How To REPAINT Furniture (Pretty Stools!) (Como PINTAR Unas Sillas – cc en Español)

How To REPAINT Furniture (Pretty Stools!) (Como PINTAR Unas Sillas – cc en Español)

I want to show you today how to take an
ordinary bar stool and make it into something
extra special for your home and it doesn’t cost very much to do Here are the basic items that you need to
complete the project A base color I didn’t really choose this color it’s kind of a mystery bucket of paint you can get at construction outlet store
so as you can I already painted the bar stools a dark purple egg plant color you’ll also need painter’s tape. This is close enough and a husband that doesn’t hack when you are trying to make a video
I recommend getting a metallic color because it’s
really gonna make your designs pop and stand out. paper cut outs are also a good idea for making different
designs when working with certain paint brushes
I like to keep them in plastic baggies so that they don’t dry out and
you can use them over and over again I’m gonna start out painting the tops of the stools a white base color For two of the the four chairs I’m painting I just put a light coating on the top This makes an opaque purple to use in the designs and if you really
want to get the same effect I used Dutch Boy dirt fighter paint in semi gloss. You’ll need four pieces of tape about a foot long. and here’s a trick if you don’t
have painters tape just use regular tape and run it against a surface a few times this takes off some of the glue and keeps it from sticking to the paint Now I’m going to tape in a circular pattern around the edge of the stool and fold it as I go to keep it circular There is probably an easier way to do this but I don’t know what and it doesn’t have to be perfect
because you can come by later with your touch up brush and make it perfect. and now it’s time for the long strips of tape I’ll try to apply these straight I’ll start spray painting with the dark grey. And for the finished product We have the star pattern.The striped pattern, my favorite. The Polka Dot Pattern and a Square pattern. For the star patter I used 5 sizes of stars and a star cut out for overlapping And I basically did the same thing for the polka-dot pattern

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  2. I have to agree that the striped stool is my favorite too!  Great job it doesn't even look like the same stool anymore 🙂

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