Golden Thrones- Best in Bathrooms- The TARDIS at The Way Station

Golden Thrones- Best in Bathrooms- The TARDIS at The Way Station

I’m here at The Way Station
a steampunk-themed bar and venue, in Brooklyn, New York
and today, I’m about to show you a bathroom that defies space and time. Welcome to Golden Thrones. Brooklynites may think this is yet another
police box inside of a local bar, but it’s actually much more. This is a type 40 TARDIS, able to take its
passengers to any point in time and space. And fortunately, it’s currently set to take
us to a fantastic water closet. Let’s take a peek. Allons-y! It’s bigger on the inside. You won’t be depositing quarters in this
booth. Whether you’re here to execute a Dalek,
or just for a river song, this state-of-the-art control room has all the hardware you need
to assist you on any adventure. The white porcelain bowl by AquaSource is
beautifully accented by this wood finished seat and lid—which isn’t too wibbly-wobbly,
so you won’t be in for a very tough timey-wimey. The translucent windows allow any outsiders
to BB-see if someone’s inside. So no one barges in and spots your Sonic Screwdriver. For more on this legendary ship, let’s talk
to the man with the keys to the TARDIS. I’m here with Andy Heidel, the owner of
The Way Station. Andy, thanks for being here. Hey, great to be here. I’m here just about every day. Cheers- couple of Sonic Screwdrivers. So how did the TARDIS get here? Well, it landed about five years ago, when
we were doing construction on the bar. My buddy Doc Wasabassco and I were putting
things together, we looked at the raw space, and I realized, “who wants to sit next to
the shitter? We have to disguise it.” He leaned over and he says, I’m like YES, YES! So really, the TARDIS is a Bob Ross happy
accident. So what has the overall effect been of having
a TARDIS bathroom in your bar? Biggest effect is the incredible community
of nerds that have been drawn here. It’s brought Matt Smith and Stephen Moffatt
here, who actually watched the season finale with all the fans, my regulars. And then meeting Dr. Who fans from all over
the world. So there you have it. Another Golden Throne here at The Way Station
in Brooklyn, New York. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve had a few
too many fish fingers and custard. DO NOT ALLONS-Y. DO NOT.

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  1. Hi!!! My name is Jacqui and I am a producer for – I am featuring The Way Station in an upcoming piece and would love to potentially use a portion of your clip in my story. If used I of course will give visual credit. Please advise:)

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