How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?
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How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own iPhone?

This is the number one question I get asked and the answer is… We’ll get to the full answer shortly But first I wanted to give you a few updates about strange parts The last month has been a total whirlwind for me I released my second video To a huge response again Thank you I did a ton of interviews And I even a chance To do my first live studio taping in front an audience And that was pretty cool But first You know what I wanna do? What? I wanna take a gander over to the another part of the studio So we can learn all about drilling into an iPhone This is cool Alright let’s…let’s take a walk down to the fun side of the studio Ohhhhhh I haven’t been here in so long Oh we’re here with Scotty … Scotty Alan I also did my first YouTube collaboration with China’s first Youtuber Well I mean most people that know you know you as the iPhone guy Yeah So I’d though what we do is take this opportunity to just tell people who you are and give them a bit of a back-story Yeah totally So they don’t just call you hey it’s that iPhone guy Totally! Yeah Check out the description for a link to that. And I flew around the world! I visited 4 countries, 6 cities, 3 countries I’ve never been to before and I gave two talks One at the Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco Where I am a member This is a very fast pick and place machine , it’s a turret pick and place machine and one at the Web Expo conference in Prague. I haven’t designed that many circuit boards before and if your like me this looks really intimidating and I spent a ton of time researching new stories and shooting more video but in the process, I got totally burned out so I had to take a pretty mandatory 1 to 2 week break here and recharge my batteries but I’m back in here Shenzhen, back in the swing of things and a bunch of people have been asking me Scotty, why don’t you release videos more frequently? And the truth is these big huge videos take a lot longer to make than you might think but there’s a lot of other stuff I’m excited to talk about and share with you guys So I’d thought I’d make some smaller videos like this one while I work on the bigger stuff. This is going to be a bit of an experiment so leave a comment with what you like But let’s get down to the main question for this video. I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments and messages from people with all sorts of questions uh…and Unfortunately, I… I’m a little bit buried and while I do try and read everything I haven’t been able to give everybody a detailed response and that makes me a little sad. um.. But a lot of people ask similar or the questions and so I thought rather then giving everybody a rushed answer you know one on one Maybe I could sit down and make a nicer video where I could go into more depth and really answer it in the detail that does it justice So the number one question I get is how much did it cost to you to make your own iPhone 6S and there are a couple answers here I know the answer everybody wants which
is $300. Iit costs $300 for the parts that went into the actual iPhone 6S I
bought. Maybe a little bit more, but it in that range. But that’s not the full story.
I spent a lot more than that I probably spent over $1,000 on replacements for
parts that I broke on tools on buying the wrong part and then having me go
back and get the right part I bought some books things like that so while in
the end the parts ended up costing me $300, nobody I know that’s tried to make
their own iPhone like I have has gotten away without having to buy extra stuff.
Somewhere between $300 and $1000 is probably what you can expect to spend if
you come here to Shenzhen and try and build your own iPhone like I did but I
don’t think this is the question that people actually want an answer to. I
think what a lot of people really want to know is is building my own iPhone the
cheapest way to get an iPhone and the answer is no not really
and let me give you a little bit more context for why I think that so this
same phone that I built when I built it cost $600 new in the Apple store but a
similar used iPhone would be like 250 to 350 dollars and if you think about it
what I built at the end of the day really is a refurbished used phone the
most important part, the logic board, is a used part that came out of a working
phone manufactured by Apple so you know while my phone might look a little bit
nicer on the outside than your average used phone at the end of the day it
really is a used phone so my recommendation is if you really want an
iPhone and you don’t have a lot of money to spend look for a good used phone. Look
for a used phone that’s maybe you know a couple of models behind you’ll be able
to inspect it make sure everything works and you won’t run the risk of breaking a
really expensive part like breaking a logic board which would dramatically
increase the cost for you and probably make you really sad but if you’re like
me and you really want to understand how the
side of an iPhone works building an iPhone or repairing an iPhone is a great
way to do it so that’s your motivation go for it. Now
I’ve had some people who are trying to build their own iPhones message me and
say the one part that they’re having a hard time finding is the logic board
which is you know really the heart of the phone it’s essentially the
motherboard of the phone and unfortunately I don’t have a ton of
great answers here you know the people that I buy from aren’t really set up to
sell online they only really sell in person they’re very small they don’t
speak English also I’m not particularly interested in
starting a business around exporting use iPhone parts out of China the customs
issues are pretty tricky there and just not something I’m interested in doing
the best answer I can give you is to look at eBay but if you’ve got a better
answer than that go ahead and leave it in the comments just don’t post
unrelated stuff I’m gonna delete it and I’ll probably ban you from leaving
comments in the future and if you do end up making your own iPhone send me a
picture there are links on ways to reach me in the in the description below well
that about does it for this time guys I did want to say a huge thank you to
everybody that sent me story suggestions and ideas I’ve tried to read everything
but I really haven’t been able to respond to it all I’m sorry do feel free
to keep sending me stuff I do try and read everything I have to say I’m a
little bit scared to release this video it’s not a big huge epic project like
the first two and so if you like it show me some love in the comments and if
you’ve got more questions you’d like me to answer leave those in the comments as
well I’ll read them all I’m Scotty from Strange Parts. If you want to see more
videos like this one hit that subscribe button down below and stay tuned for
more adventures. I’ll see you next time


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