Fixing A Scratch On My Car!

Fixing A Scratch On My Car!

good morning so today i am going on a little field trip man i just love laying in bed are you the kind of person that when you wake up you just immediately like get out of bed and start doing things or are you the kind of person wakes up and just starts to i don’t know think a little bit about what you want to do that day grab your phone do some things on your phone before you know it’s like one and a half hours later and you’re still in bed well that’s who I am like when I have vacation or when i’m free i usually just I just love staying in bed for as long as i can because it’s so comfortable but eventually started to get out and go in the shower so let’s do that and we’re clean awesome oh yeah and another reason why I don’t like december the days usually look like this yeah Bobby Bobby misty misty day I mean talk about depressing right this is the kind of weather we have in December like half of the time so remember my first lexus video that one back then and also shows you that there is a few dents and a few scratches on the car now I have a topic about my car on the also weak form of us also week on a week so I got into contact with you people over there and one of those guys actually offered me to help me out with the scratching door i have this where is it wait one second this stuff lexus touch-up pink with this paint and polishing machine today we’re going to try and fix that little scratch it will be a little bit of drive because this guy lives in the North Island the middle of the country and even though I was a very small country is still about 150 kilometers so it’s like one of your mouth but hey driving alexis is no punishment so let’s do it i am here in the north of holland we are going to polish the lexus today yes we are caught and scratch was somewhere here and when you can’t really see it not because it’s sort of stripy but as soon as the policy begins we shall see if there will be a result i’m really curious what about a all the two-hour drive over here and now look very peaceful and quiet here I mean my new car I just bought this BMW no i didn’t this is the car of mr. lucky i’m going to call mr. lucky because that’s name on the form mr. lucky you have a very nice car okay see the clouds coming out of my mouth it’s pretty cold here this is a BMW set for i think a comparable but the hood is up right now and man this is like your this is really a sporty car feels like really low when you’re in a dash and everything it looks like brand-new yeah it looks pretty pretty much brand new to me no this is be after shock we did not get rid of all of it because there where is it only only this little piece yeah that’s pretty much the only little piece so that there used to be a scratch like all the way over here and all the things left is this and look how smooth it is you can see my reflection now LOL look at that alright so now we’re going to go for a little Drive that was it the scratch is pretty much gone and after that i’m going to go home so I’m going to conclude the blog here and say thank you guys for watching to see you in another video

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  1. Leuk filmpje is het geworden zeg! Ik zag niet alleen el Hundee, wat is ze toch een schoonheid, maar ook mezelf in een flits… 1 second of fame dus 🙂

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