I created my own Food Box from scratch

I created my own Food Box from scratch

You are the best, the no1 in the world. You are the mayor of London. My main man Saliff. So cold outside! It’s actually warmer in the fridge than it is outside. It’s so cold in London. It’s been as cold as -4. Now, this is just a little update
video with what’s going on, with the beef series. I’m not actually here at the
moment I’m in Naples. Well, no, I am right here right now but when you see this I’ll be in Naples. Naples man it’s gonna be warmer there baby! Now, the reason I’m in Naples it’s because well, it’s my next series and it’s gonna
be on one of the world’s most loved and adored foods. Lasagna. You see let me
explain. There are certain foods in the world, they’re just loved. They’re actually more like characters, people. We get to know
them we look forward to seeing them and eating them and I call those foods, Cult
Foods. Burgers, lasagnas, ramen, bacon sandwich, fish and chips, sushi. You know
what I’m talking about. Cult Foods are the foods that just make you get excited
and, well, lasagna, it’s definitely in my top 10. It’s just such a good dish. So the next series that goes out this Saturday is gonna be all about lasagna is gonna be a
three-part series where I go round Italy I’ll find out where the best lasagnas
are and then I come back here and I’ll show you. But back to the beef series. So this coming Saturday is going to be
the finale of the beef series. It’s when I will take my roasting of beef – that’s
the loin and the rib cage out. It would have been aged for about 40 days. And I’ll show you how to butcher that down to get the rib eyes, the sirloin, the porterhouse, the fillet. It’s gonna be the culmination of almost two months worth
of work. It’s been shot over period of three or four months. I’ve gone to three
different countries, like, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done, right, and
I’m going to put all that on a plate for two of my guides. That’s Peter Hannen who was in episode two and for Richard Turner who’s in episode one and I’m
going put my beef in front of these two beef legends and see what they’ve
got to say… I’m not nervous I’m s**ting it. (It’ll be fine) And when that’s all done
and dusted and then gonna make all the beef that I’ve got available to you
guys to buy on my website. That’s right. So the websites up and running I’ve put
all the products that I’ve made from all my different series that you guys have
absolutely loved, so if you missed out on the bacon you can get some bacon if you were
impressed with the 60 hour hakata style, tonkotsu style ramen then you can get
your hands on a litre of that stock. If you loved the retired dairy cow film that
I made, then you can get your hands on some retired dairy cow. Rib eyes, sirloins or
beef burgers. Now if you want to get your hands on any of that produce, then
just go over the foodbusker.com, click on the store button and then pre-order
what you want and I’ll start fulfilling that after next Saturday. I’ve teamed up with my
farmer mate Ben from Coombe Farm, he’s gonna help me fulfill all the food. Now, when
you get the orders because they’re being fulfilled by Ben’s and Coombe Farm you’re
getting alert saying DPD Coombe Farms coming at ya… Maybe not the coming at
you bit… but it’s all my meats, to my specifications, done my way. And if this
goes well I have the same reaction that I had with the bacon then I’m gonna keep
it going so that you guys can always go and get some bacon, or some ramen soup but also as I make more food series then I’ll put those things on there as well
for you guys. Food Busker, it’s like a Food Busker supermarket… it’s more like
an online shop really. I love the great British postie,
especially in this time of year ,working hard for us but for some reason getting
certain packs of bacon out to some places it was a bit of a nightmare and
the failure rate was too high so this time we’re gonna work with a courier DPD. And what I’ve done is is I’ve gone and spent a load of money on some really cool
packaging. And I’ve tried to be as eco-friendly as possible. So I’ve got this
state-of-the-art, reusable, recycled lamb’s wool insulation. I’m gonna wear this later. It’s a scarf… it’s like a belt. What’s great about this insulation is it will
keep everything super cold so that the pack is nice and safe. It’s pretty professional
really. I’ve surprised myself. So doing a quality job is actually really important
especially when you’re delivering food to your homes. You know making sure that it’s safe, done properly, that it’s fully legal. Well that was top of the list and
so I’ve made sure that I’m doing that now. it’s not cheap the postage and
packaging because we’re doing such a quality job but we found that by doing
it the old way through the post with the bacon, well that didn’t work too many of
you didn’t get your bacon, and so at least this way we know that it’s gonna
turn up in mint condition. It’s gonna be an absolute quality job and you’ve got peace of mind. Now I haven’t set a minimun order so if
you just want to buy a pack of bacon then you can but what I would suggest is
that you get some tonkotsu ramen stock, you get some bacon and you get a couple
of steaks so you can have three or four meals. You know essentially what I’ve setup is the
Food Busker food box so that you can get your hands on the best stuff and we
think this is the best way to do it. Right, so, I better get off to Naples.
Come on. Ah mate, I can’t wait for some warmer weather. Now brother and sisters
one final thing. I know a lot of you guys aren’t based in the UK you’re in the
States or Canada or Germany all around the world and you obviously feel like
you’re missing out on the fact that I’m doing this beef series and I can only
ship to the UK. Never fear my brothers and sisters I have got your back and I’m
on the case so I’ve got a number of series that I’m gonna create this year
in the spring just for you guys that I’m gonna be able to ship globally but I’d
be really interested to hear what you would like me to do? Is there one
particular food type or another Cult Food that you want me to do? Let me know in
the comment box below and guys subscribe to the channel you know it really helps
with everything that we’re trying to do here at Food Busker. Right increase the peace, spread the love and let’s go and get warm ’cause it’s freaking freezing here.

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  1. Congratulations on launching the site. Really awesome news, we need some Foodbusker approved Noodles Now. 😀

  2. Your food would be a winner here in Montreal. Pork and Beef, way to go buddy. Not sure about the import regs though. I get my beef and pork from a local farm. Only naturally reared animals. No chemical crap or GMO feedstuffs. Please contact/comment if you need further info.

  3. When are you going to do a vintage food busker? Asking a price for one of your creations? I miss those kind of videos.

  4. My experience of various couriers as follows, none of them were 100% on deliveries. Royal Mail were contactable and I can collect parcels from alternative pick up points. DPD were uncontactable which was a pain as they had by far the highest failure rate. UPS were INCREDIBLY expensive to send to some parts of the MAINLAND and customers had to get to a depot to collect if their parcel wasn't dropped off as expected and they're not thick on the ground. Best of the bunch in my experience was Royal Mail but not perfect, acceptable I'd say. Good luck!

  5. I was so excited last episode to order some steaks and ramen until I realized you didn't ship to the US. Well, now it's nice to hear that maybe that will be possible soon. Can't wait to see what you have planned!

  6. As for a food topic idea: I would love to see you explore those new meatless burgers like the Impossible Burger or the Beyond Burger.

  7. Hey John, big fan here. It'd be great if you did a series on how to pimp up cheap pre-cooked foods, like a Tesco's pizza, Heinz canned beans, etc. Have fun in Naples!

  8. When you were mentioning core foods, I'm surprised you didn't mention curry. It's a staple in like.. 1/4 of the world's population's cultures i think?
    Can't wait for the lasagna man, keep up the good work! 😀

  9. Idea for a cult food? Chinese pork! From char siew (honey bbq pork) to siew yok (roast pork), its a beloved dish around the world, and your way of breaking down complex cooking processes will definitely enable more people around the world of making it themselves.

  10. I keep birds of prey I get frozen food delivered it is frozen then boxed ,ice packs ,then foil blankets , in a polystyrene box and finally in a cardboard box it stays frozen for a week

  11. From the Pacific North West many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all about the Art of Food! I cant wait to see the reaction of the meat guru's when they have a go at your creation. Beef! Why is this so important to me? For the rest of the world the art of aging meat is a dying art. I need to understand fully this art; because delicious food yields a delicious Life! 🙂

  12. "The reason I'm in Naples is because it's my next series and it's gonna be one of the world's most loved and adored food"
    Nope!! Lasagna

  13. as you‘d asked what people would like to see being shipped globally.. coming from germany i‘d definitely buy some of that cheese you were talking about on your insta this week ✌🏼

  14. Cold? You should come and stay at my gaff, it's down to – 20 C sometimes and 2 metres of snow! We have some great restaurants & chefs here too!

  15. I detest lasagna 😮😮 I know, I know I'm a heathen. But in regards to you request for other cult foods I have to say my favourite, schnitzel

  16. Feeling like everything now is just building up to promote his online store. Still love the guy but. It’s like a slow build up to the Jamie Oliver world

  17. Make the ultimate instant ramen dry spice packages! Easy+cheap shipping, doesn't have to be chilled and most importantly an insane flavour bomb!

  18. I'm bummed Busker, I am no longer getting the new video notification. Just a heads up it's happening again.
    I knew you were looking for different avenues to make some proverbial cheese. This was a great merger between your videos, creating great eats, and sharing you hand made creations! Love it, it's genius!!!!! Go Busker Go! Can't wait until the US series. 😉🌶🍻

  19. Street cooking is what originally brought me to your channel , but love the direction you're taking this. Looking forward to the Naples trip, hard work but someone's got to do it !! those clever Italians getting us hooked on their food, and they also manage a decent bottle or two, and then there's the landscape, climate, culture….ffs . Caution: whilst in Naples, be aware, voluntarily returning to London before May 1, might trigger an irrational behaviour mental health screening.

  20. I would love to see some prociutto ham made by you. I am from Germany and I think it wouldn't be as difficult to ship as raw beef. I think it could make a very interesting series too. Take care brother #increasethepeace

  21. I can't wait till it's available in the states. I would love to see some smokes sausage or charcuterie. Enjoy Naples my brother

  22. My parents hail very close to Napoli. They are from Montella in the province of Avellino the Campagna area. Montella produces really good Mozzarella, the best Ricotta I have ever had and Chestnuts, they also do a plaited Mozzarella. If you can get to Laceno at the Fauno Resturant every dish is made with truffles, I recommend their Ravioli filled with ricotta and truffles, I shit you not its the BEST and its so cheap. Link below if you do have the time to visit.
    Before I forget Naples should be warm, but move up into Campagnia its COLD due to the altitude.

  23. I grew up in Australia and live in Italy, I miss tow cult foods. First are Fish and Chips, second Australian meat pie. You have already done the Fish and chips so how about an episode on the Pie from Down Under. 😀

  24. Try dry aging other meats? Duck should be good i saw some reviews. I saw 30 and 70 dry aged pigeon which could be nice thing to do )

  25. Ehm… lasagna is from the north of Italy. Emilia Romagna. Where people make fresh egg pasta and ragù alla bolognese. Napoli is 1000 km south of Emilia Romagna. It has got nothing to do with lasagna.

  26. Can you ship the Food Busker.. world tour? or ignore the rest of the world, just do Australia and NZ.. or just ignore Australia and just come to NZ 😀

  27. If you want to produce something extraordinary, which to my knowledge isn't available anywhere, try organic, msc certified Bonito flakes. Let's level up our Miso soup!

  28. Hey fellow chef , from Australia possible options for global shipping.

    Food busker spice mixes,
    More Tee shirts.
    Stubble holders, fridge magnets, stickers.
    Make your own cookbook.
    Food busker stock.
    To name a few

  29. Hey John, thank you for the beef series. I am pretty pumped for spring when you want to go a bit into the fan side outside of the UK. I would love to be able to order old dairy cow meet. It seems to have to pontential to be the best meat in the world.
    Enjoy your stay in Italy!
    lovely greetings from Germany

  30. Great videos. Looked at your website and would order expensive steaks(especially the T-Bone) but not with a £10.50 delivery charge on top and a minimum £30 order! Sure you will do well but!

  31. From France, love your job. As for what I would love to see in globaly shipped food busxes is what you are already doing : sustainable, tasty produce with a deep background research and a touch of creativity. Definitely ready to cook sets (without too much packaging waste) for your version of popular dishes with produce you can't find everywhere in the world, maybe some spices / spices blend… Of course meat is great but anything else is fine by me too.

  32. congrats on the site mate
    the loose mixer tap in the background is playing up on my ocd hahahaha its a plumber thing hahaha

  33. Too bad that you cannot ship internationally yet. However, I am looking forward to your video's focussing a bit more on international audience, and am looking forward to a time, where you can ship internationally. Concerning the next video's, it would be great to have some creative ideas for sides on steak dishes and stuff like that. In restaurants it is always fries and salad, which are just boring. Also, if you would like to do a video on snack food, you could come to the Netherlands, we are the best in deep fried snacks.

  34. Global shipping, particularly to the South of France, please, please, please… begging on bended knee I am dying to try the bacon, the beef, the ramen, anything from foodbusker.com !!!

  35. You are gonna smash that aged beef taste test brother, dont even worry! 😀
    Also, I am down for everything japanese that you can include in your foodbox to germany. A shame the tonkatsu stock is not gonna make it.. ^^

  36. Hey man. come around and do a foodbusker tour in the countries of your subscribers:) like a musicband 🙂 foodbusker tour europe 😀 peace from germany

  37. I love how entrepreneurial you are dude. Australia needs a food we can purchase to support you. Perhaps a traditional English food? 🙂

  38. If you get up EU shipping (me is located in Germany) I would be instantly down for some Ramen Stock.
    Maybe you could add your garlic tare as well to your product lineup.

  39. Freezing??? -4c. Really. Ottawa his -45c wind chill the other day. London weather is Canadian shorts & patio weather!!! Love your channel.
    Ribs, Burgers, Steak content is always appreciated

  40. Would definitely love to see you come Down Under and check out some of our amazing produce and native foods. Kangaroo and emu also our herbs!

  41. Random Comment — Love the content but your website loads so slow. Just some user feedback — Possibly optimize the images you're uploading?

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