How To Draw A Heart With Wings For Mom

How To Draw A Heart With Wings For Mom

hey our friends in this lesson we're going to show you something really cool to draw for mother's day what are we drawing heart with wings yeah we hope you're gonna fall along with us you need a marker or something to draw with some paper and something to color with alright let's get started ok we're first going to draw a curve in the middle of our paper that goes up and comes back down we're gonna draw a it looks like a banner that's wrapping around the heart yeah now right here at the bottom we're gonna draw a point or a V that comes down to a point and then back up now you to yours really wide so you could draw yours a little smaller if you want it would come in closer to the middle this is for the bottom of the heart yeah now let's draw another curve that's above it that matches good job now let's draw the top of our heart we're gonna imagine this line coming up behind the banner and we're going to curve around like this come back down in the middle and then do another curve over here to finish the heart one sides a little bigger on mine than the other that's okay we're practicing right yes okay now let's draw the rest of the banner so here we're going to draw a curve that comes back in on both sides then let's color in the left shape and also the right side now if we ever fast forward the video or if we go too fast what kind of friends do pause it yeah you guys can pause the video all right let's keep going all right now we're gonna connect this top part right here we're gonna draw a curve that comes in first then we're gonna come back out around and then connect underneath that little shape yeah now we're getting to repeat that same that same line over here on the right side we'll curve in then we're going to come back out and then connect to the heart underneath the dark shape all right cool now let's draw the ends of our banner so first we're going to draw an S curve we're gonna curve up and then back down now let's do that same line over here on the right side we'll curve up and then back down okay now let's draw another curve up here that's gonna match the end for the bottom of this first curve yeah now we're gonna draw that same curve out here that matches then we're going to connect both of these lines the top to the bottom with a sideways V and we can do the same thing over here on the right side Jack your drawing is looking really cool now we should draw the wings let's draw the right wing first we're gonna draw a curve that comes out out of the top bump then we're going to draw a zigzag line that comes back down into the heart those are some small wings yeah it's yeah we're gonna draw them a little bigger in just a second we're gonna let's repeat those same steps over here so that curve coming out of the boat out of the bump of the heart then we're gonna do sig zag lines coming back down into the heart now we're going to draw longer feathers to make these wings look a little bigger we're gonna first draw a curve coming out and then we're gonna draw a big curve coming back down so there's the first feather let's repeat that right next to it curve coming out another curve coming back down and then we're gonna repeat that going all the way down and as we get closer to the heart we can get smaller and smaller if you want yeah you're doing it that's a really cool wing all right now let's repeat that same step over here I'm gonna draw that curve coming up and then a bigger curve coming back down we'll do same thing repeat those feathers going down but get smaller as you get closer to the heart now we've done this lesson before well we've drawn a heart with really cool wings coming up we're gonna keep this lesson a little easier than that one we had a lot of details and a lot of shading yeah but if you want the challenge be sure to check that lesson out too all right Jack what are we missing on the banner the word mom yeah we need the right mom okay we're first gonna drop the Oh I know that's a little funny to draw the Oh first but we're doing that because it's in the middle of our banner so we're gonna draw a circle then we're gonna draw another smaller circle on the inside so we're gonna draw block letters now let's draw an M over here on the left side go up down back up and back down now this is the outside of our letter so I'm going to draw a smaller M on the inside and then we can connect the left and the right okay let's repeat that same step for the last M over here on the right we'll draw a big M first then a small M inside and then connect the bottoms Jack we did it we finished drawing our heart with wings it looks really cool yeah and we still need to do one last thing to make it look even cooler color it yeah this part we're gonna fast forward one more time but at the end you guys composite to match the same color you ready fast forward yeah Jack give me five you did awesome on your drawing de Vigo looks better coloured in yes I agree and I hope our friends are going to take time to color their drawings also now we added highlights to the to the heart to make it look shinier and we also added some shading to make it look more 3d we hope you had a lot of fun drying your heart yeah we do we hope you had a lot of fun and we hope you get a give your drawing to your mom I bet she's gonna love your drawing yes you will we should give ours to mom – yes all right we'll see you later our friends goodbye [Applause]

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  1. The drawing was so beautiful that i did one for my mom and dad thx i guys helped me draw something for my mom

  2. Love this ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💖💖💝💕

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