Facebook page. I saw more people going to my Etsy shop from Instagram. Sales didn't necessarily go up, but visits improved. I will be linking my online shop to my Instagram for purchasing. I still have a ways to go to get away from Etsy and solely on my own site. I love how you share what YOU do, and don't just blab on about how you HAVE to do a, b ,c to sell. I especially love how you own up to slumps, and encourage us to keep on keeping on. 🙂

  15. Thank Jesus I found you guys. You guys always seem to bring it back to the core of why we as artists do what we do…make art for us and put it out there for others to see. It's pure. Of course, it's so easy to get caught up with the monetary aspect of a self-employed artist and paying bills is essential but as you said selling your art is only one measure or "mark" of success. I can get down and stressed because I have kids to feed etc. and I want them to be comfortable. This life isn't for the meek! Thank again guys awesome content!

  16. People will buy on social media for the same reason they'll buy things in person. You have to create some kind of attachment between the buyer and the art or the artist.

  17. That's a great image to have Rafi. People flocking to your store. Don't you let the reality mess up your vision. It does take time. I LIKE YOUR ART & the Jewelry. I've made & sold energy healing bracelets too for my etsy shop. That was the extent of my interest in making jewelry. LOVE crystals.
    If you're not relying on algorithm or SEO. Natural organic following takes much longer. I use social to give people a glimpse into who I am as a person. I have a love/hate with social media. I get caught up for hours, just loving on everyone's talent. I wish I had a dollar for every post, comment, or embrace I have given to someone. When I get on twitter my stats sky rocket 4 to 6k impressions. THAT is because I'm a real chatter box in the comment department.
    I have made sales of my photography from posting on twitter in the past. I recently hid every item in my RB store. I wasn't happy with how their display were showing up on mugs. Not at all the setting I chose in the original template. RB recently expanded the market place. Have a NEW CEO. on board there too.Ah Oh! You two have no idea how lucky you are (or maybe you do), true love is golden these days. To have each other, and to be able to work together as a team. It makes a difference. 😊

  18. I love the honest "advice" you give. THANK YOU. I have found a place that I'm looking into. LOOKING INTO, not suggesting. I have a friend that shared this with me, so I'm just sharing on. My friend creates watercolor paintings of flowers (mostly) and has had some reasonable success. She is currently selling about 1 – 2 pieces per month. Not gobs, but it all adds up. https://www.artsy.net/

  19. I’ve been trying to sell illustrations on social media for a while. There’s a lot of likes. So what you’re saying is true for me, too. You said that you are not using social media for sales. Do you guys create your own ads to promote on social media to try to drive people to your online store?

  20. Rafi , I looked at your artwork and really like it. Have you considering applying for General Public? They sell on restoration hardware and your work is similar but better.

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