79 thoughts on “How to Fix a Scratch on Your Car”

  1. and after it's cleaned, cruise by the zymol website and pick up some of their products. nice hand wax should bring out that missing shine.

  2. A much simpler way to remedy the situation is get into a more serious crash so that the scratch is that last thing on your mind and basically invisible to everyone, now that is easier, but probably not the best way mind you.

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  5. No one has keyed anything of mine, but I would actaully like to see someone do it. I know that my car would be all keyed up, but if I caught them doing it, only the imagination could conjure up what I would do to them.

  6. Vancouver man on a scratching spree. I just got fucking victimized by some new assfuck last night or sometime this morning.

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  8. u can fix it in either one of these steps :
    1- use car wax with 3 layers. wax in & out till the scratch dissappear .
    or …..
    1- get your car to car repair shop ! :-]

  9. dont use the spray bottle or you will have drops of paint in places where there are no scratches. Just take your time and use a brush.

  10. My dads car has a huge scratch right along it, i'm worried it might have been me with my bike, what should I do???

  11. $500,000 of damage?! what kind of stupid low life jealous FUCK goes around scratching other peoples cars? to some people cars are more than a means of transportation,a reflection of themselves. I mean really are you such an immature dirtbag that you just get bored and decide "hey,Im a stupid piece of shit,i might as well ruin random peoples days." fucking people.if you decide to key someones car you deserve to let someone key you.with a razor.

  12. HOLY SHIT! I remember that car keying spree. It happened in North Vancouver. The Mazda that I bought has a small scratch on the passenger side door that was said to come from the series of events. A couple of my friends cars also got scratched. One severely.

  13. Are you kidding me, I notice we did'nt see the end result up close. Do not follow these instructions (especially on a brand new black car!). if it was that easy, car paint shops would soon be out of business.
    My advice is to wait until there are enough marks on your car to warrant leaving it into a professional business to do the lot at once.

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