How to become a Technical Marketer? (feat. Trevor Fox)

How to become a Technical Marketer? (feat. Trevor Fox)

4 thoughts on “How to become a Technical Marketer? (feat. Trevor Fox)”

  1. Trevor Fox reminds me of Tim Ferris! Anyways, thank you for the video! I'm so inspired now to learn Java Script! Such a necessity right now..

  2. I liked the interview Julian. I'd love to see more talking about how to become a 'data driven' marketer/technical marketer, what have you.

  3. Thanks Julian! The interview was a lot of fun! I hope it encourages others to continue learning. I look forward to hearing more stories from other tech marketing guys/girls!

    Also, I have to say, is an awesome new community. Just like we said in the video, it is really important to be able to share with, and learn from others as you dive into the technical side. That community has already been helpful for getting feedback on a couple ideas. And for someone starting out, it is a great place to fill in the gaps in the learning journey.

  4. you didn't have to cut it short, you wanted to use this to get people to go see the new website and start getting people to that website. Nothing wrong with that, just tell us. You're talking to marketers here, why would you try and be shitty about it?

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