How To Make Cool Dance Videos – Tips From STEEZY’s Video Team

How To Make Cool Dance Videos – Tips From STEEZY’s Video Team

Hey yall! This is Clay from STEEZY and you know what we do a lot here? Film Dance Videos! We have created over 400 plus online dance
classes for and for each of these classes we’re required to film and
edit promotional assets, ads, and of course dance videos!
So whether you’re usually in front of the camera or behind it, these awesome tips
will bring your dance videos from level one to five six seven eight but not ten.
That’s crazy We’re gonna be going through these tips
in the order of the production so from pre-production, to actually filming, to
editing. Also we’ll be throwing in some extremely helpful technical tips at the
end. Let’s get it! Tip number one: make the most of your location. Let’s face it, the
majority of dancers aren’t rolling in piles of money or even more so aren’t
saving enough to afford the videos that they want to make. And that means
we cant always afford to book that three thousand dollars an hour 5 hour
minimum location on peerspace or splacer. And that’s okay! Part of the fun
of creating videos is the problem solving process. So let’s pretend you
have to go the low-budget route what do you do? Say for instance you know you’re
filming in a dance studio and the background is plain and black being that
there are only three dancers, we don’t want them to look lonely in their
environment. We need to give it life energy movement! This could have been
done by adding extras, moving lights, or just using what’s around the area. I knew
there were some big fans in the corner of the room so I threw some small lights
behind them, used my party city fog machine that I bought three years ago and that was my new set for Trevor Takemoto’s video to crush. Or look for depth in your
environment fog whether artificial or natural
diffuses and spreads light and can provide a rich background for your
dancers and dancers love to wear black so we have to make sure that they don’t
disappear into the background. If you learn how to make the best use of your
zero budget environments, imagine what you can do when you have the
opportunity to use a big budget location! In the meantime, focus more on
accent lighting, environmental textures, colors, and just more creative ways to
use your environments that you have in mind! Just remember that filming in front
of a cool wall does not make your dance video good, but how you use your
environment to honor the dance is what makes it good! Tip number two: learn the
choreo your self and communicate with the dancers. I could not stress this enough, be a proactive videographer! You should almost
never show up to set and film a dance that you’ve never seen before. If you’re
able to, get a video of the choreography before the day of the shoot or show up
to a rehearsal of theirs. You should also schedule time to run
through the dance and the shots with your dancers on the day of the shoot
taking time to analyze their movements helps you pick out key moments that you
want to highlight in the video. Watch the shot that I filmed for Lyle Beniga’s
eastcoast remix. I learned choreography from watching rehearsal
videos and that allowed me to actually move completely in sync with the dancers
in the original choreography the dancers jog in place. I felt it would be much
more effective to have it travel and to time the extras in the background to do
the exact same motion to make it a super cool moment these adjustments were only
possible because I spent a good amount of time in pre-production communicating
with Lyle ,and of course learning the choreography. Tip number three: it never
hurts to get a clean full covered shot. When you’re filming, get a full-body
safety shot whether it’s wide-angle or super compressed. Get a shot that doesn’t
cut off any arms legs tentacles heads whatever it is yayadeya trust me! You’ll
thank yourself later for getting that shot whether you use it in the final
edit or just as a reference for musicality.
Tip number four: high angle shots show formations. Low angle shots show power or
double chins. This is a generally well known idea. Psychologically, low angle
shots make the subject seem more powerful and prominent. This is a really
effective angle to use for accentuating moments in a dance. High angle shots
could have the opposite effect and make the subject seem inferior or less
powerful but in dance we often use blocking and formations to guide and
please the viewers eyes from all angles. The high angle allows us to see these
formations and patterns in their entirety
which is an essential part of a choreography. You’ll notice that
freestyle videos are rarely filmed from a high angle because there aren’t really
any formations to show. Tip number five: when editing, cut on actions especially
big motions. When making dance videos I always say honor the dance but how do
you dishonor the dance? Doing something like this Why why did you cut it like that? If you
cut too much during extremely quick and small movements, you’ll often leave the
viewers confused and honestly pissed off that you took a big old dump on that
beautiful piece of art that you’re supposed to edit! So do your best to cut
on big motions like this! This is a really common technique used in cinema
because it takes about two to three frames for the human eye to process any
information following a cut. And now it’s time for some technical quick tips! High
shutter speed. If you are shooting around 24 frames per second using a shutter
speed that’s around 1/100 or 1/120 of a second will
make your dancers movements look faster cleaner and more powerful. This is
because there’s less motion work I like I like to call this “good choppy” Be careful to
not abuse this! This can be really disorienting to a viewers eyes
especially if the shot is not stabilized. The final tip: maintain consistent
distance from the dancers to keep them in focus. Unless you have a follow focus
or extremely steady hand, you don’t really have a way to refocus the lens
when the dancers are moving forward and back so if you can shoot at a more
narrow aperture and maintain a consistent distance from the dancers so
that they don’t go out of focus. And that is it y’all thank you so much for
watching this video I hope these tips helped you become a more thoughtful
dance video creator who can honor the dances with purposeful production
choices! And every video needs a purpose, our purpose for filming these videos is
to show you what you can learn on STEEZY Studio! So make sure you sign up to to learn these awesome dances! Film well, Tinkerbell!

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  1. Perfect example that goes with this is Dababy – BOP music video. Tell a story and know the choreo ahead of time so you can flow with it.

  2. Any tips for filming yourself?
    I don't have anyone to help me film a choreography or freestyle but I still want to post good videos.

  3. That's great. But most of the times I shoot my dance videos myself using a tripod and a smartphone which remains standing at one point. Do you have any tips? Can shooting 2-3 times from different angles help me?

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