How to Stop Facebook’s Targeted Advertising

How to Stop Facebook’s Targeted Advertising

hey geek stem Tibbets with major geeks calm today looking at how you stop facebook's targeted advertising we have this articles you can see here in the background we will be linking to this if you need it because here and there we have all the pictures and everything that you're gonna need with you know a little arrows and little boxes and you know stuff like that so let's get into it smartphones are a little more buried so take note here if you're on a smartphone that you have to go a little bit farther down to find it but on the desktop it is this arrow button settings and look for ads over here now you have five sections one two three four five let's start with your interests these two sections are almost identical so there's a couple things to watch for here you see these here and then there's a more button there's a lot of them here so grab a seat you're gonna be here for a while well you're gonna be at your computer for a while I won't take too much of your time and also don't forget here Seymour because there's a whole bunch more and you can keep click and see more until well until there are no more make sense so there you go so what you want to do here is not you know about where to look for everything it is find something that you're not interested in I don't know BMW and just click that X change your mind I can't imagine why just you can add it back just like that pretty easy let's close that and we'll go to advertisers advertisers very very similar as I mentioned see they come across here and there's a little bit more and there's a little bit more over here so you want to find something you don't want click X and sometimes some of these categories will show different things so for example here now as it you've clicked if I don't want to see garage smart I can click this little arrow right here and hide ads there's no removal just hide so you're almost doing Facebook a favor on that one your information a little bit about you your categories and as you can see here everything's pretty well explained here's all the categories they've added me to under the about you relationship status employer job title education this is the big four in here so you could turn them on with a click turn them off and finally not finally we got two more ad settings you have three categories take each category and click it anywhere in the whole box it gives you all the information you need and you can simply pick allowed or not allowed that's it so do that for all three and finally hide AB topics I don't know what yours looks like if they all say this that I like two of the three here and you can hide for six months hide for a year or hide permanently so basically as it says it's going to improve your ads it's not really gonna stop showing you I like Jack Daniels ads so but that's it so there you go you got five sections pick through them one at a time do not forget to expand on the c-more or you'll miss a lot of stuff and don't forget to check your categories here and that should about do it pretty quick little tutorial on how to kind of tweak how Facebook works and maybe get rid of some of those annoying ads I don't know I'm sure some people care some people don't sell them drive me nuts so there you go alright geeks thanks for watching as always click subscribe click like do something thanks for watching see you next time

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  1. Thx, actually i found a even better way not getting stalked by Facebook. Click delete account . yes . really ? yes, for sure.

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