How to make a light trap | Natural History Museum

How to make a light trap | Natural History Museum

What you need White sheet, rope, string,
tent pegs, torch, jam jar Step 1
Scout Find a location with lots of trees
and no outside lights Step 2
Assemble Tie the rope
between two strong trees Hang the white sheet
over the rope Secure in place with pegs Hang the torch with string,
then switch it on If using UV light always refer to
manufacturer’s safety guidelines Step 2
Wait Wait for it to go dark
and watch out for insects Step 4
Capture Use the clear jam jar
to carefully capture the insects Step 5
Record Study your insects carefully.
Use books and the internet to help identify species Step 6
Share Take photos and share online Step 7
Release Carefully release you insects
back into their habitats

2 thoughts on “How to make a light trap | Natural History Museum”

  1. Iam doomed, I thought he traps light.. :/

    I wonder how he could trap light and I saw this video and I found out that he traps insects.. I ll attract insects easily by keeping a stale food.. :/:/

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