How to BUILD an Email List From Scratch? 5 Lead Magnet Ideas

How to BUILD an Email List From Scratch? 5 Lead Magnet Ideas

well hey there what’s up it’s Scott and
in today’s brand building tip I want to share with you five lead magnets that
you can use to build your email list now you probably have heard me talk in the
past and if you haven’t well you’re gonna hear it right now building your
email list in your physical products business and your digital products
business is really really important if we have a way that we could communicate
with the email list we have a much greater chance of selling them something
eventually right so if you’re interested in building your
brand and your email list and stick around because that’s what we’re gonna
cover here on the whiteboard all right cool so before I do jump in
know some of you might be saying Scott what the heck is a lead magnet what does
that mean well it’s just a term that people have been calling this type of
offer that will allow people to jump in and join your email list so it’s a
magnet in a sense that gets their attention gets them to raise their hand
so this way here we can have an email list built that we get to communicate
with them so that’s all that we’re talking about here is a lead magnet
alright or something of value for them to want to give you their email address
so that’s what we’re talking about so you’re gonna start hearing more of the
brand building stuff about a lead magnet and I’m gonna share with you some of the
ones that we’ve used recently to build an email list of over 30,000 in a new
brand in under 12 months and some of these different methods that we’ve used
these lead magnets have have resulted in 5,000 plus emails in 30 days which is
pretty crazy alright so number one all right
let’s talk about the first one the first one is your contest
alright now running a contest you got to be careful when you’re running contests
you want to make sure that you’re all legal and all that stuff so no legal
advice here but just do your research make sure that you’re doing it correctly
and make sure that you’re giving them a real prize all right so what we’ve done
is we’ve ran a prize in our physical products business where we offered a
bundle and for people to enter to win and they would jump on our email list in
order to do that okay now we also give them the option to opt out of the email
list you have to do that alright and mo most of the providers out there Aweber
convertkit MailChimp all of those pretty much have that bake trade in okay but
again do your homework so a contest is a great way to do it now as a physical
product you’re going to be shipping them the product if you are building an
e-commerce brand you probably want to give them something that is similar to
what you’re going to be selling them in the future
all right now we did this in the new brand with a product that we didn’t even
have available yet so what we did is we went out there to the marketplace and we
found products that we knew the market wanted so an example would be the bass
fishing market we would go out and find that the ultimate package a $200 value
and we would buy that stuff and put it in a in a box and then we would raffle
that off that gets us to get those people to raise their hand lead magnet
right it’s a lead the email list address and the magnet is the thing contests
work really really well what I’m going to do is I’m going to drop a link in the
description of one of my free workshops where I actually walk you through an
example a real example of us building a contest and how all the pieces fit
together but for time here the sake of time I’m going to go ahead and move on
so the second thing is a PDF download okay now this can be a resource guide it
could be an e-book whatever it is it has to deliver value so if I am wanting to
learn more about photography then maybe I put in like five things that you must
know about shooting landscape photography I’m gonna download that
ebook okay so all of this is an e-book you can
literally go to fiber or upwork and you can have someone create that for you if
you don’t want to create it but if you wanted to create it it’s pretty easy and
then it’s just a digital download so you would offer that for free and then they
would jump on your list again a lead magnet so this way here we are getting
them to raise their hand alright so that’s a PDF downloaded all right the
next thing is video alright so we’ve talked in the past about doing YouTube
videos but what you’ll want to do here is create a little video series maybe
okay so maybe it’s maybe it’s five little short videos that
walk them through you know how to take those five landscape shots so we could
offer it as a PDF download but then some people might want in a video series so
maybe we make two different offers with two different formats some people like
to read some people like to consume video all right
so it’s another great way for you to educate all so they can hear you or
whoever is is your brand that is that is in these different resources and then
they start to build that know like in trust element that we’ve talked about in
the past all right so a video series work really
well when you are creating lead magnets all right
so that’s a video series now the next thing is is a little short checklist
let’s say for example I am going to be teaching you about the keto diet okay
and I actually I just did a coaching call with one of my students and we
talked all about keto and we niched it down I think that’s another little side
note here if you’re ever going to be creating any type of this stuff you want
to niche it down you don’t want it to be like everything like this PDF it should
do like five things right or the video series there’s five things I’m gonna
teach you the contest a little different right we know why they’re raising their
hand they want to win that prize in that contest but a checklist could be
something like here’s a grocery list to go to the grocery store with right
download my checklist it’s literally one page that’s it I know if I was getting
into keto and I didn’t know anything I would download that grocery list
because I’d want to go to the market with it in hand right and I’d print it
out a great way to create a lead magnet that gets people to raise their hand
that is definitely your target market here’s an example of this let’s say for
example I wanted to niche down in the keto market maybe I want to go after men
okay so it’s keto diet for men let me niche it down even further keto diet for
men over 40 all right now I just niched it way down if that’s me I’m downloading
that because I know my list is different than someone that might be 25 right so
just another little side tip there but checklists work really well too so the
last one I want to share with you is this one right here and that is your
free plus shipping offer all right now this would be mainly a physical product
that you’re going to be shipping someone all right the cool
thing about this is you’re building an email list but of a customer so this is
actually worth a little bit more than these are here because these people
actually had to use their credit card so an example of that would be maybe you
had this PDF download but it was a physical book alright and you can say
hey just cover shipping and I’ll send it to you and you charge them three dollars
and 99 cents well they have to use their credit card
in order to get that free thing right so we have them now as a customer so that
person on that email list is valued a little bit higher now the cool thing is
is once you start having these you can start to take them and and kind of put
them together if you want to and create another type of funnel in a sense that
leads people through that do different things so let’s say for example I had
the contest and then they said yeah I want to jump in on the contest and then
you said on the next page cool how about I send you this free book about how to
do X Y & Z and it’s related to the contest right or maybe it’s the PDF
download and then you offer them a book version of a physical printed book
version of it here and you give it to him free plus shipping so those are some
things you can do to play together with these different lead magnets so now the
question is can you create something like this and I think I’ve demonstrated
here these are pretty simple to create and if you need someone to create these
go to Fiverr go to upwork hire someone to do these this will be money well
spent and generally you can produce these for under $100 the contest may be
a little more a hundred to two hundred dollars depending and then the free plus
shipping obviously you’ll be shipping that so hopefully you’ll be breaking
even on that but just think about that what could you plug into your business
right now so this way here you can start building that email list and you can
start to engage with your audience start building that relationship where they
get to know like and trust you and then do all of those other cool things that I
talked about in the video about the three pillars that you need inside of
your brand to really accelerate things along the way all right
so in the comments drop in there if you’ve done any of these I want to know
let me know have you done any of these are there things that you’ve done that
aren’t on this list drop them in the comments I’d love to hear from you and
I’m sure everyone else watching this video would
to hear from you as well and just fill it in there what are you doing right now
or what are you going to be doing after watching this video drop it in the
comments the other thing I want you to do is subscribe to this channel so this
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appear alright so that’s it guys as always remember take care and take
action we’ll see you soon

15 thoughts on “How to BUILD an Email List From Scratch? 5 Lead Magnet Ideas”

  1. Hey Scott, good stuff again. I'm currently running a giveaway in a niche market but I'm not getting much traction there. I do like the Free + shipping offer but I don't have a product yet. I was thinking trying it out using affiliate products. What are you thoughts on that?

  2. Please don’t stop these videos, I LOVE it!!! I did the contest, got a few thousand emails, I did the PDF content, which I also used for a blog post, now I’ll be working on the video series, then the chart (I already have an idea, maybe a refrigerator magnet chart) and the free + shipping through click funnels. Your content is amazing as always. Hoping and wishing one day to meet you in person at a conference. Inspired by you! #goscottygo

  3. Thanks Scott – really useful summary. I am taking action on the free + shipping and having a pdf guide written.

  4. Thanks, Scott, as always! Your new series and the new direction of your Podcasts have really made us look at our operation and we are now trying to take our business to the next level with you on your Podcasts! These are great ideas and we plan to use all of them to get our email list in order and then we can TAKE ACTION! Thanks again! Buy the way, I have been a listener since your episode 26 or 27, I forget but it have been a LONG time and I have learned so much! Thanks!

  5. In your experience have all 5 types of lead magnets generated the same kinds of leads or raving fans? I have often heard that the contests attract more tire kickers than raving fans. Do you agree?

  6. Great video! I've done the giveaway contest using giveaway boost, we have 1000+ emails (contest still has 1.5 weeks to go) so THANK YOU. The problem is that my product is going to get delayed for an extra 2 months…how do I keep them engaged? Keep sending them content via email, then run another giveaway?

    2nd question, I'm selling a 6 pack right now on AMZ (about 12 units a day) and was thinking of doing a 3 and 12 pack and do a sales funnel with the 3 pack 50% off then upsell them with 12 pack (and if they say no) offer the 6 pack. Does that sound about right or am I cannabalizing my sales?

  7. Hi!
    Thank you for the great tips!
    For the Contest, my product would be around $25 on Amazon so would it be a good idea to add Amazon gift card next to my product ?
    In a way that the total amount of the Contest prize would be around 150 – 200 dollars ?

    Or would it be better to give 10 products away ($250 value) and tell people that this time there will be 10 different winners so probability to win is 10 times greater ?

  8. Just found you on YT! Brilliant and to the point! Thank you. I am just starting out with my Medzorb products. I tried some FB contests but…crickets. I need to build that email list and start with a great lead magnet. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Hey Scott great video and I love the energy! Can you explain how we promote these ideas to the customer? Say I have a PDF or plan on running the contest then what is the next step?

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