How To Polish Scratches and Swirls From Black Paint! – Boss 302 Mustang | Laguna Seca

How To Polish Scratches and Swirls From Black Paint! – Boss 302 Mustang | Laguna Seca

Hey guys, we’ve still got this Boss 302 Mustang
in the shop. If you’ve been following us, we’ve washed
it, clayed it and now we’re moving on to the polishing steps. This is a beautiful black paint job with a
nice vinyl graphic that breaks it up. If you get close you can see the scratches
and swirls because black shows any kind of imperfection. Especially up here where people grab the door
handle there are scratches and swirls from improper drying techniques. So, I’m going to show you how quick and easy
it is to remove that using the TORQ R Rotary Polisher. Rotary is a lot faster than a dual action
because it is more precise but it is also more dangerous so you have to be certain of
what you’re doing so that you don’t harm the paint. Now, whenever using a rotary you can’t go
over body lines, so I’ve taped off this edge here where the paint is thinner. If you go over that edge with a rotary there
is a chance that it will burn or mar so we have taken the precautions to make sure we
don’t damage the paint finish. I’m going to use VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover
to break down those fine scratches and swirls to bring back the black paint. We’ll start by shaking up the bottle. Since we are working in a small section I’m
only going to apply three dime size drops to the pad. I’ll also spray the pad with Pad Conditioner
to reduce some of that friction. This is also lubricating the pad to insure
a nice polish affect. I’ll blotch it out just like we do with all
of our polish jobs over the area we are working on. On the lowest speed setting we are going to
spread it out over the section then we’re going to go to speed setting four to work
this into the surface until it has gone clear and that is when we know we have refined the
paint job. Well there you have it, you can see that the
TORQ R did an amazing job of taking care of the scratches and swirls. It did it faster and more precise than any
dual action could have. Now there is a nice reflective surface, the
black is really deep and glossy. Using VSS broke down the fine scratches that
were in the clear coat to reveal fresh paint and after further refinement it added a high
gloss shine. The TORQ R Rotary Polisher is a great machine
for taking out deep scratches and swirls or just reviving paint faster than you could
have done with a dual action polisher. You have to know what you’re doing because
these machines won’t stop. They can take out scratches and swirls but
they can still burn or mar paint or ruin edges. So you need to be super careful of what you’re
doing and keep the pad completely flat at all times to prevent a hot spot which causes
holograms. Also, you may have noticed that this machine
broke down the polish faster than a dual action. It went clear very quickly and that is because
it spins much faster which is how it corrects paint so quickly. I’m going to finish off this vehicle, I’m
just giving you guys a small before and after. You may have noticed that using a halogen
light gives a warmer glow to show the imperfections but you can still use LED or natural light
to get the best results. If you want to learn more about these products
go to our website If you like this car or this video be sure
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Detail Garage.

34 thoughts on “How To Polish Scratches and Swirls From Black Paint! – Boss 302 Mustang | Laguna Seca”

  1. Why only a one stage correction?
    Completely removing is a two and sometimes three stage? Im genuinly wondering not being sarcastic.

  2. I dont know what it is with you video guys but the sound when you talk is super low, other than that i love what you guys are doing, i learn a lot from all of you videos!

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  4. After VSS is jet seal necessary or can wax be applied after VSS? I know your suppose to use sealant after a polish then wax.

  5. Wow that mustang looks like it has been through hell the swirls and scratches are unreal. Glad that you guys were able to correct it and make it shine again.

    Take care chemguys

    PS we need longer videos like 10-15 mins nick you need more camera time lol.

    Your number fan who forgets to spell his own name right lol


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  8. i had a rotary then was told a DA was best and now your using a rotary after ive sold it!! head = fried

  9. Debating whether to use v36 and v38 (i would use v38 first to see if it can get it out then v36 if need be) or just vvs. I have light swirls, so im assuming i should use the least harshest compound. Any suggestions? @chemicalguys

  10. I have a 2013 black Kia Optima that has light scraches and swirl marks, should I use the vss or v36 and v38? Then the black maintenance kit. Thanks!

  11. Great concise video! Love how fast you talk too – you conveyed a lot of info in a very short amount of time. Liked and subscribed.

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  13. You guys have alot of decent to great products. This is one of those decent ones lol. Its ok but there are way better compounds out there.

  14. It would be helpful if you actually discussed the method to polishing. You say what not to do, but not what TO do. In some parts it appears you're moving the rotary slowly over the surface, and then other times you're moving it quickly. Help!

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