How To Draw A Cute Nail Polish Bottle

How To Draw A Cute Nail Polish Bottle

hey art friends today we're gonna draw a bottle of nail polish yeah we hope you're gonna follow along with us we always hope you do because art is always more fun with muffins friends era is always more fun with friends you need something to draw it a marker some paper and something to go with alright let's get started let's first draw a straight line that comes across the middle of our paper yeah then we're gonna draw the side we're gonna draw a line that comes out on each side a diagonal line good and I'm gonna draw this a little longer so that the bottle can be bigger there you go now let's draw a curve that comes down like this on each side yeah good job I like the shape of your bottle now down at the bottom let's connect those two lines now let's draw the lid we're going to draw a really tall lid and this is so that you can hang on to it with your hand with your fingers when you're painting so we're gonna draw two diagonal lines that come up and have the same length yeah really tall go back over it there we go yeah really tall I like it now at the top let's draw a line to connect those two lines and then we can also let's draw some extra details I'm gonna draw a line that comes across right here maybe this is black and this part is silver okay now let's draw the thickness of our bottle so we're going to start right here and we're going to draw another line that comes down that and we can do the same thing on the other side good then we're gonna draw a line that comes down like this it's going to curve around the bottom like a u-shape and then back up and connect to the other side yeah keep going all the way back up all right we did it except our bottle is missing something what should we draw next a funny face okay so let's draw a funny face now I'm gonna draw two circles for the eyes but our friends at home you guys could draw any funny face you don't have to draw exactly the same way as us two circles for the eyes Oh yours is going to be winking yeah now I'm gonna draw another smaller circle inside for the highlight so our eyes look shiny and then we can color it in the big circle and leave the little one white now let's add eyelashes on her eyes I'm gonna draw three lines coming out three curved lines oh I like the eyelashes on top of the winking eye good job next let's draw the mouth and I'm gonna draw her kissing so I'm gonna draw the number three for her kissy lips you can draw different one all right Natalie we did it we finished drawing our bottle of nail polish except we still need to do one last thing what is it yeah coloring always makes our drawing look better now this part we're gonna fast forward but at the end you guys composite if you want to match the same color you ready it fast forward yes have a great job on coloring your nail polish especially love the color that you chose what would you call that color light light aqua it's beautiful I also added highlights to my bottle to make it look even shinier but you can leave this off to keep the lesson a little easier yeah we do we hope you had a lot of fun and we'll see you later our friends good bye hey parents and teachers join our monthly membership and download our app you can watch all of our art lessons in a safe distraction-free environment in the app you can also download lessons to watch without any Wi-Fi connection just visit our freaking tub TV to join

44 thoughts on “How To Draw A Cute Nail Polish Bottle”

  1. I love your great tutorial video with kids! It's so lovely and educational! Today, I like your nail polish bottle's cute eyes!

  2. that nail polish IS cute!!! thank you so much you made me a great artist like you guys thanks a lot!!!

  3. You guys are so good at drawing.I just had this 1 question could you guys draw an African tree please. They are so cool looking.

  4. Adorable! In art at school I had to draw dogs! My teacher said wow thats amazing! I said Art for kids hub helped me!! So thx so muchhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I’m actually wearing nail polish! It’s a teal color ( blue and green mixed ) In the art lesson video, I colored my nail polish purple. I wish y’all could see it. I’m a teen and a fan of nail polish! 😃

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