How To Draw Caricatures - Book Review

How To Draw Caricatures – Book Review

what I wanted to do guys would kind of go over your go over with you a couple of basics about the caricature most of the time when I sit around I just do a lot of I don't know doodling this book right here I don't know if you guys have ever seen this book before it's bad mr. Tom Richmond this guy here though my style varies from his I found that the principal of the book it's pretty much the same I'm going to go to them you can see if I can find this part but I don't want to make it I want to go over some basic things with you for you guys you to just learning to draw just learning you caricature art or whatever we want to go over what I'm with head shapes okay so I found this little diagram right here and I know it looks kind of funny but it taught me so much about caricatures it made me because caricature is kind of not just taking a person's face and making fun of it but it's also about finding the essence of that person teaching them you know showing what you think they're how you interpret their face so these six right here I'm going to show you a quick little I'm just going to kind of put it to the side here I know you can't reach them but that's not really important okay they were saying that there are five basic shapes to a face okay so no matter who you are drawing I know I got a couple of spots on this paper so don't matter of fact let me just get a pen sheet out here so this stuff doesn't running with what I'm doing give me one second your guys okay so this is basically what's happening okay anytime you draw a shape or you have five different shapes okay you have what you call the shape of your of the top of the head and then you have your bottom shape whatever shape that's going to be okay and then you have your middle shapes okay so your middle shapes would be like your brow line so you ever see somebody do something like this watch it again okay okay you put that up here this is basically your brow line and then you have like if you ever seen anybody wear like a sorrow mask or anything like that before you can use as ro mass so let's just say you want to do is ro master here let's say this is what his eyes are gonna fit and this would be like the eyebrows so he's kind of sinister you know okay now the next thing we're gonna do is gonna put our nose here so I don't know what kind of nose this guy that has but let's just say he has a kind of triangular nose okay then you have his cheekbones and the cheekbones are going to kind of connect to the sides here like so and then from there it kind of just goes around the point where your mouth is going to be so you can already see that that's pretty much you know of a cool caricature we're going to be doing some more caricatures I have about four different ones I'm going to be doing today but in the middle I'm just going to kind of show you some theory and things of that what I'm looking at when I'm drawing a cartoon so it's important that you do a lot of uh a lot of doodling in order to be good at whatever kind of art you do what is your trees or buildings or whatever you like that you have to do and practice that thing a lot okay oh let's go ahead and fill them in here we'll see what this guy looks like yeah maybe he looks like this it's kind of mad oh let me see I don't like mad guys but anyway all right and then from here you can see where you can put different shapes in you can manipulate the shapes you know do whatever it's like so so if you now you can do a different shape so let's just say a guy has a very long head okay in your mind I'm teaching you kind of like principles so the principles of drawing or the training wheels after you start drawing a while you won't need any of this to start drawing a picture okay so let's go ahead and go to another shape let's just say I'm going to do a guy with a long head so right here at the bottom of my paper I'll just say okay this guy has a big tall head okay now he's a happy guy so his broad line kind of goes like this it goes up you see and then you have his little mass here okay and then he has a nose here and then he has his seat bones here and then he has the rest of his face that goes here and let's just say this is his jaw okay it's the same thing and then you draw a little neck over the top of it and you keep going okay so that's the subject number two so we got a long haired guy here and as I said we got a circle head guy here okay if he looks like a big bodybuilder guy he has a break in let's go with a brick let's literally draw a brick okay you see so that lets say that's the top of his head let's say with the brick head the brick OS has blocked up top we want to give them a big strong jaw alone so we go down just like that okay now what's going on here well let's just say this guy's like he's a cool cat so he has his eyebrows count like this okay now we got his nose his nose is kind of big and kind of big and burly you mean okay and then let me see here let's just say his eyes are kind of like so like this and I'm warming up too at the same time this stuff helps me because in the next caricatures you'll see the the very first one that I did it's kind of like my first drawing on a day and it takes a while for you to get my hand get warmed up it's like a old car you know what I mean and the same thing okay and let's just say he has some ears here and now you just add your ears on the side okay and give him some hair okay and let's just say he has a big neck and he has muscles oh yeah he hasn't already muscle body so you see guys all this is just shapes and the shapes are what how you see those shapes those basic relationships is how you're able to enjoy your caricature so all you guys that work at Six Flags stop John those general cartoons people make it look like them sometimes I've met some really good caricatures that Six Flags actually the one actually in San Antonio I think I looked at one time it's funny because the lady actually knew me me and my wife

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