How to Win at Scratch Cards Online –

How to Win at Scratch Cards Online –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial.
In this video we’ll be showing you some advanced online scratch card player
decisions and strategies. The first thing to remember is that
there is no definitive strategy that players can use in order to win all the
time. Scratch cards are mainly based on luck. However there are some methods to
increase potential payouts as well as long-term winning odds. To show you some of these tricks we
decided to play on the popular Iron Man 2 scratch card game that’s found at
many different online casinos. The first thing we’re going to talk about is how
to increase our potential payouts. To increase our potential payouts all we
have to do is buy more expensive cards. To do this we’ll have to change the card
value on the bottom. Let’s increase our card value to 10. While we’re doing this take a look at
the box on the left that shows the maximum payout promised by the casino. As you can see, while we increased our
bet the total payout promised by the casino also increased automatically.
Let’s launch a new round. After pressing “Play” our task is to scratch off
all 9 fields on our card. And we didn’t win anything. A very
important thing to remember here is that you won’t increase your winning chances
by placing larger bets, however if you manage to win you’ll be receiving very large
prizes. In scratch cards we may indirectly increase our winning odds by
placing very small bets and as such be able to play more individual rounds
than with larger bets. Playing a lot of individual rounds will give us more
winning opportunities but remember the potential payouts will be much smaller
than usual. So let’s decrease our bet size to just one dollar. One cool trick to increase the speed of
the gameplay when playing with smaller bets is to use the autoplay feature. This
feature will automatically buy and scratch off a certain number of cards.
Let’s launch 5 rounds to see what happens. And we managed to win 1 out of 5
rounds. And that’s all for this tutorial. Remember these things next time you
play scratch cards online and hopefully you’ll manage to cash in a large prize.
Thanks for watching!

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