How to Make Fresh Homemade Guacamole – Easy Guacamole Recipe

How to Make Fresh Homemade Guacamole – Easy Guacamole Recipe

We’re Adam and Joanne from and welcome to our kitchen. Today we’re making our favorite guacamole recipe. First things first… finely dice about half of a small onion… you want about a quarter of a cup. Throw them into a small bowl then cover
with warm water… this just tones down the raw flavor of the onion a little bit. Set that aside while we get the rest of the guacamole ready. You need to use ripe avocados for this. Press around the avocado… if it gives a little bit you know you are good to go. Cut each avocado in half lengthwise… twist it open… then use a spoon to remove the pit. Now use the same spoon and scoop out the avocado flesh to a bowl. Next we want lime… you will need a about a tablespoon and a half of fresh lime juice… Scatter it over the avocado… then mash the avocado with a fork. Don’t go too crazy here you want it chunky. Next for the tomato… We like to use roma or plum tomatoes… just cut in half than use a spoon to scoop out the seeds… Cut off the ends then slice into thin strips. Then turn it around… and cut the other way to make small pieces… add that to the avocado. Next for the cilantro… Give it a chop… but if you’re not a fan leave it out. throw the cilantro in the bowl. Then grab the onions from earlier and use a slotted spoon to add them to the guacamole. Next add a half teaspoon of ground cumin… and a half teaspoon of salt. Stir everything together and your done. Grab some chips and enjoy! For guacamole secrets and the full recipe come visit us at

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  1. Thank you guys i was today years old when I realized how to cut an avacodo and i love Cumin😂 that lil tsp wasnt enough for me ❤❤

  2. Here's some tip
    Use a knife to remove the seed of avocado so there isn't any part of the avocado wasted

    Also remove the seed from tomato so it doesn't become to watery

  3. Would anybody on here know how long guacamole lasts in the fridge once it's prepared? Thanks in advance.

  4. Next time… to take the pit out, grab a knife and strike the pit in the middle with the knife and twist and turn the pit til it pops out

  5. Thanks so much for this easy to follow recipe!!!👍👍👍👍 I hate avacodos, but I can tolerate them in a salad, as long as there's plenty of other things in it that I really like…….. But this looks really good!!!👍👍👍 So I'm looking forward to trying this recipe!!!👍

  6. Bruh all you have to do is hit the seed with the knife you don’t even need to scoop out the seed with a spoon

  7. Slice the avocado in the shell before you scoop it out. Wheres the pepper? Wheres the chili? You dont put onions in AUTHENTIC gauc but some garlic is needed. Its rather obvious you dont live in the SW.

  8. please for the love of god do not use a fork to smash the avacado! use a pestle and mortar for much better texture!

  9. you weirdo avacados taste like rubber and you are adding onions tomatoes salantros and you call that yummy you weirdo 😡😡😡😡😡

  10. In india we generally have purple-pinkish onions and watching you use greenish onions is as uncomfortable as watching my ex with another guy and i know it does not matters but is still uncomfortable

  11. Some advice for removing the pit / stone from the Avocado: just cut in a few Millimeters (not much for the American maybe tenth of an inch or so? ) and then just Twist the knife and the core will stick to it. Very easy

  12. No black pepper? This was the worst guac video I’ve ever seen. Not trying to be mean, but wow. This was startling and unsettling.

  13. I make pico and mix it into avocados for my guacamole cuz I like it hot and I always keep pico cuz I put it in a lot of my food

  14. Im not complaining but please don't squeeze the avocados 😢 if they aren't rip and you leave it for the next person they will be badly bruised how soft you squeeze or not! Remove the little grow but on the top of the avocado and you can see the color of the avocado and tell its ripe that way 😉

    Edit:- bit not but

  15. What is cilantro ? I wanna do this recipe but I didn't know what is cilantro or if we have it in Philippines . Is there a substitute for cilantro ? Help !!!!!!!!

  16. Decided to look up the video made by PES to watch it again, come across this, think “eh why not”, and watch it.

  17. Yikes my prostate twisted with the first avocado butchery. Just insert your knife into the pit, twist, and out it pops. Other than that looks yummy. 😈😜😁👍👍👍👍👍

  18. The internet has tons of guacamole recipes and any other other recipe you can thing of. Why clog up YouTube with redundancies?

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