How to Make a Cat Scratch Pad

How to Make a Cat Scratch Pad

How to Make a Cat Scratch Pad. This crafty cat scratch pad is a great way
to recycle used boxes. You will need Several medium to large cardboard
boxes Non-toxic craft glue A straightedge A craft knife Catnip Felt and old magazines. Step 1. Gather large, corrugated cardboard boxes. Using a straightedge, cut the boxes into 18-
inch strips, three to five inches wide, with the corrugation running horizontally across
the strip. The size of the scratch pad will depend on
your cat. Bigger cats need bigger pads than kittens
or small cats. Step 2. Glue strips on top of each other until the
pile is six inches deep. Step 3. Weight the pile with a heavy object and set
aside for 30 minutes. Step 4. Trim uneven ends with a craft knife. Cut additional cardboard strips to glue to
the outside edges of your pad. Step 5. Use felt to provide a decorative finish for
the edges, or cut pictures of fish, birds, or mice from magazines and glue them to the
outside. Step 6. Sprinkle pad liberally with catnip to entice
your cat to use it. Did you know Did you know? Cats have a ridged nose pad that is as unique
as the human fingerprint.

15 thoughts on “How to Make a Cat Scratch Pad”

  1. my cat is front de-clawed but she thinks she still has nails so she'll "scratch" furniture with her paws haha

  2. @0ojo01 me too .. here in saudi arabia where i live .. the cost like 150 saudi riyals and more .. which is 45 dollars and so ! 😀

  3. thumbs up if you heard her say:
    cut out individual strips and glue them to the outside of ur pad.

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