I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews

I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews

let’s go around it won’t go in there that’s alright to Zeus it’s all good now though you hope so what whatever okay today we’re living in a digital age where practically anyone can review practically anything it’s at an all-time high and the reviews are at an all-time low people in general are can be you know rude we’re gonna visit these one-star review spots and see if in fact they are as shitty as the internet makes them out to seem or if they’re just misunderstood so welcome to one-star reviews today we’re starting with the tattoo so in general I’m seeing very high ratings for tattoo parlors it’s gonna paints 13th when and way too deep with needles severe scar tissue underneath I don’t actually want to physically get injured so I think we’re gonna dodge this place just gonna go ahead and sort by lowest-rated all right fat cat tattoo warning gross they destroyed my testicles told me he wasn’t a college graduate so it couldn’t take responsibility for misspelling a word like remember okay alright so the fat cat has a lot of negative reviews in particular targeted towards the sky and meat I think for the sake of the show it’s in my best interest to go get a tattoo from Nate and hopefully prove the internet wrong I’m gonna do the sacred ritual of the one star of you I haven’t really given exactly what tattoo I want much thought but I am a fan of the beach I like surfing I like feature some thinking that we can come up with some sort of combination of all three we’re looking for neat all right unique yeah I’m tajci they see you will grant help you with I’m interested in getting a tattoo alright and I have a couple initial ideas this is really nice yeah so under the boat they put them in the boat that’s so awesome okay cool how many fish you got there’s two [Music] well what is this thing it’s been right little baby stingray or is that a full-size having a staring contest with it you wonder you know I kind of like this kind of look it’s like a guy catching an ear on a surfboard for our purposes maybe we’ll do our own very yeah that’s cool lighthouse some your wave beach grass you know what I mean that’s pretty dope I like the idea maybe we lose the lighthouse yeah actually I like that there’s a bird flying by – how do you feel about birds yeah birds are only five hmm seagull maybe this er world where we won’t thanks man well luckily I’m not the most particular just a little particularly not not too crazy kind of loose well I started off with smell tighten it up tighten it up maybe like there’ll be one kind of main wave that he kind of caught not to be a pain in the ass or anything I don’t know if there’s like a way to just stress a little more that it’s like one particulars there away son almost to be kind of like bleeding through the skylights like a little lost at sea it seems like the smell of colorful pencil kind of messy and spray I like it I like it then maybe of those reflected almost on this style spirally although oh I got it so sorry I was looking at it side week gives you an idea just an idea yeah before cool yeah let me shake on it you’re signing your life away now oh cool your address we get stolen you / me show me your house the millon ight excellent with the design fully locked three things gonna get hey now it’s finally ready to get it off the paper and on to my pot as well as get to the bottom of some of these shitty reviews take it away deep good to see you got a fresh needle there flags hangout so de brusque be giving okay I noticed some kind of like negatively news on the Internet in regards to working with you but that’s not only the vibe I’m getting so far so awesome pretty bad I mean or not so well most the time I want to show up we could do anything for 10 years degree and then one time you mess it you’re not very they screw something up and we remember that and have you felt any repercussions from these reviews or is it kind of yeah absolutely I might have not been a hundred percent quality work or whatever they used to but no one cares the asking what happened or what’s going on or whatever he just jump on a bandwagon and go about their merry way people have referred to me is like awkward disrespectful the people I like interviewed even though I actually like was really admiring them and not it was just maybe a disrespectful shirt but I don’t really you know take them to heart we’re responsible for someone else’s life with my kids everything you do you got no choice I don’t know what to do try the whole dog for everything he’s not worse than this my negative reviews came trick photography for me I did it I know it I built this place up I knocked it down so you’re feeling better today [Music] I like it yeah it’s really cool it’s got like a whole airbrush kind of feel to it it’s basically all I could ever ask for in tattoo and more the Internet does not seem to be a place where second chances are granted often I entered the fat cat a bit worried having read a lot of negative reviews on name to my relief his dedication at tattooing creativity and humor immediately became apparent as I entered I definitely get the vibe that Nate once made it very difficult for his customers to go with the flow as a result of some demons here’s dealing with however today he has made it very clear that he has evolved as a person and not going to let his pass bring him down my tattoo may not be the most realistic seen but the vibe is right and my experience of hanging out with Nate will last as long as the tattoo forever [Music]

100 thoughts on “I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews”

  1. 4:11 Taji: "i see you got a fresh needle there"
    mumbles something sounding like a "no"
    close up to Taji's worried face

  2. Yelp is a scam not unlike the Better Business Bureau. Either you pay them or you get bad reviews. Extortion is the right word.

  3. Hey I’m looking to get a tattoo.
    (Nate) “ ok yeah i have some books over there”.
    You should have walked out at that point

  4. We had a family friend who Tattooed a lot of family members and he really was an incredible artist and tattooer but his demons and addictions really affected his life and art, but I'll tell you now if he was able to get his shit together he'd be the first person I'd go to because i know how talented he really is, unfortunately when you're in the tattoo buisness and you fuck up people are stuck with it for life, this Nate guy seems to really take responsibility for his mistakes and is working to fix them, that's all you can really do

  5. I'm not judging the design you agreed on, but give it some years and that tattoo is going to suck! There is so much ink on there! The shading doesn't start at a zero: lightest area so no ink. It's like he gauged it on the darkest part of the shading being completely black, call that a 10, which sucks, and then works backwards, which makes the lightest shading about a 5.
    Over time, that's going to bleed into an unrecognizable blob. Damn, but you commit! A 1☆ haircut is not permanent. But this……

  6. you think this is crazy, try getting a prison tattoo with a meth-head using burnt poly cup as ink and a tattoo needle made with a pen and a spring

  7. You can tell Nate has dealt with some bullshite, ya'll need to remember that just because they are on the other side does not mean they don't have stuff going down. Good on you Nate!!

  8. Thats just a horrible fucking tattoo.. gon turn into a big black circle in like five years.. the way he tattoos as well.. stabbing him with the needle.. i would flip the f out if a artist ever did that to me..

  9. you can tell your Father In Law its a tattoo taken form a Paleolithic Cave drawing where dog man conquers shark, in the deep unconscious dark ocean forest war where the Michelin Tyre Man lives.

  10. OMG OMG i live in keyport i know where that place is with a curch down the street and the mist barber shop acroos the st

  11. Everyone deserves a second chance…It is harder though when you have a permanent reminder of someone else's short comings on your body…

  12. Vice employs some of the least intelligent savages of average millennial mediocrity.
    "The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks".-C. Hitchens

  13. So glad you got to give this guy a chance to speak.. He is like anyone of us. Difference is its taken a toll on his business and cusromers. I been through things too … Shit knocked me down HARD & took a long time to overcome. Glad he humbled himself and expressed his thoughts and that he knows what happened. 🙏

  14. You see how scared he looks when he thinks that the guy doesn't use a new needle it's hilarious 😂😂😂 but remember to never go to this place

  15. 2nd chance my ass OMFG that is seriously the worst tattoo I've ever seen You literally cannot even tell what the hell that is Get some better glasses or lasik because that tattoo is shit And that guy is an F-ING weirdo drug addict

  16. Alot of us can relate to Nate. He went through some shit and it affected the level of his work, when his work wasn’t as good it could everybody started hating on him and all the walls were falling in on him. All that yet he still took responsibility and is trying to get back up again. My biggest respects stay strong brother 👌

  17. 1:48 #when you realize the introduction was fake and scripted because the producers already went in and gave the guy a mic to wear

  18. Bro just sayin that tattoo sux ass i swear a real good detail artist could of drawed and tat a way way way better one bro you got fked really

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