How to Learn Scratch | Beginner | Pen

How to Learn Scratch | Beginner | Pen

A fun tool to use in Scratch is the pen
in this video we’re going to show you how to write a name using pen, this is
not a video on making letters jump about or how to draw objects but it is the
simple video on how to draw a name using the pen in scratch we’re going to end
up with something like this we’re going to learn how to use the pen in scratch
so we’re gonna move a cat to where we’re gonna start and you can see the green
blocks called pen so what we’re going to start off with we’re gonna put pen down
that’s how we’re gonna start to draw so use the pen down and we can
move the cat to draw something so we go to motion we’ve got our blue blocks we
can use the X and Y for example when we move the cat down you can see one of the
blocks is go to X & Y and that will move to where you move the cat to so now if
we move the cat down you can see our X it’s the same but our y has gone down
now our first letter is d so we’re gonna move up and to the right and then we’re
going to move up back to the left and that should give us a kind of D shape so we
run that by clicking the blocks and you can see we’ve got looks like a D
but it’s not perfect so we’re just gonna change the X or Y values so add D looks
better in this example we’re going to use a difference for about 50 so our X
is going to stay the same when we draw a line down our Y is gonna be about a
hundred difference and then once we go up to the point in the D you’re gonna go
50 to the right and 50 up and 50 to the left and 50 up to go back to where start
when we run that the D looks okay but wait a second we
need to clear that so the clear block is in pen if you click that it will clear
the writing that you’ve done we’re just going to add the winged green flag
clicked so we’re going to add the clear block so it gets rid of what we’ve done
previously now let’s run this you see we still got a line going down
to when we start so what we need to do is we need to put the pin down after we
go to where we want to stop so now we go to the start then we put the pin down
before we draw the D we still got this problem so what we need to do is we need
to use the pin up block so when you’re writing you put the pin down when you’re
drawing but you don’t put the pen on the paper when you’re moving so now when we
run that we’ve got our good D it’s quite small so we can change the pen size
another block change pen size actually we should use set pen size if it’s the
first time so we’re going to set pen size to 5 now let’s run that see what
how it looks that’s a bit better so that’s a bit
thicker and we can see it better you can change the color if you like we’re just
going to stick with the blue now the next letter is going to be R so
when we move to the next letter we’re going to put the pin up before we move
and then we’re going to move to where we want to start so we’re going to start at
the bottom of the R to go up so we’re going to go to the bottom of the our
first then we’re going to put the pen down and then we’re going to move the
cat if you move the cat it gives you an example roughly where you want to go so
if you’re not sure you can use the cat to guide you so now we’re going to go
across and back across and then down to make our R
so this gives us an idea of what the x and y values are you can see our R again
it’s not perfect but it looks okay so we’re we’re going in the right
directions so now we want to make the R quite close to the D we’re going to
write the whole of Dr Codie so we’re going to use about 30 difference between
the letters so now we just change our X and Y’s so they’re nice and straight so
we can do that so you can miss about with the different values if it doesn’t
look okay you can just change them but it’s quite handy that the X and y block
changes when you move the cat so I would suggest using that so here we’ve made a
mistake the Y should have been 50 rather than 100 and now you can see a D and R
so that’s pretty much here we’ve just got to think how to do each letter so
rather than making an extremely long video well shorten a video by using the
blocks we’ve we’ve already changed the values to save time so now we’re going
to draw a C so we’re going to take the we’re going to go to the start and then
we’re going to put pen down and then we’re going to draw the C we need pen up
go to the start for the next letter which is going to be L pen down to
draw basically a square video we do that we can check each letter
after we’ve drawn it next letter is going to be a D you can see the blocks
are going down quite quite far that’s a little problem we can just go down so
we’ve done a deed before the eye obviously is very straightforward again
using pen up go to the start pen down draw the letter
here’s that I last letter is a bit more difficult because we can’t just
keep moving the cat we need to use pen up a few times to draw an e so we’re
going to use pen down from a line and pen up go to where we want to go and
then pen down and draw that line so with the e we’ve gotten to doing this a few
times with the different lines there we go so we’re going to move our cat at the
ends you can see all of the blocks here we run that and then we’ve we’ve written
our name Dr Codie so if you want to see all the blocks all together we can put
them on one page here you can see it’s quite long but it’s not complicated it’s
just using pin up to move to where you’re going and pen down to do the
drawing well that brings us to the end of the video thank you for watching if
you like that please click the like and if you haven’t already please subscribe
okay see you for the next video

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  1. So we understand how to move the blocks in Scratch and here we learn the basics of using the pen. Next we will look at making a small game. Look out as the next video could be out this week.

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