How to Make/Code a Website from Scratch | Part 1: Making the Site in Dreamweaver (Local Root Folder)

How to Make/Code a Website from Scratch | Part 1: Making the Site in Dreamweaver (Local Root Folder)

Hey how’s it going guys Fazil here and this
is the website coding series part one. In this video series we will be taking a look
at turning the template we created in photoshop in the last series, to a full fledged website
with links, text, images and video. To follow along with this video you’ll need Dreamweaver
cs3 or newer. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to organize
your new website. . let’s head over to Dreamweaver and create
our local site folder which is going contain everything our site is going to use. To start,
click on the site button in the menu bar and create a new site. Here we can give this site
a name. Beside local site folder you can select where you want to create the folder. After
you have that setup press save. On the bottom right hand side in files panel,
Dreamweaver shows us all the files in the root folder.The Files panel is a much more
efficient way to manage files. If you cannot see this panel then go to window and click
files panel. right click inside the panel and click new
folder. And let’s name it images. In this folder we are going to store all of our images.
Next, let’s create another folder and names it fonts. Here we are going to save all the
custom fonts we’ll be using that are not natively supported on the web.
While you’re at it also create a new file and name it index.html. This is going to be
the home page of the website. Also let’s go on ahead and create another
new file and this time name it main.CSS. This file is going to hold all of the website’s
style rules. After you have the css file, double click on index.html to open. Then drag
the main.css file and place it after the title tag. This links the css file to the index.html
file. This way all of the css stays in the css file and doesn’t clutter the html . Maintaining
a separate style sheet also allows us to share the same css rules over a number of different
html files, thus reducing the amount of work. So guys this is it for this video, if you
learned something or you’re feeling like being awesome then hit that like button and
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  1. trying to upload a new video every other day. So next tuesday, I'll hopefully upload part 2. Subscribe so you don't miss out! 😀

  2. You should probably do some longer videos :-P. Right now it's always only 1 little part of the whole thing and you have to wait really long for another small piece. If you have no time then that's alright, but it would be appreciated if you could do atleast 5 minutes for each video 😛 everything else is really good. good explaining and not too fast!

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