How to Draw Marbles – Crystal – Glass

How to Draw Marbles – Crystal – Glass

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to draw some marbles. We start by drawing a circle
with a glass, of course you may also use any other
round object or a compass. Then with a white pastel,
let´s do the brightest lights. In this case I use the blue
pencil to sketch the ink blotches which are inside the marble. With the same one or with
a pencil you may do the small bubbles which
I trapped in the glass, and with the pastel
do the reflections on each one. Having done that we are ready for the colors! With the gray we shade
the area that is on the upper right. As I told you on the water drop tutorial,
the beams of light go through a transparent object and illuminate
the opposite side, leaving a small reflection where they originally
touch the surface. Maybe I am talking too much
and I didn´t even tell you how to get in the colors,
but that´s easy… fill it in, and then with
some different tone, draw some texture or shadow lines.
In regards to the water drop video I´ll give you the link
at the end of this one, so you an watch it. Let´s use a brighter green
for the area on the bottom left and with white, we lighten a bit. We should also do the reflections
of the ink colors. Very well! I love drawing! By the way the complete list of materials
is in the information bellow the video. Depending on where the light source is,
there may be a bright reflection in the middle of the shadow. With the gray and with the white,
we achieve this effect. You may layer in, one
on the other one, to create a soft change of tone. Excellent! I like how it is looking. We may simulate some scratches
on the marble. Let´s reinforce the shading
of the bubbles and if you can give me 60 more seconds
of your valuable time, I would like to show you
one more thing… let´s do a second marble, but
as this is going to be a little bit further away, I want it to
look a little bit out of focus so as to give a depth effect,
therefore in this case we are not going to draw
any sharp lines but rather they are going to blurred
both inside on the border of the marble, the colors
in the middle are also going to be blurred. I would love it if in the comments
you could tell me, what do you think about this technique. Thanks! Here is the result… If you loved it, please give it a LIKE,
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the links are bellow, and I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Draw Marbles – Crystal – Glass”

  1. Fantastic, very impressed you make it look so easy, however I don't think it is. Simply amazing. Loved all your drawings and would love to see some moreregards

  2. I had a question for you I like the way you do this things. i was wondering if you could do the same thing to a spider-man pictures in a glass ball for me so i can try to draw it for a person I know that like spider-man

  3. I love this…..  you just made making marbles sooooo easy!!! Thank you so much.  I have drawn and been involved in art my whole life in some way with a family of six generations of artists.. but haven't actually drawn myself too much as of late.. but just started making gem stones to play around but am bored with that.  wanted to make something more 'artful'  I thought of marbles.. and I like this!!! so thank you again.

  4. Great tutorial.I like the effect you get using a grey base paper.The out of focus marble does add to the sharpness of the front one. Good idea as long as you are able to stand well back to take in the whole picture.

  5. you are an amazing artist… I'd like to see more of your future tutorials. Thanks for sharing Sir Leonardo. God Bless u even more!!!

  6. Wow! You are awesome! I am a beginner, yet the way you draw this gives me confidence that I, too, can do this one day with practice. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Sara 😀

  7. wow amazing! i having been drawing since i was 5 years am 46 now and im a very good cartoonist…i would love to draw like this..what kind of pens or pencils or you using? thanks so much

  8. I really like and enjoy your commendatory, and simple straight to the point directions to the drawings. I also have an art group that have been meeting on Tuesdays for the last fifteen years.

  9. Hey because your drawings are soooo awesome I'm giving you a sub and a like
    Thank You
    Fireheart Thunderclan

  10. it's so amazing what you do! thanks you so much for explaining the painting of these beautiful marbles-chrystal Glasses. It is very difficult to pain it, but I don't give up 🙂
    with love from Germany

  11. What a wonderful story from Shane Walker, and thanks for sharing it, Shane!
    Leonardo, you are pure delight and you excite my fingers, now itchy to draw again. I marvel at how easy you make it look to create your magic! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and so effectively. I send you a cyber hug!

  12. I have already tried 5-6 of your drawings. They have come amazing. You are a kind of person who doesn't hesitate in sharing your knowledge(one of them who are rarely found) . You are my formal 😉 thank you for that🙏😊

  13. Another victory with the pencil. I like the way the smaller marble is, very realistic.
    I like drawing but have focus problems in that I want to do it too quickly rather than slow down and enjoy the process. When I am successful at slowing down, I find the drawing turns out much better…I am no artist but that doesn't stop me trying.
    Can you tell me roughly how long you actually spent doing this marble. The speeded up version makes my brain think that my hand must go faster even though I know that yours didn't and it took much longer. I just wondered what is a realistic time frame to create something like that.

  14. My Art teacher decided to show us this video, and I wanted to say thank you in advance for this video. I hope you have a great day and that you continue what you are doing. Thank you again and farewell.

  15. I don't know if you are still doing your tutorials but have you  got one on drawing cut crystal such as a perfume bottle  or vase as I could really do with some tips

  16. You create great videos it has helped me often. Here is a request easy for you…Could you draw and color a mirror. I have one in a picture that I cannot seem to make realistic?

  17. LOVE your tutorials ! I just discovered you and I am learning so much! thank you for sharing your great talents with the world!

  18. How do you sharpen your pastel pencils? I have tried several sharpeners, all not good and have returned to using a single edge razor blade. Thanks!

  19. I have learned so much from you. As an oil painter I don't draw much, but, I find that I can not wait to pick up my pencils. God bless!

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