How Bubble Tea Is Made (Boba Tea/Pearl Tea) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP219

How Bubble Tea Is Made (Boba Tea/Pearl Tea) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP219

Hey guys, welcome back to Xiaxue’s Guide To
Life, I’m finally back and today I’m going to be doing an episode
on bubble tea so I’m here at Playmade and I’m going to be learning about how bubble tea
is made, how pearls are made, everything about bubble tea basically which is something that all Singaporeans love! So for today’s shoot I’m actually the most
excited to try all the bubble tea after that. I hope that I will try to make some and see if like it’s up to professional standards, maybe I can start my own store… No lah, i’m not going to, I’m too lazy. So I’m here with Ah Hou and he is actually
the manager here at Playmade so today he’s going to be teaching me how
to make pearls so what are we making today? Today we’ll be making pink cactus pearls. What’s the difference between pink cactus
pearls and normal black pearls? Our pink cactus pearls are made from real
fruits so they’re fresher and we don’t use colouring and preservatives. Can you tell us what flavours you have here? We have 14 different pearl flavours That’s a lot! But we are offering these four types at the
moment. pink cactus, burnt caramel, sesame, and chrysanthemum. How much do you make everyday? Each outlet makes approximately 50kg everyday. Heavier than me! So how many pearls can we make with this amount
of ingredients? Just 1kg. Can you tell me what these are? This is the pearl powder. This prevents the pearls from sticking together. This is cold water and hot water, and this is the pink cactus juice. What’s the first step? We will put this pearl powder first, then next we’ll put hot water, and then pink cactus juice and cold water. So it’s all mixing now. At this point, we can stop and switch to a higher speed. So how do you know whether it’s done or not? When it’s close to a round shape, you can
stop. At this point, we’ll put tapioca flour to
prevent it from sticking. I was damn stressed when he placed his hand inside. Then you can switch it off. We have to knead it into a round shape. Just like this, keep kneading. Now it’s my turn to try kneading this. Correct? Xiaxue: He’s like…
Hou: It’s wrong! He’s like…oh it’s wrong! Hou: It’s wrong
Xiaxue: Show me. Hou: It’s like this.
Xiaxue: Show me. Knead and push. Knead it down. Try again. It’s like this right? Okay lah it’s not that difficult because it’s
actually quite soft so it’s actually quite fun. This looks about done, make it into a round shape. Hold on, hold on. Looks like a brain now! Now looks like bubblegum. Okay? Mhmm okay… What do you mean by mhmm?!? Must be more compact so that it doesn’t have
air bubbles. And then we can sprinkle some flour so that it doesn’t stick. Okay what are we doing now? We have to put this dough inside, and it’ll
come out as pearls. So while you put it in, you have to keep putting
flour on top? Yeah because it prevents the dough from sticking
onto the machine. This thing will actually cut it into small
pearls. Oh it’s cutting already! Oh my god I’m so excited! Oh my god it’s so cute! Oh my god so fun! This is so satisfying to watch, they’re like so nice and round. Okay so I’ve finished cutting my own pearls I feel a sense of accomplishment, they look freaking perfect right and it smells
really nice, like a berry kind of smell so right now we’re going to go and freeze it and then we’ll get to cooking our pearls! So now that the pink cactus pearls have been
frozen for awhile, it’s time to cook them in this giant pot here. So how do you know whether it’s done already? About 10 to 15 minutes and stir every 2 minutes to prevent them from
sticking together. So what’s the shelf life of your teas? Yes, every tea has a different shelf life. It’s usually 3 to 5 hours. 3 to 5 hours! So fast?? We don’t usually recommend keeping them
overnight. It’s best to drink it within 2 hours after
it’s been made. I have a cup of bubble tea in my fridge that
is currently from 2 days ago. It’s still okay lah to me. Open this and then stir it. After you stir it, pour it in. So after you pour it in, add cold water and
stir? Yes keep stirring till it’s down to room temperature. Why must you wash the pearls? Because you have to cool them down, then they’ll
become chewy. It’s clumpy if you eat it like this. Okay it’s done washing so we can turn off
the water. Can I put my hand inside? No it’s for consumption! I’m dying to put my hand inside, it looks
like it’s so nice to touch! So now he’s pouring the pearls into a sugar
water, it’s already inside the jug here. Let me scoop, it looks fun. Oh my god, it’s not fun at all, it takes a
lot of strength. Why must we put the pearls in sugar water? To let the pearls absorb the sugar. Hou: That’s why they taste sweet. Xiaxue: So it’ll be sweet, okay okay.
Hou: That’s why they taste sweet. You mean it isn’t sweet if we eat it like
this? It’s tasteless if you eat it like this. Can I try one? It is indeed tasteless although I must say
the chewiness is pretty nice, just because half of it is made by me! So this needs to be soaked in the sugar syrup
for about 15 minutes and then it’s actually ready for consumption! Now I’m going to actually learn how to make
bubble tea, so what is this? This is earl grey milk tea. I’ve already prepared the tea. Do you have a sweet tooth? A little bit. So this is the sugar machine? Yeah you’re right. Can you explain what these numbers are? This is for medium with toppings, and these are for medium without toppings, large cup with toppings, large cup without
toppings, and we’ll add more sugar for fruits like grapefruit,
orange, and passionfruit because they’re naturally more sour. That’s a lot of numbers here to remember! So you have to memorise the whole recipe by
heart? Yes, we have about 150 recipes to remember. So newbies have to go through training first… Yes, we have to train them to remember everything
first, Hou: Then we will let them…
Xiaxue: There isn’t a chart for them to refer to? No, you must memorise and pass our test before you can make the teas. So what’s the next step? Next is to add ice. Fill about 3/5 of the cup, then add a little
bit more tea. Then we can shake it. Shake about 10 times before stopping. Then what toppings do you want? Let’s put the pink cactus pearls we cooked
earlier on. So we cooked our pink cactus pearls, now we’re going to have it! Then we’ll open the small lid, and pour
it out. Next, open the medium lid, and pour a little
more out. Pour out a bit more, then pour the rest out. Why must we do this? So that we can remove the bubbles. By pouring with the small lid at the last
step, we can remove the bubbles. Hou: Then we can seal it!
Xiaxue: It looks so pretty! How difficult is it to make this tea? 1 to
10? For newbies, it’s about 4 or 5. For me, I think it’s easy. Okay okay confident guy here. I’m going to try the drink now, see how it
tastes like. The pearls are very nice! It’s like different from the other pearls, it’s like in between a black and a white pearl. Like more bite to it and when you bite into it, it’s actually quite
sweet in the centre, so it’s quite nice! You make so many cups of this everyday, how long do you take to make one? For the earl grey milk tea you have here,
20 seconds is enough. 20 seconds?! That’s damn fast! So do you want to try making one on your own? Okay, since you said it’s 4/10. I’m going to try and make it within 20 seconds
here so I asked Ah Hou to move far away so that
he won’t block my way. 3, 2, 1 okay start! Eh too much, how ah? Fuck! And then…. here, this one! And then…I legit forgot! I don’t know whether it’s secure okay. So I think we should try another topping now. Which one do you recommend me to try? The 2nd best-selling pearl is chrysanthemum. Okay let’s try chrysanthemum! Take the pearls. And then… open it. Eh no, pour this first. Why can’t this be opened? Okay it’s open. Oh no I’m mega late am I not? Eh it’s been way more than 20 seconds. I don’t believe this Ah Hou can make it in
20 seconds please! There’s no way, there’s no way! Bubbles fuck off! I legit very scared of that thing. It’s done done done done done! Eh what is this?!? Eh don’t lie! Where got so long? No no no, confirm cannot be 1min 40s, that’s
ridiculously long! Legit terrible, I don’t believe, I think this
Ah Hou go and cheat, I really think that he go and press it earlier. But not bad for first-timer right? Mhmm…okay. So I don’t believe Ah Hou can do 20 seconds, but he has taken up the challenge, he says
that he can so shall we start now? What the fuck?! It’s not humanly possible! Okay it has been 11 seconds. 15 seconds now. What the hell… somemore he wash cup lah, oh my god! Okay it was done way before 20 seconds. My fingers are slow so I stopped it at 23
seconds but yeah it was done in probably 18 seconds. That’s pretty amazing, some real skills there
guys! So we’ve come to an end to the episode, I hope you guys really enjoyed learning how
to make bubble tea, how to make pearls, and the whole process
behind it. If you guys have any idea on what I should
explore next, what I should learn how to do next, please leave a comment down below and I will
go try and check it out and sort of show you guys what’s going on
behind the scenes I guess so till next time, see you guys, bye! Hi sorry, so before I take your order can I recommend that you download the Clicknetwork app because you can watch most of our videos before they come out on YouTube and there’s a special promotion from Playmade, so now if you download the app right, you can get like a 200% discount, that’s right! Right? Sure. Can’t believe she agreed to that but okay.

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