Fixing Bike Scratches (Emonda ALR 2016)
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Fixing Bike Scratches (Emonda ALR 2016)

You have the Emonda ALR. I… it has some bruises, so I think it will
need a paint job. Yeah, it looks scary. And here too. Here I have some paint. Black paint for cars. I used it for my black car. It was like a night rider. I was like a Polish gangster. Polish vegan gangster in Denmark. But now I will try it on the Emonda. So, the main reason for doing this, so It
won’t get rusty. I don’t care much about the looks. But I just wipe it off with a cloth. And try to spray it. So, you should be 25 to 30 centimeters away,
when you do it. Let’s try it out. Like that. I would not use this, if I had a…. So I would not use this, if I had a like a
pen. I think a pen is better just to take the scratches
off but… I will try a bit closer and see if I don’t
spray all over the place. Like that. After a couple of minutes, you can actually
still see there is a slight color, color difference, it will, the color difference will be there. It is hard to find the exact same paint style. It is more metallic. And this is more like totally black. That is how it looks. But I want to have the fork protected, instead
of getting some random injury because of a weak fork or something. And as you can see underneath, you need to
have some tape to protect that. If you don’t like that some paint is going
down on your other colors, on your bike. I missed a spot. Let’s give this side a go too. This time I cover up the Emonda name. I know that the bike has feelings too. 🙂
Ooh well….


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