100 thoughts on “Home – Malaysia Drama Short Film // Viddsee.com”

  1. The F is wrong with the boy? They are living in the worst condition home and life and he still thinks they are rich… Just kill me…

  2. I know I’m 10 and everything but my heart is broken I wish I could pay for them but I don’t have the money to so this inspired me to get a easy job and show more respect and make other people to

  3. The mom is a little weird y'all know?!
    What's wrong with that MOTHER?!

  4. When i watched this vid my mom was beside me i wanted to cry but i managed to control and went crying in a corner

  5. Most Asians live in poverty, not because we are stupid it's because most of our past generation could not afford to seek education.

  6. The Malaysian Government is rather heartless to drive them out of their house just because it is 'too big' for them. This story took place in the era of PM Najib, right?

  7. I am a Malay and I am less watching the Malay drama on tv. The lineup of the same actor can be quite a bout. the script is only about the children of the rich, and the Dato, Datin, is really annoying. there is no ordinary people's story.

  8. Share my vi deo YouTube, Ana Paula Beranger, and give it a like, so i cam keep helping more families, do goad without looking at who 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  9. As I watched till the ending, I was imagining what will happen to me if my husband suddenly accident and left me and my kids and my father-in-law behind with nothing.

  10. Like Malaysian families are supposed to be good, I don’t see this family being a good set up, it’s sad that there poor but the mom shouldn’t be that rude to her kids

  11. Please make a second episode about them solving their problems and have a happy life, i cant stop crying until they have a good ending 😫

  12. My mom fuked up ..
    She fight with me with no reason…!
    Wth is happening in my house 😡
    Now she will not making any food for me nor for dad .. cuz dad saved me that time …
    Now we will struggle or make some food!!

  13. 不要在长辈面前难过孩子面前。因为你得比她们坚强那怕要一个人撑一个家。别让她们担心才对

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