high school art portfolio // (umich, mica, saic, scad, etc)

high school art portfolio // (umich, mica, saic, scad, etc)

hello hello! i feel like i haven’t shared a lot of my art with you guys lately; it’s been a lot of miscellaneous other videos. so, i’m back to show a bunch of my art now. I’m really excited for college and i thought it would be kind of nice, i guess, for you guys to see my portfolio since it probably played a pretty big part in my admissions. real quick: so i applied to 9 schools; i got into most of them. i applied to mica, university of maryland college park, umbc, towson, virginia commonwealth, university of michigan, saic, scad, and usc. and so of those 9, i got into all of them except for usc, and so i’m pretty happy with it especially since usc was kind of like a “might as well” try kind of thing. into the actual portfolio: so this first piece of mine is- it’s just kind of a figure drawing. i wanted something in my portfolio that was full-body. this was something done for a class assignment. It was just something to mess around with perspective i chose kind of like a bug’s eye view. i do kind of wish I rendered the face a little bit better and then gave more contrast to the right leg, but I’m pretty happy with it overall. so the second piece- it’s something that it was just kind of been for fun in class. my teacher she got all this hot wax that we could try painting with– it was just very experimental, very fun so i loved it. i do regret it because if you look on the very right end, it was broken off and so i wanted to put flowers there, but then i got really, really lazy when it came to drawing those flowers so i wish i could have done that better. but yeah! next piece: not much to say about that. i put in on twitter! like progress shots and other things, so you might’ve seen that over the summer. the next one: it was a class assignment. we were supposed to draw at least 50 hands i believe i ended up with like 54, but it was really fun for me because i used to struggle a lot with hands, so i had to practice a lot (i still do). next piece! it was supposed to be a reactionary assemblage to the piece of an artist i think it was called woman by willem de kooning. it was definitely a fun experience. the next one is a couple of photographs. it showed this person getting like gradually further and further away. next piece: i wanted to try doing still life as a sculpture! i got some wire– as you can see, only the right apple, really, can you tell if it’s an “x” or an “o”. so, slight regrets! next one is a just a couple of the logos i’ve done for my high school theater. the “12 angry jurors” is the first one i did, and then most people tended to prefer the “midsummer night’s dream” just out of everything i’ve done, so i figured i’d include that as well. and so the next one- It’s another figure drawing: obviously not full body. and yeah, i think it turned out okay. and the next piece- It’s just kind of a real quick still life of my cactus. i wanted to do something that was a very strong vertical composition, and just do a lot of rendering with that. next piece: i wanted to include a little bit more photography, just because. and so i wanted to do something colored. if I’m gonna be honest, i really just mostly included it because i wanted some sort of gif in there. next one! it’s just a quick piece. so, the hands: i did want to spell it out because i want to be more drawn out, but it’s ASL for “no means no”. and i just kind of wanted to point out that no matter how, like, distracting and whatever you could say the background is, it’s still like clear enough that you can tell if someone, whether it’s verbally or not, is telling you “no”, or is telling you to stop. and then the next piece, um, one of my favorites: it’s a 32 frame animation, i guess. um, it goes in a loop so the end takes you back to the beginning. this little flower is blooming out of this alarm clock as time ticks on and it’s like, “hey i’m really tired, i’m just gonna go back to sleep for another minute” and they go back in; then it starts all over again, i guess. this next one- it’s an embroidery piece! it’s actually my first embroidery thing. we had an art project in our class, and- and– eventually, we had to all make patches to put on it if you can’t see, it says “keep growing”. the whole class ran out of white embroidery thread, so that’s why the right plant- it doesn’t have as much thread in the middle part so that’s what made me really start enjoying to, um, embroider things. and then, the last piece. it’s just something i did for a class assignment. i’m honestly not the happiest with it, but I thought it was a good final piece just because it brings it back to faces and people which i’m clearly more comfortable with. if you need any like help with your portfolio and stuff, let me know! you know? i’d love to help in any way i can. i know my portfolio isn’t the best but I’m hoping that you guys can see it and either get some inspiration or some advice or anything. thank you so, so much for watching! slightly different kind of video, but um i liked making it, so i hope you liked watching it. so thanks again for watching! hope you angels have a great day today, tomorrow, and every other day. mwah!

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  1. so so cute and well made ! u obv deserved those spots so congrats and hope u have a great time at college !!!

  2. Right now I'm a junior in high school(going to senior after this summer) and haven't started my art portfolio. Any advice? Also how long did it took you to finish and assemble your portfolio and which college deadlines did u apply for? (Early decision, regular decision, etc.)

  3. What are the benefits of early action? And do you think SAIC is a relatively hard school to get into? Do you know what school you’re going to choose?

  4. Hi great work, you’re super talented!!! I’m applying to university of Michigan’s art school this fall and was wondering if you have any advice regarding the application process. Also if you do t mind me asking, what was you gpa/ act and sat?

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