How to Cook RED BEANS FROM SCRATCH 18 min delicious Red Bean Soup one pot  Frigoles Rojos Chef Pachi

How to Cook RED BEANS FROM SCRATCH 18 min delicious Red Bean Soup one pot Frigoles Rojos Chef Pachi

Hi! Welcome to Pachi the Colombian Cook’s kitchen! I am going to teach you how to make delicious
red beans in 18 minutes cooking time! and we are gonna do this because you’re gonna
come in to my magical realism kitchen! Now we’re gonna place the beans in the pot
with the water that we had all them, all night last night add just about half an inch above
the beans of water and we’re gonna put the two carrots in there and the rack and we’re
gonna add tomatoes, the cilantro, the green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, any kind
of pepper and another tomato. Now we’re gonna cover this and then after
it cooks we’re gonna add the salt. So here come the beans. Remember we had the beans and the carrots
in the bottom. The onions and tomatoes and the green pepper
on top. Basically because it’s easier to pick them
up this way since we’re gonna blend them with some of the beans and the carrot. Ugh! this is gonna be amazing! and these are, I mean dried beans Now we’re gonna get this cover out from the
pot and we’re gonna set it aside while we remove the carrots and this liquid that you
see on top of it look at these carrots look how amazing they are they’re gonna blend fantastically
it’s gonna be no problem. With this liquid on top of the beans, this
liquid is gonna be used to blend the first group of vegetables that we had on top plus
the carrots and the we’re gonna add everything in there and salt because we don’t add salt
to the beans at the beginning of the cooking time. Now let’s get some of this delicious liquid
so we can blend the carrots the thing we did with the vegetable and the
carrots blend them with some of the liquid from the beans Now we’re gonna blend it just like we did
with the other parts and of course if you have a large blender you can blend everything
at once. ok now we’re gonna add the blended carrots
with the beans and some of the liquid that we had left over and check this out as soon
as we mix everything into the beans, you are gonna have a most amazing red beans ever! just a sec so that everything gets blended Once they cool, once the beans cool down,
just place it in ziplock bags flatten them and freeze them that way you will be able
to defrost them in seconds. and this will be a fantastic dinner. I have an idea that we’re gonna do today we’re
gonna mix with a little bit of Italian dressing, some yogurt added on top of the soup. Mix a little bit of this yogurt with a table
spoon of Italian dressing and this is gonna make a fantastic topping We’re gonna this delicious savory yogurt mixed
with the Italian dressing to our soup Ugh! that’s gonna taste out of this world
and here we have it. We can serve it like this you can have it
with an arepa, you can have it with a piece of toast, you can have it with some rice and
it is done. You can also add a tiny bit of cilantro that
we took from the other dish and here we have our two dishes. This is going to be so so good! look at the
beautiful color it takes with the yogurt and the taste the Italian dressing has is amazing
with the beans. We’ll taste this! mmmm! That is so so good! I would even dip some french bread into the
bean soup because it is amazing. it is out of this world and so so healthy
and completely natural! Beans are one of my most favorite foods they
are something we make every week. Perfectly cooked, delicious, tender, but not
squishy, oh these are delicious they are all natural and they are made in 18 minutes

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  1. I would love to receive some images of this recipe made by one of you!!! It is divine, yet looks so simple many believe it not to be possible!!!

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