100 thoughts on “How to Avoid Cell Phone Scratches”

  1. When my phone was like that, I dropped it a lot, and it would fly open. && It would mostly likely work with touch phones.

  2. How To Avoid Cell Phone Scratches
    Step 1 : Use the credit card you have and buy a actual screen protector instead of using it as a squeegee.
    Fact: Did you know you know "i" is spelled i

  3. how to avoid cell phone scratches
    step 1:go to the store
    step 2:buy screen protector
    did you know the iphone 5 is coming??

  4. My phone is scratch resistant….who has flip phones? And how would it get scratched anyways? Unless you put it in you pocket opened up I guess…

  5. Why do people spend so much time trying to save a few pence, dollars, or whatever currency. Time spent making things still costs you time instead of money. So the saving is really down to what you think your labour is worth per hour. eg, I would charge £30 for 1 hour of my time, this project would take approximately 4-5 minutes each time, thus costing me around £2-£2.50 each. I can purchase screen covers at 4 for £1.75 so I'd never save by making them. PEACE

  6. People, howcast video are for whan you are bored or creative if you don`t want to do anything don`t even bother coming to watch these videos, I also bought a screen protector for my XPERIA mini pro but that doesnt mean that this is a bad or a stupid idea, it is actually very creative

  7. aaaaa fuck it, i thaught i managed to stop watching howcast vidoes gfor today, started watching other random videos like an hour ago, now look at me, stuck in the howcast swamp again…brilliant thou…

  8. How to protect you phone from scratches :
    You will need:
    5% of your brain.
    Optional Voice

    step 1: Go to Radio Shack.
    step 2:Ask: Do you have screen protector?
    step 3:Buy it.
    step 4:Put it on.

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  10. thanks my ipod has a minor scratch and i dont want more but im to cheap to buy protectors… time to go find some tape

  11. dude i scratch the whole screen of your life over time
    what you sayin he is not perfect
    devil pirate, hail the devil in middle of your video
    is stunt king released or what, FLOP i am in

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  14. It's real! I did it on nokia lumia 1320 and the touch screen feels/moves like there's nothing on it! Good tutorial!

  15. @Howcast
    I did this and it works to my absolute suprise, thank you! Although, how do you remove it; can you do a video?

  16. I wonder if this guy realizes he's putting a "Ghetto Rigged" screen protector on a flip phone. I don't know about you, but I when I had a flip phone way back when, I tried to avoid putting my flip phone in my pocket when it was flipped open. Also, the flip phone works as a screen protector when flipped closed.

  17. Haha I'm watching 8 years later, you see we have these new things called smart phones and they're really easy to scratch…

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