4 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Signs Rent Caps Into Law”

  1. Great… the max increase per year in the City of Los Angeles is 3% the state signed a new law that increased it to 5%? This law helps no one, as soon as the tenant is gone the owner hikes it to market rate. I just evicted a tenant went two months without paying her rent. I got so many excuses. This is not a 40 unit building where a loss is not felt. The 2-bedroom rent was $1950.00 and I will relist it for $2000.00 a month. If you are an owner you have to realize that you can't go too high or you will have tenant turnover and lose them every 16 months. I wish I could charge 3k a month but it will stay on the market for months before its rented. The building is in a nice neighborhood.

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