How to Play Pool : What Happens in Eight-Ball when you Scratch

How to Play Pool : What Happens in Eight-Ball when you Scratch

Hi, I’m Michael Lamendola with
and today we’re going to shoot some pool. Alright, now what just happened was I got
a little excited and I made a ball and I scratched. So what happens in Eight Ball when you scratch?
Now, assuming you’re playing on a table that’s not at a bar, you can reach in the pockets
and pull back out the balls, right? Well, what happens for me is that I have to pull
a ball. It’s a penalty. So, I pull a stripe. It doesn’t have to be the one that you make,
but it has to be one of yours. Your opponent wouldn’t like it if you pull one of theirs.
And you find that spot on the table where the one ball went and you put the ball in
its place. Now, in this case, I’m looking and where the spot would be, the eight ball
is at. So, I have to place the ball behind it, and then the game keeps rolling. Now,
Jeff’s going to go, and he’s going to grab the Q ball because now it’s his turn, and
what he has to do is he can put it wherever he wants, but from this spot to this spot,
and behind it. So, he can put it wherever he wants as long as its behind that spot.
Now, the other rule is that, lets say that, for example, this five is a little further
back. Jeff can’t shoot at that ball because it’s behind those two spots. The only way
he could do that is if he were to kick the Q ball all the way down, and bring it all
the way back. But, any of his solids that are past those two spots are fair game. So,
Jeff’s going to survey his options, he’s going to think well the four is an easy shot, but
if I make the six and draw the Q ball back, I can make the three, and so on and so forth.

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  1. What rules are they playing? I've never heard of a ball being spotted as a result of a scratch. In all standard rule sets I'm familiar with, a scratch gives the incoming player ball in hand.

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