How to get from EZE airport to the city of Buenos Aires 💫

How to get from EZE airport to the city of Buenos Aires 💫

So you are coming to Buenos Aires!!! You are excited! You are looking up ways to go from the Ezeiza airport (EZE) to the city. You are wondering if there is a train, metro, taxi, UBER… What do you use? A train is not an option, UBER is currently an unreliable (and illegal) option. I don’t recommend UBER because it it still illegal here. There are not a lot of UBER cars circling
around the airport. The taxi drivers don’t like the UBER’s. If you do call an UBER, you might need a local SIM card from Argentina, to arrange a meet up with the driver in a different area around the airport It can be unreliable. What I recommend is: “Manuel Tienda Leon”. It is a “remis” (transport) service that you can purchase. It’s safe, it’s cheap, (cheaper than a taxi). Right when you retrieve your luggage, and before you go out the doors to the main building of the airport (where you can exit into the
shopping area, where you see everyone saying hello), There is a kiosko—– 😀 You just give ‘Manuel Tienda Leon’ your address and make sure that you have enough local currency. It costs about $25 USD. The price in Argentine pesos (ARS) will change, (because of inflation), but the cost is generally around $25 USD. Make sure that you have enough local currency when you arrive in Buenos Aires. Just give “Manuel Tienda Leon” your Buenos Aires address and they will give you a ticket, with two separate pieces of paper attached. The first piece of paper is given to the taxi driver, and the other is a piece of paper for the bus driver. You will exit the airport through
the doors, and then you will walk around the building, and then you will find the “Manuel Tienda Leon” kiosk — right as you exit the airport doors. They will usher you to a big bus. It’s climate controlled, there is WiFi ! (Although the WiFi has never really worked for me). You get into the bus, and it is about an hour to the city. You can look out the window and see the countryside. It’s peaceful, and safe, and cheap. Then you get to the “Manuel Tienda Leon” station (inside of the city), Exit the bus, get your luggage, and then they ask you for the other piece of paper which is for the taxi — that has your address on it. The person in charge of coordinating will
assign you to a taxi with two or three different people that are generally going to the same area of the city that you are going to. Once you get into the taxi with other people, you might meet someone that is going to the same hotel that you are, or you meet someone that is going to be staying two blocks from where you are, and maybe you will like to explore
the city together :). It is a nice way to meet your neighbors. It’s called “Manuel Tienda Leon”, you can take
this from Ezeiza Airport, to the city. To get back to the EZE airport from the city, you can use
this service as well. You can also take UBER to EZE, because there is no way that anyone can know if the car is an UBER dropping off a person in the airport drop-off area. You can take an UBER back from the city to EZE airport. As far as taxis go, make sure that you ride in an official taxi when you leave the airport. An official taxi will have a whole bunch of
decals, it will say “Radio Taxi” and it will have many stickers. There is usually some kind of a station, or
someone in charge of assigning taxis. Go to the official taxi station, they will provide you with an official taxi. A taxi will cost about $60 USD to the city from EZE airport. That is more than double the price of the “remis” service, but it will take you to the city a little bit faster. If you have a family, it might make more sense to take a taxi. It is a 45 minute taxi ride if you take a
taxi from EZE airport to the city. “Manuel Tienda Leon” the ‘remis’ service, can take you from EZE to Newberry Airport, which is the other airport. Newberry is the domestic airport, and Newberry Airport
usually takes you to other places in Argentina, like: El Calafate, Bariloche, (in the south),
or in the North, or Mendoza (west)… You can take the ‘remis’ service from EZE to Newberry airport. LYFT dosen’t really exist in Argentina yet
as of this date. I hope that this information helps you, and I hope that you have a great time in BuenosAires!

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  1. You don't mention the ArBus buses, that connect both airports with the city centre, are usually cheaper than MTL and if you've got Aerolineas Argentinas tickets the service is free.

  2. I went to BA last month and this website about Buenos Aires Airport helps me a lot! I hope that it serves you

  3. Muchas gracias, senorita, I'll use the Remis service on 2nd October; and aren't you one more lovely reason to revisit BA?!

  4. Gracias por tu vídeo. Es un poco decepcionante que no haya ningún tren o servicio público de transporte que te lleve directamente al centro. He visto lo del autobús Nº 8, pero te deja en mitad de la nada y tienes que hacer tres trasbordos. 25 dólares o lo que sea para un transbordo en autobús y taxi me parece demasiado, y yo vivo en Londres, que sí es una ciudad muy cara. Me parece que la gente simplemente se aprovecha de la situación.

  5. UPDATE! There is also an option to take a private black car using Manual Tienda Leon from EZE airport to the city. It is worth it if you are traveling with 2 or more people. The website I link above works, and provides an idea of current prices, but from experience, the prices on the website are slightly higher than the price you would pay directly to the office in person when you get off the flight. Hope it helps! 😀

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