100 thoughts on “Gwen Stefani – Love Angel Music Baby (Live On The Voice/2019)”

  1. The coolest thing about that is that all these years Eve and gween are still friends. True friendship never die..

  2. This girl had talent. But she became so fake its disgusting. This is how the music industry transforms people, this is why I dont involve myself

  3. She's outta breath…loved her songs when they came out…but her age is defintely showing in her singing..her voice has aged…love her for still trying…Eve looking right tho 😍

  4. This women is absolutely stunning and so is eve omg….Gwen I loved your outfit but the blue things sorry babe but no no no….Eve you looked amazing 🙂 Both ladies are sexy and gorgeous though just my opinion XO

  5. Awesome memories of all of her songs. Wow is she getting younger, more beautiful than ever. I can tell that she is happy with Blake. Love that she did a medley of some of her songs.

  6. lamb and gwen are cultural appropriation at its finest tbh. all the way from her donning a bindi in the 90s to no doubt doing native headdresses in 2014…

  7. When the song first came out in 2005, I thought that she said "kiss my shit" but now I know it's "this my shit". Am an idiot.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Gwen sounding old and ruff 😢 I’m a ‘No Doubt’ fan so her voice sounds a lot different and it sorta sounds like somebody else singing trying to sound like her?! 😢

  9. Hola Gwen Me agradan tus videos y sabes nada mal y mas tu. Son mis deseos que llegues mas lejos. Sirio de la estrella sirio

  10. I used to deliver cars and hollaback was out then and I would blast it as soon as I'd leave the property thumpin the base and singing lol

  11. Every time I see a live of her I am like 😵 what on Earth happened to her voice …. It's horrid live !!!! She has a hard time with dancing and singing and it comes out really stretched and rough and super pitchy poor girl …..

  12. Who else thinks Gwen and Eve should have done "Let me Blow Ya Mind"? Still two of the coolest girls on the planet 💕💕

  13. She is a clown, old as the world…ugly, no breasts at all…. and is so irrelevant in this day and age…and the only reason she is with Blake is she wants attention and gets it because of him…

  14. I never realized how much her her voice has changed and deepened! I still love this album, Harajuku Girls is my favorite

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